Amsterdam what to see

Having found the flight, chosen the right accommodation and area, all that remains is to organize the trip and decide what to do while staying in beautiful Amsterdam.

There are so many things to do, so we need to make a careful selection especially if we have a few days available.

The historical center

Before visiting the many museums that the city offers, I would begin to breathe the air of the historic center, taking a walk through the most characteristic streets and squares.

Dam Square

It is definitely the real one central area of ​​Amsterdam, from where the main streets of the center start.

Il Jordaan

It definitely is the most beautiful neighborhood in Amsterdam, a stone's throw from the historic center, I recommend a nice bike ride.

The pipe

Old popular neighborhood where today we find people from all parts of the world; famous is the Albert Cuypmarkt market, open every day except Sundays. Here you can shop for all kinds, from fruit, to freshly caught fish, colorful flowers, clothing and household items. Il De Pijp it is also full of shops, bars and restaurants.


Beautiful square-park, a must when visiting the most important museums, famous for its characteristic giant writing "Iamsterdam" where you can not take a picture.

The Nine Streets

Neighborhood full of people and shops, for walking and shopping, near the Anne Frank House.

Amsterdam what to see

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Amsterdam as everyone knows is full of museums, the most famous being the Van Gogh Museum and the Anna Frannk House, but the city is home to many other attractions that will not disappoint you.

Museo Van Gogh

It's surely one of the largest collections in the world dedicated to Van Gogh, not to be missed as there are truly unique works inside.

Admission costs 15 euros, but with the I Amsterdam Card entry is free and you skip the line.

The Rijksmuseum (National Museum)

It is located behind the Museumplein and is the national gallery of the Netherlands, one of the must-see museums.

Anne Frank House

The famous house where Anne Frank he wrote his diary during the Second World War, which became a museum that tells the story of Anna and the 7 people who had hidden there.

It is recommended to visit it in the evening, when it is much less crowded. A visit to the Anne Frank house usually takes an hour.

Stedelijk Museum

Museum dedicated to modern and contemporary art from 1850 to the present day. Not to be missed, an incredible collection of design pieces, Mondrian, Chagall, Picasso are just a few examples.

Amstelkring Museum

Very special museum, with a clandestine church built inside a palace on the canals.

Museum of Bags and Purses (Tassenmuseum Hendrikje)

Free admission with the I Amsterdam Card

Very small museum with a collection of bags, wallets, umbrellas, gloves, fans and photos from the 1600s. It can be visited in about an hour.

Museum The Ship

Museum for architecture enthusiasts, dedicated to the architectural style known as the “Amsterdam School”.


A tour through the canals of Amsterdam gives you the opportunity to see the city from a totally different and even more fascinating point of view.

I tre canali principali, Herengracht, Prinsengracht e Keizersgracht they form a horseshoe-shaped belt around the center of the city. This area is a World Heritage Site and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Central library

The largest municipal library in Amsterdam is a 7-storey building with books in both Dutch and English, state-of-the-art computers available to library users and relaxation areas for studying and reading.

On the seventh floor you will find the restaurant where you can enjoy the excellent burgers or the delights of the cafeteria.

Coffee Shop

During trip to Admsterdam you cannot miss a visit to at least one of the many coffe shops in the city, of course the main feature of these places is the legal sale of Marijuana, but you can also go there to drink a beer, a cup of hot tea or to listen live music.

Here is a list of the best Coffee-Shops in Amsterdam.

The Grasshopper

It is located in the center between Damrak and the Red Light District.

The Grasshopper as well as a coffe shop is also a bar and restaurant, is open every day from 7,00 to 1,00 at night. It is a bit overpriced, but still worth seeing.


It is a must for anyone visiting Amsterdam, almost like a museum, since it is the first coffe shop in the city dated 1975. You can drink, smoke and dance it is a real lacale, nice staff and strategic location.

In reality there are 5 of BullDog, the best is the Bulldog Lounge very welcoming, modern, with a great bar / cafe.

Green House

The Green House is still a chain of coffe shops but unlike the BullDog it is less commercial and the products are of excellent quality and serve breakfast and excellent food.


The baba is the best coffe shop to listen to techno and trance music.


The Picasso is one of the historic coffe shops in Amsterdam, frequented mainly by Dutch people and by a clientele that is no longer very young.

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