The Halkidiki Peninsula: visiting lesser-known Greece

    The Halkidiki Peninsula: visiting lesser-known Greece
    The Halkidiki peninsula is a very popular tourist destination.

    The Halkidiki peninsula dominates the Aegean Sea from North. This region, which is politically part of Greece, is surrounded by five gulfs, namely the Gulf of Orphans y Gulf of Ierissos a is, the Gulf of Mount Athos and the Gulf of Kassandra a southeast and infinite Gulf of Thessaloniki to the West.

    The Peninsula is a very popular tourist destination, but clearly less frequented than other areas or Greek archipelagos, since the region is a melting pot of cultures that over the centuries have known how to mix, forming, in this small corner of the world, a paradise earthly and cultural one-of-a-kind.

    The Halkidiki peninsula offers tourists all the charm of the Greek sea, but with a touch of melancholy given the proximity of the Balkans. In fact, this strip of land offers a wonderful spectacle to the eyes of visitors, in its soil, which is the most fertile in all of Greece, the hellenic culture It has been mixed, over the centuries, with Turkish architecture. Its golden sands and blue sea make this place suitable for both families and young couples who want to spend a romantic holiday.

    Getting to the Halkidiki peninsula is actually very simple. In fact, travel agencies offer numerous solutions adapted to the needs of each person. The plane is the most popular means of transport, as it manages to combine speed with the often quite low price of flights. Another option is the ferry, which in Italy leaves from both anon be from Venezia. In this case, however, travel times will be longer, since it takes fifteen hours to travel by ferry.

    If once you arrive on the Halkidiki peninsula you want to maintain your independence when traveling, you can board the ferry with your car for a small increase in the price of the ticket. If we opt for the plane, there are numerous agencies in Greece where it is possible to rent a car. It is necessary to use a car for your trips if you want to visit the ancient cities present in the territory which are: Acrotoo, Alapta, Camace, Assa and Caradrunte.

    In addition to the numerous cultural attractions that this area offers, it is especially advisable to reach the Gulf of Thessaloniki to admire from the coast the infamous Mount Olympus, which in Greek mythology is considered the home of all the divinities. In addition, the Halkidiki peninsula offers numerous hotels to stay in, suitable for everyone's needs.

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