Nudist paradise in France

    Nudist paradise in France
    The popular destination for those who practice naturism is Montalivet on the Silver Coast.

    After Cape Agde, the largest nudist village in Europe, another popular destination is Montalivet. Campsites, restaurants, nightclubs, supermarkets and beaches where you can move around and feel comfortable with other naturists but on a smaller scale. However, we should not think of a small green corner: Montalivet-les-Bains or Vendays-Montalivet, more commonly Montalivet, a municipality in the M茅doc region (in Aquitaine), which literally means middle ground, rises right between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gironde estuary (Bay of Biscay), in the center of an exceptional environment. environmental reserve.

    Just 80 kilometers from Bordeaux, has 12 kilometers of beaches In the heart of the Silver Coast, 6 hectares of forest, 40 kilometers of walking trails and thirty kilometers of bike lanes. A truth paradise for athletes and families with a rich and colorful market, always open in all seasons, campsites, hotels and holiday complexes for all budgets. The Helio Marin Center was the first resort of its kind in the world and this year it celebrates its 60th anniversary of opening.

    Le beaches They are especially appreciated by those who practice sailing car, a discipline still little known in Italy, as well as for others water activities, but the first spa dates back to 1852. Founded along a Roman road, it has much older origins: its own name comes from the contraction of two Gallic words vindos and ialo, that is clear white, while Montalivet comes from the name of the count who stayed here in the summers of 1700.

    While in Italy we make do as best we can on the few beaches allowed, see here naked vacationers chatting at the bar or choosing magazines at the newsstand, grandparents strolling while children zip by on bicycles is completely normal. A tradition that lasts more than 50 years, that is, since the International Federation of European Naturism (INF) was founded here in 1951, now based in Bonn.

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