Spas of Slovenia: The 4 Best Spas to Go to

Di Spas in Slovenia there are lots of them and you are spoiled for choice. In this post I recommend the best four to go to, whether it's for a couple of days or a whole week.

The watchword is relaxation!

Spas of Slovenia: The 4 Best Spas to Go to

The best spas in Slovenia!

Slovenia is the most suitable country for physical and mental relaxation, either because of the very high quality of life, or because it is a land where nature and well-being coexist. In this context the protagonists are the thermal baths which for at least two centuries have been considered the favorite pastime of Slovenians.

It is thanks to the exploitation of these springs for therapeutic purposes that a niche tourism has developed, appreciated by neighboring populations.

Le Terme Olimja di Podčetrtek

Spas of Slovenia: The 4 Best Spas to Go to

Le Terme Olimja are considered the most famous and important in Slovenia both for the quality of the treatments and for the redesign that took place a few years ago.

They are located at the village of Podčetrtek, on the border with Croatia. Under theHotel Sotelia, in a maze of corridors that runs throughout the complex, you enter the wellness area named Oridhelia.

It is divided into three sectors, accessible via electronic bracelets.
The first sector is that of swimming pools. It is an architectural jewel in which the designer has used sinuous shapes to shape an environment that is both fluid and relaxing.

It is accessed from the slate stairways, passing in front of Roman sculptures reassembled with iron supports.

The central pool is lofted and overlooks the rest of the complex thanks to a large window. During the day the illusion is that of being outside, in nature. In the dark hours you can relax thanks to the alternating colors of the lights.

The pool, 1.30 deep, is connected to all the other lower pools thanks to narrow passages and so you can find yourself in a tunnel, following the current, or outside where, despite the low temperatures, and possible snow, you can still feels warm.

Around the pools there is a relaxation area, with loungers and tables. And finally a bar where you can order a herbal tea or an infusion, before returning to the pool, before swimming in the warm thermal waters.
The second sector is dedicated to saunas.

A law regulates this space: you can enter the saunas and Turkish baths only if naked. Here a very special therapy is recommended. Taking advantage of the presence of a chocolate factory in the nearby village of Podčetrtek, the Olimja complex has inaugurated a Turkish bath where guests have to sprinkle their bodies with chocolate.

With very hot temperatures, chocolate tends to melt, mix with the skin and run. After the treatment, a shower is required, but what remains is a body softness and a scent that will remain for at least three days.

Finally, there is a third area dedicated to all those activities that do not belong to either the pools or the saunas. Here you can tan in the sun beds, distributed in rooms with a contemporary and refined style. Or relax on waterbeds, where you can listen to selected classical music via headphones connected to a stereo.

And finally participate in a therapeutic session of the gong. The teacher makes you sit on a bed and invites you to close your eyes and take the most comfortable position. He sets the gong - to be clear, the Tibetan instrument - and hits it repeatedly, with variable intensity and rhythm. The waves produced help relaxation of the body but above all mental. They lead to meditation and estrange from the context. The ideal is to do this therapy before any other treatment.

Useful information:

Where to sleep:

Advised Hotel Sotelia which is located directly above the Terme and is connected to the Wellness Center Termalija and Wellness Orhidelia via an underground corridor.

A great (and cheaper) alternative is theNatura Amon hotel which is a little further away (about 3 km from the spa) but has an excellent quality / price ratio.

How to get:

Terme Olimja are located in Thursday.

Da Trieste it takes about 3 hours by car via Ljubljana and Celje.

Da zagabria by car it takes just over 2 hours passing through Harmica.

The Golf Hotel of the Sava Resort in Bled

Spas of Slovenia: The 4 Best Spas to Go to

The most fascinating thing about the thermal baths of the Sava Hotel Golf is represented by the bay window overlooking Lake Bled, one of the postcard places that helped develop tourism in Slovenia.

They are organized on three levels, all connected to each other through mezzanine terraces. It is accessed from the central one, without swimming pools and with saunas only, consisting of a relaxation area and a bar. From here you are sorted in the upper floor, with two pools, one of which is large, and in the lower one on the ground floor.

Here you can find the largest pool. It is characterized by the presence of jumps and waterfalls. But also from a seat that runs along the entire perimeter of the pool where you can take advantage of the jets of the whirlpool. In a side pool you can do the treatment with very hot water, in another you can go outside while remaining immersed.

