How to get to and what to see in Kalanggaman Island Philippines

Kalanggaman is a small paradisiacal atoll located in the province of Leytee and belongs to the Visayas archipelago.

Kalanggaman is considered one of the most beautiful islands in the Philippinesand is characterized by a thin strip of sand at the eastern end and a dense palm grove in the center, all bathed by surprisingly crystal clear waters populated by corals and tropical fish.

Kalanggaman is a must-see destination during a trip to the Philippines, a unique and still unspoiled place, in fact there are no hotels, restaurants, no electricity, only the wonders offered by Mother Nature.

In this guide we see all the tips to visit Kalanggaman, how to get there, what to do, how to possibly stay on the island and costs.

How to get to Kalanggaman

Basically, there are 2 possibilities to get to the island of Kalanggaman: starting from Malapascua or Palompon.

How to get to and what to see in Kalanggaman Island Philippines

From Malapascua to Kalanggaman

From Malapascua it is possible to go to Kalanggaman with organized tours, leaving at 9:00 am from Bounty Beach and returning to Malapascua around 4:00 pm. The trip takes about an hour and a half, depending on sea conditions.

If you are lucky, as we were, during the trip you will be able to watch the dolphins swimming and jumping around the boat, an incredible thrill totally unexpected.

The cost of the excursion is 800 PHP (14 € approx.) per person plus an entrance fee of 500 PHP (8.5 €).

Meals are included, which are cooked and served on the boat or directly on the island under the palm trees.

Calculate that between the trip and lunch, the time you will have available to enjoy Kalanggaman will be about 3 hours.

From Palompon to Kalanggaman

The alternative to reach Kalanggaman is from the city of Palompon, on the island of Leyte. This is also the fastest route, the boat trip from Palompon takes about 1 hour.

To get to Palompon there are several options, depending on where you are. In any case you will have to get to the island of Leyte, there are flights from Manila and Cebu to Tacloban airport, from here wait 2-3 hours by mini-van to get to Palompon.

It is best to start from Malapascua, so you will have the opportunity to also get to know this island, which is still worth a visit, especially for those who dive, but not only.

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Sleeping on the island

Sleeping one night on Kalanggaman Island can be a unique and incredible experience. Let's see what are the possibilities of a stay on the atoll.

It is possible to spend the night on the eastern part of the island in a tent: you can bring your own or rent one for 200 or 400 PHP, depending on the size.

In addition to the entrance fee of 500 PHP, you must pay 250 PHP to spend the night, for a total of 750 PHP.

On the island there is no electricity, bad phone signal, no drinking water, no fresh water; there are only a few toilets. There are no restaurants, so be sure to bring enough food and drink.

On the western side, the Jet Resortwhich offers the possibility to stay overnight in tents or wooden huts.

The island is secure and guarded 24 hours a day, 24 days a week by a police station.

Important:bring a garbage bag and take it with you to keep the island clean and preserve this earthly paradise.

What to do in Kalanggaman

Kalanggaman is a tiny island, about 750 mm long, turn around in no time. Besides relaxing on the white sand and swimming in the crystal clear waters, the main activities are snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, sup and banana boating.

If you decide to stay one night on the island, don't miss the sunset and the incredible starry sky.

The sand strip

Kalanggaman is famous for its long strip of white sand where you can stroll, admire the turquoise waters caressing the sand on both sides and take unforgettable pictures.

How to get to and what to see in Kalanggaman Island Philippines

Be aware, however, that the tides affect the visibility of the sandbank which tends to disappear with the low.

When we went (February) it was already low tide from 11:00 am and we were able to enjoy this spectacle of nature throughout our stay.

How to get to and what to see in Kalanggaman Island Philippines

In any case, ask the locals who know the high and low tide hours. Better yet, if you decide to sleep on the island, you will be lucky enough to appreciate the different phases of the tides.

Be careful when swimming especially near the extreme point where the currents are stronger and swimming is prohibited, however, there are signs indicating areas to avoid.

How to get to and what to see in Kalanggaman Island Philippines

curiosity:before the violent typhoon of 2013 there were 2 strips of sand, one on the western end and one on the east.

Seen from above, the island had a shape resembling a bird with outstretched wings, hence the name Kalanggaman, in fact, "Langgam" in the local language means "bird". Now only the long strip of eastern sand remains, the western one was cleaned. out.

How to get to and what to see in Kalanggaman Island Philippines

final considerations

How to get to and what to see in Kalanggaman Island Philippines

Kalanggaman Island is an unmissable stop on a trip to the Philippine archipelago. A unique place that will remain in your heart, think that I chose it to celebrate my birthday.

I recommend, if you can, go to Kalanggaman during the week, avoid the weekend, as the island is overrun by local tourism.

If I really have to find a fault, it is the too many boats that, as almost everywhere in the Philippines, do not allow you to enjoy this corner of paradise to the fullest.

Overall, I recommend everyone to visit Kalanggaman, it would be a shame to come to the Philippines and miss this wonder of nature. I just hope the Philippine government can keep this remote island in the ocean intact.

How to get to and what to see in Kalanggaman Island Philippines

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