South Korea: a country waiting to be discovered

    South Korea: a country waiting to be discoveredNot just Seoul: South Korea offers endless opportunities. Skiing, excursions, tours to discover its historical and religious traditions offer an unforgettable travel experience

    Although it is not the most touristic country in the world, the South Korea – included by Lonely Planet among the states to visit in 2018 – actually offers the opportunity for a unique trip. It has small dimensions, efficient services, low costs, and offers a lot in terms of things to see and things to do. Mainly mountainous and surrounded by a sea that is home to around 3000 islands - many of which are uninhabited -, it is known throughout the world above all for its capital, Alone. Modern economic, cultural and political center of the country, it has crowded streets where i skyscrapers they alternate with shop, traditional markets to nightclubs, Confucian palaces from the feudal era to temples. And then the ancient walls, the fortresses, the buildings entirely made of wood. Attractions and monuments to discover by taking advantage of the extraordinary public transport service, and allowing yourself to be surrounded by an atmosphere in constant excitement.

    But it's not just Seoul, Korea. The province surrounding the city, Gyeonggi-do, offers extraordinary places: from Suwon Fortress – declared UNESCO World Heritage Site – all the wild atmosphere of the Korean Folk Village, dalla Icheon hot spring resort ai national parks such as the Bukhansan National Park (famous for its granite peaks) up to the ski slopes. The province of, however, is much less known Gangwon-do, and the cause is its impervious territory. However, it is an area that is worth a visit especially if you are interested in naturalistic value of South Korea. Beaches, mountains, caves and lakes embrace here temples wonderful like those of Woljeongsa and Sangwonsa, considered the symbols of the Buddhist soul of the country.

    And if the province of Gyeongsangbuk-do is rich in historical, artistic and religious attractions (starting from its best-known city, Gyeongkju, and up to the Confucian academies of Oksan Seowon and Dosan Seowon), there is a province – that of Gyeongsangmam – which is instead the region of contrasts: here it is Busan, a noisy city which is an important economic centre, and there are the very quiet surrounding countryside with their coasts and their temples. Koreans, for their part, love it jeju-do, subtropical island of volcanic origin off its southern end, where luxury resorts and folkloristic villages alternate.

    The best season to visit South Korea? Between September and November, when the days are warm and sunny, the prices are a little lower, and nature is dressed in wonderful colours. From June to August, however, it is monsoon season and the climate is too hot and decidedly humid.

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