Auvergne, the land of volcanoes: a unique natural heritage in Europe

    Auvergne, the land of volcanoes: a unique natural heritage in Europe
    A landscape shaped by volcanic activity thirty million years ago

    Pure nature. This is theAlvernia (in French Auvergne), a large strip of territory that divides France in two, whose landscape was shaped by volcanic activity thirty million years ago. And what immense craters as far as the eye can see, gentle hills and mountain peaks hacer one of the most spectacular areas in the entire region, in addition to a unique natural heritage in Europe.

    Auvergne has everything to seduce anyone looking for adventure. And it is especially its western part, where they rise its four volcanic massifs (The chain of Puys, and Doré Mountains, Cantal Massif y Velay volcanic), the most impressive volcanic group in Europe that offers the ideal conditions for a true geological exploration outside. On foot, on horseback, in a hot air balloon or by mountain bike, it doesn't matter because each volcano has a particular charm: some stand out for their shape reminiscent of a bell, others exhibit deep craters, witnesses of the violent wrath of the past.

    The only one chain of puys (or Monts Domes), which dates back less than 10.000 years, with its 80 dormant volcanoes aligned from north to south along almost 40 kilometers, offers the tourist on duty a unique show in the world. From the summit of the famous Puy de Dome (1465 meters, declared Great Site of France), the chain reveals all its majesty and mystery, as well as offering a fantastic panorama of the Puys. And if it is unthinkable not to visit the Puy de Dome, it must be admitted that the Puy de Come, the Puys Chopine, the Vache et Lassolas are also important destinations for those interested in volcanology.

    It is a "horizontal vertigo" that you feel Doré Mountains (Doré Mountains). Who Sancy massif (1886 m), the highest point in central France, created 20 million years ago, thanks to its volcanic and glacial formation, offers hikers unforgettable landscapes composed of gentle slopes, cliffs with a tortuous profile and deep recesses. Three peaks exceed 1800 meters, forming panoramic headlands. With its 650 kilometers of marked trails, the Sancy Massif allows for all types of excursions. Its winter and summer ski resorts, spa towns and mountain villages offer a wide variety of activities and tourist visits: a true example of the tourist wealth of theAlvernia. Around the massif there are also the lakes of Guéry, ServiÚres and Pavin. The latter, In the middle of the forest, is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in the region.

    I Canthal Mountains, the largest volcanic edifice in Europe, which extends over 2500 square kilometers, are rather a representation of infinity: plateaus, valleys, forests and mountains. The twelve glacial valleys arranged in a star shape around the puy maria, recognized as a "Great National Site", with a summit that reaches 1787 meters, offers a stunning panorama.

    And after discovering the natural beauty of Auvergne, still feel like a real person. volcanological just visit Vulcania, the first European volcano park located in Saint-Ours les Roches, in the heart of Volcanoes Regional Natural ParkAlvernia, 15 km away Clermont-Ferrand, the regional capital of Auvergne. Here adults and children alike can discover the fascinating universe of volcanoes and mountains. earth science thanks to satellite images, animated models, an audiovisual show on a giant screen, a relief film and various simulations. An experience that will be truly unique and incredible.

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