The little Riviera of France

    The little Riviera of France

    The region against the summer heat Rh么ne-Alpes, thanks to its numerous lakes and ponds (there are around a hundred), turns out to be a perfect oasis of well-being and relaxation, just a few hours by car from Italy, but always with the charm of a "trip abroad". ". In particular, the four large bodies of water of Savoy and Haute-Savoie offer the best in terms of bathing. The water temperature reaches 28 degrees Celsius and its numerous equipped beaches, some of them sandy, invite you to swim at the foot of majestic green mountains. It is no coincidence that the 50 kilometers of French coast have changed their name Little Riviera.

    A bit of coolness in midsummer can be found, for example, along the banks of the Lake geneva (Lake Geneva), considered a true small inland sea shared with its neighbor Switzerland. Here the climate is particularly sweet and relaxing and perfect for anti-stress treatments. With its port and tables in the sun typical of the Mediterranean, but with the Alps and the Jura as a natural backdrop, it offers beaches and recreational ports for the numerous cruises that connect the French and Swiss coasts. On Lake Geneva, sailing is, in fact, a tradition. The fleet of the General Navigation Company, made up of the famous Belle Epoque steamships with water wheels, offers numerous itineraries, between Thonon-les-Bains, Evian-les-Bains, Yvoire and the Swiss coast: crossing to Lausanne-Ouchy , full lake tour, night cruises.

    And it is responsible for offering a range of sensations. Thonon-les-Bains, nautical station thermal from the southern shore of the lake, which attracts sportsmen as well as city lovers and those thirsting for nature. In addition to swimming, various sports are practiced here: sailing, water skiing, rowing, windsurfing, catamaran, diving and wakeboarding. Thonon, following the example of Aix les Bains/Lake du Bourget, is the only French lake station in Savoy Mont Blanc that can boast the "France Station Nautique" label, i.e. high-quality nautical facilities, exactly like the seaside resorts that boast the same brand. Excursion lovers can go out by bicycle, car or motorbike to discover the Great Alps Route, which begins in Thonon and ends in Menton, south of France. . . . By boat you can dock and stroll through the narrow streets of Excenevex, Lugrin, Meillerie, Nernier, Publier/Amphion, Sciez or in the harbor of the medieval village of Yvoire.

    Those who stay in Thonon cannot help but indulge in one or more excursions out of the city to nearby towns. Definitely worth planning a visit Geneva, divonne ed Evian (The Buddha Bar Spa at the Hilton Hotel, in front of the Thermal Baths and Lake Geneva, is a must in the city). Or spend an afternoon in Lausanne and a nightly announcement Annecy. The capital of Haute-Savoie and its old town, as well as the lake shores, are perfect places for romantic walks. Don't miss the brocante market, held every last Saturday of the month on Sainte Claire Street. This is where Italian collectors come to look for antique bells and rattles, antique ice axes, and more. S茅chex It is rather the ideal place for a gastronomic break, although Lyon remains the capital of the pleasures of the table.

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