Correns, the first "organic" village in France, loved by Brad Pitt

    In the interior of the Var, in the Provence-C么te d'Azur region, is the first French ecological village.
    Correns, the first

    In the interior of the Var, in the Provence-C么te d'Azur region, is the first ecological village in France. Correns 猫 una vera eccellenza, whose fame spread around the world, to the point of reaching the ears of the then Brangelina couple (Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt) who bought a splendid castle right here, Miraval Castle, in 2008 and where they married in 2014. Today the castle is owned solely by Brad.

    In Correns the fields and vineyards, the main product of the area, are all organic. There are many 鈥渄omains鈥 where C么tes-de-Provence white wine is produced (the area, however, is famous for ros茅). In fact, the town is very proud of having the only winery in Provence reserved exclusively for whites.

    The approximately 80 farmers in the area have been farming according to the principles of organic farming since 1997. It was the then mayor, Michael Latz, winemaker and farmer, who, after the wine crisis, forced all local farmers to convert to organic production .

    Ch芒teau Miraval itself has started producing one Pink champagne 鈥淔leur de Miraval鈥 signed by Jolie-Pitt.

    This charming medieval town, with less than a thousand inhabitants, dominates a plain crossed by the Argens. in the heart of 鈥淕reen Provence鈥. We are in the most traditional area of 鈥嬧媡he Proven莽al province that still today preserves a very simple lifestyle, but where at the same time we want to protect the environment to promote a type of cultural and family tourism.

    The top of the town is dominated by the 13th century castle, Fort Gibron. In addition to hosting exhibitions, artists and composers stay there in search of calm and inspiration. The city develops at the foot of the fortress, in a continuous intersection of narrow streets and cobblestone squares that reserve surprises at every corner. Like the numerous fountains and washing places, still used by the women of the town.

    Not far from the Porte Saint Germain, an ancient stone bridge leads to the area of 鈥嬧媡he city that extends along the left bank of the river, to which a legend is attributed. In fact, it is said that one night when the moon was full, a fisherman saw the shape of the moon reflected in the water and tried to fish for it, fooled by a cloud that had changed its appearance. Since then the inhabitants of Correns are called "Pesco Luno", "fishermen of Lune".

    The village is one of the most authentic places in Provence-C么te d'Azur, perfect for those who want to spend a holiday full of nature and relaxation, away from the crowds that fill the coast of southern France. But it is also a shabby-chic place, given the frequentation of celebrities who mix with the inhabitants, such as the tenant of the Ch芒teau Miraval.

    Unfortunately, Brad's Castle cannot be visited. It was built on the remains of an ancient Roman fort. However, it is known that inside there are 35 rooms, a Spa and an indoor pool and that outside there is still a Roman aqueduct, a huge park of 400 hectares, 30 of which are vineyards, with lakes and fountains and c 'It's even a small private chapel. The previous owner, French pianist Jacques Loussier, had built a recording studio there that was also used by Sting, the Cranberries and even Pink Floyd to record the album "The Wall."

    The Jolie-Pitt couple initially rented it and then bought it. Totally immersed in the Proven莽al environment, they had begun to produce extra virgin oil with olives collected on the castle property, the Huile d'Olive Miraval. And now they have turned to wine.

    Correns, the first
    @Wikimedia Commons 鈥 Matthias Holl盲nder
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