Nepal reopens to international tourism after 9 months

    Nepal reopens to international tourism after 9 monthsTourist visas have been reinstated and foreign visitors can now fly into the country

    Good news for the recovery of tourism comes from Nepal who, after nine months in which he had "sealed" the borders to contain the Covid-19 pandemic, reopened the borders to international travellers.

    Although the land borders are still closed, the Department of Immigration has made it known that everyone tourist visas have been reinstated and that foreign tourists can now fly to the country, albeit with limitations.

    In this initial phase, in fact, visas will only be intended for international organizations and non-resident Nepalese, United Nations agencies and representatives and families of diplomatic missions.

    “Real” tourists, however, will have to obtain a tourist visa from Nepalese diplomatic missions abroad or prior authorization or a letter of recommendation, as underlined by the director general of the Department of Immigration.

    Additionally, there will be no visas for everyone at Kathmandu Airport for the time being and spring mountaineering expeditions, including missions to Everest, remain cancelled.

    International flights had been halted since March 20, 2020 and the country had been “under lockdown” since March 24. The home confinement order was in force until July 21st, then revoked although some restrictions still remain.

    And now Nepal try to restart and reopen the doors to tourism which is the lifeblood for the country of trekking and adventure, the main Asian hub for mountain and mythical lovers Everest, the highest mountain on the planet with its 8848 meters.

    But not only that. Here there are enchanting ancient Sherpa villages that keep traditions alive, Hindu and Buddhist temples, breathtaking views and natural environments such as, for example, the Rara Lake, an oasis of biodiversity at 2990 meters above sea level and Chitwan, , the oldest National Park in Nepal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with over 900 square kilometers of wild nature, jungle, deciduous forests and swamps where around 68 species of mammals, over 500 species of birds, the Asian rhinoceros and the Bengal tiger live.

    Furthermore, Nepal is an ideal destination for a stay in the name of spirituality discovering the Buddhist circuit that includes Ramgram, Lumbini and Tilaurakot and disciplines such as yoga, meditation and the practice of traditional healing.

    Please remember, however, that based on the Italian legislation currently in force travel from Italy to Nepal is permitted only in the presence of precise reasons, such as: work, health, study, absolute urgency, return to one's home, home or residence. For further updates we invite you to view the Farnesina website.

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