Some special offers for hotels in Denmark

    The most attentive travelers, who want to complete the experience of Denmark by choosing a unique and original accommodation, can decide to spend a night sleeping in the trees, involve the whole family in an Iron Age experience, or immerse themselves in the much acclaimed Danish design staying in an archistar crane.

    Here is a selection of the most particular places where you can sleep in the village of Andersen.

    Immersed in nature: in the hammock on the tree

    Sleeping outdoors is always a special experience. But falling asleep in a hammock, on top of a tree, in the forest, is just indescribable. In Middlefart, between Funen and Jutland you can live this incredible experience that allows you to stay close to birds and other forest animals in the early hours of the morning enjoying a magnificent view from above.

    A floating hotel in the port of Copenhagen: the CPH Living

    The panorama is often one of the main selection criteria when choosing accommodation. In Copenhagen you can find hotels overlooking the harbor, but especially from the harbor. This is the case of CPH Living, floating hotel in the center of the city port, which offers a view of the city from an absolutely unique perspective.

    The Krane: you sleep in a crane!

    If you thought you heard them all, you will be amazed by this rather unique accommodation. The Krane is the original conversion of an old crane, transformed into a super-equipped design hotel, even equipped with a wellness center. The living room is absolutely exclusive: the hotel has only one room. It is better to book early, but the satisfaction will be great.

    The haunted castle of Dragsholm

    The most fearful will avoid it, but the most fearless will inevitably be attracted to it: we are talking about the Haunted Castle by Dragsholm. The boutique hotel is nestled in the beautiful Odsherred countryside in the West Zealand region. Numerous witnesses claim that, even today, three ghosts still reside at the castle: the gray lady, the white lady and Lord Bothwell.

    The Central Hotel, the smallest hotel in the world!

    A hotel may be as big as it can be small, but it certainly won't be as small as the hotel Central of Copenhagen. Located in Copenhagen's trendiest neighborhood, Vesterbro, on the first floor above a delightful café, this lovely one bedroom hotel is thesmallest hotel in the world. A dispassionate advice? Book well in advance!

    Sleeping in a cell at the Ribe prison

    Il Old prison of Ribe, the oldest city in Denmark, has been converted into a hotel. Even today you can breathe the whole history of this singular building. For thrill-seekers it is certainly a tempting proposal to spend a unique night. Hotel Video (in Danish)

    Sleeping among wolves and bears at Skandinavisk Dyrepark  

    Waking up to the sound of wolves and bears must be an unforgettable experience. In the Scandinavian Wildlife Park (Scandinavisk Dyrpark near Aarhus) you can sleep in a lavvu tent, a kind of tepee used by the Sami, and fully immerse yourself in Nordic nature.

    Luxurious design homes in nature

    On the southern tip of the island of Funen you can stay in one of the luxurious design huts close to the coast, designed by the LUMO architecture studio. Although very luxurious and modern, you need to bring along food and a sleeping bag for your stay.

    In Danish lands on a caravan worthy of the far west

    Rent a carro stile far west and explore Denmark for a perfect do-it-yourself vacation? It is a very unique and undoubtedly fascinating possibility to involve family or friends on a wild adventure in the Danish nature.

    Go back in time to the village of the Iron Age

    Land of Legends, near Roskilde in West Zealand is a fantastic open-air museum. In summer you can decide to stay overnight in the Iron Age Village - the only condition is to live exactly like at that time, so goodbye to all the comforts and vices of our time!

    A bathtub overlooking the sea

    A magnificent cottage that allows you to be very close to the sea and the beautiful cliffs of Møns Klint. Outside a comfortable pool to complete this corner of paradise from which you can admire the colors of the earth, the sky and the white waves crashing on the cliffs.

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    Some special offers for hotels in Denmark
    Copenhagen's characteristic canals - Image from Pixabay
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