Cruise on the Seine in Paris: cost of boat tour ticket with and without dinner

One of the things to do and not to miss in Paris is the wonderful cruise on boats along the Seine. One of the best and most used boat companies is Bateaux Parisiens, which allows you to discover the city of lights from a unique perspective.

These boats transport over 4 million tourists along the Seine every year. discovering the heart of historic Paris. As they navigate the river they allow you to admire some of the gods landmarks of Paris as the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame Cathedral and much more.

Which cruise to choose?

There are various types of cruise you can do on the Seine. These are carried out on scenic boats in the case of classic cruise (Promenade) on the Seine, or on boats with restaurant, which with their glass walls offer a romantic tour and a full view of the prestigious monuments of the French capital.

La choice of which cruise to take it depends on the preferences and needs of the tourist. The best time is at sunset, perhaps choosing a very romantic dinner cruise with the various monuments illuminated by their characteristic lights.

Sunset is also the most requested, therefore it is advisable to book in advance to have the seat secured. During the winter or on cooler days many prefer the day, to enjoy a milder climate while sailing and to see the city from another perspective.

Classic cruise on the Seine

The Promenade cruise lasts about 1 hour, starts from Port de la Bourdonnais at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, passing under the main attractions and monuments of the French capital. It is the typology of more choice cruise, therefore advance booking is recommended.

The Musée d'Orsay Museum, the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Pont Neuf, the Place de la Concorde, the Louvre, are some of the monuments and museums that can be admired from the large panoramic windows of the boats or from the panoramic terrace of the boat.

Passengers have the opportunity to hear the history and the various curiosities about the places they see using theaudio guide, with comments in various languages.

Cruise prices on the Seine 

  • adult ticket (12 years and over): € 15
  • ticket for children (from 4 to 11 years): 7 €
  • children under 3 years of age enter for free
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Cruise on the Seine with dinner

There are also boats that offer restaurant service during the cruise on the Seine for dinner. Indeed, on these restaurant boats some of the best Parisian chefs will offer sublime dishes of French cuisine prepared every day with carefully selected ingredients.

Prices cruise on the Seine with dinner

Prices vary from depending on the day chosen, the type of dinner chosen and how soon you book. However, in general the prices for a dinner cruise start at 69 euros for adults and 39 euros for children.

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Cruise on the Seine with lunch

If you prefer to cruise during the day as well enjoy the romantic atmosphere of having lunch on the boat, we recommend this type of cruise. Especially during the winter or cooler period it is a great choice.

During the navigation, a classic French menu will be served with assorted appetizers and a main course of your choice. The lunch will end with the choice of various exquisite desserts accompanied by a coffee. The cruise lasts 2 hours.

Prices cruise on the Seine with lunch

  • 3-course lunch cruise on the Seine without drinks 42 €
  • 3-course lunch cruise on the Seine with drinks € 52
  • Children pay only € 29
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Cruise on the Seine with aperitif

If you want an intermediate solution between the cruise only and the one with lunch or dinner, you can choose the Cruise on the Seine with an aperitif which, at a lower price than lunch or dinner, allows you to enjoy and drink something on board while sailing.

Prices cruise on the Seine with aperitif

  • Cruise ticket with aperitif (crepe and soft drink) 20 €
  • Cruise ticket with aperitif (sandwich and drink) € 22
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Where the cruises depart

The Seine is one of the most important rivers in Europe and runs through all of Paris. There are various points to embark on the boats that sail the river and these change according to the chosen cruise.

Many of the cruises depart from Port de la Bourdonnais, located near the Eiffel Tower. To get to the departure dock of the boats take the Metro Line 6 and get off at Bir-Hakeim or Trocadéro station.

You can also arrive with the RER line C and get off at Champs de Mars station. If you prefer the bus, the lines that lead near the pier are 42 and 82.

Anyway, in any case read timetables and boarding points carefully for the cruise chosen on the site where the booking is made. Also inquire about what is understood and what is not understood


We strongly recommend that you book in advance online the Cruise on the Seine, both to not waste time buying the ticket at the ticket office, and to be sure of having the seat reserved and reserved.

Also, we recommend bring some warmer clothing, especially if you take the cruise in the evening or during the fall, winter or spring. During the tour at the top or outside of the boat, the air is cooler and there is a slight wind.

For good ones Photo and video choose the upper part of the boat. This is open and is perfect for those who want to experience the Parisian atmosphere to the full, immortalizing the romantic landscape and the various monuments along the Seine, with their cameras or smartphones, under the notes of enchanting French music.

Cruise on the Seine in Paris: cost of boat tour ticket with and without dinner
Cruise on the Seine in Paris - France - Photo from Istock

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