There is an equipped area suitable for the little ones and finally there is her, the biggest attraction: a water slide that leads from the third level to the first. It descends quickly and adapts to the shapes of the complex. Ideal for those who want to combine body care with fun.

Useful information:

Where to sleep:

In addition to Golf Hotel Bled if you are looking for economic alternatives I recommendHotel Jelovica or il Carman Guest House.

How to get there:

The Baths are located on the Lake Bled.

Da Trieste you can arrive by car in about 3 hours and 30 passing through Ljubljana.

Da zagabria it takes almost 4 hours passing through Ljubljana.

Spas of Slovenia: The 4 Best Spas to Go to

Baths of Catez

If you have muscle pain or back pain (like me) the Baths of Catez, close to the Croatian border are the right place for you.

Located in the midst of lush nature, the Terme di Catez is one of the largest spa complexes in Slovenia and is visited by travelers from all over Europe but not only.

The center also includes sports programs, recreation programs for children, golf courses and a wide choice of hotels to stay in.

There are many health and wellness programs, from physiotherapy to isokinetics, muscle rehabilitation, anti-cellulite beauty massages and so on and so forth.

Offered services:

Therapeutic treatments for the treatment of rheumatism, anti-cellulite treatments, isokinetics and physiotherapy treatments.

Health and beauty treatments. Here guests can take advantage of a practically infinite choice of massages: manual and relaxing massages, Ayurvedic, lymphatic and draining massages, up to aromatherapy, Watsu, Thalgo massages and many others. In short, the paradise of well-being and relaxation.

Hotel Catez also offers various types of relaxation treatments for all tastes: hot stone massages, beauty massages, massages to do alone or in pairs, aroma-therapeutic treatments.

The Terme di Catez also offer a service for sauna lovers at the Sauna Park.

Useful information:

Where to sleep:

If you want to do something superchic and very romantic you can book inHotel Golf City Mokrice, a medieval castle on a hill overlooking the greenery and in the middle of a golf course.If you stay here you will have special treatment to the thermal baths of Catez which are about 10 km away.

An alternative if you want to stay close is theHotel Terme - Terme Catez, directly inside the Thermal Center.

If you are looking for something cheaper there is the Campsite Terme di Catez

How to get there:

Da Trieste passing through Ljubljana and exiting at Bresize it takes about 2 hours. Then follow the signs for the Terme di Catez.

Da zagabria you can get there in less than 40 minutes by car.

The Rimske Terme

Spas of Slovenia: The 4 Best Spas to Go to

Le Roman Baths can be considered a jewel of Slovenia capable of combining tradition, history and body care in a single structure.

The very name of the complex "Rimske" indicates the origin of the site: translated it means "Roman". They were discovered in the imperial age and thanks to their presence villages developed. They were transformed - radically - in the second half of the 800th century when two hotels were built there that are still present today.

They contributed to the development of the district and brought celebrities of the time here, including the Slavic and British royal families. With the wars and the Slavic dictatorship they were transformed into a hospital and military spa. They went back to being public in 1991 and only in recent years have they been restored and enlarged.

The complex consists of two historic structures and one contemporary, built both to connect the first two and to house the new spa. It is located on the lower floors and is an architectural jewel. The wellness area is divided into saunas and swimming pools. The other body treatments - including massages - are on the upper floors.

The pools are divided into two levels and have a two-level central courtyard that appears to have stepped out of Ancient Rome: colossal style with triclinia and triumphal arches. Written in Latin interspersed with others in Slovenian. Whirlpool that overlook from large windows. Here too you can go outside from the central swimming pool.

The Rimske Terme also has another area dedicated to body care. It is located in the oldest structure and here the basins are the same that were used in past centuries. They are in very small rooms, sometimes suitable for one person at a time. Of these, only one still has the original marbles of the time and has been bound by Slovenian cultural heritage.

Finally, body care also extends beyond the spa complex. The nearby park is perfect for a relaxing walk in nature.

You can also get inside houses scattered in the woods and get in touch with farmers who produce cheeses and salami with the methods of the past. All natural and genuine. All to complete a body care work.

Useful information:

Where to sleep:

Rimske Terme - Hotel Zdraviliski Dvor: in a unique position, surrounded by natural thermal springs. An experience for kings and queens.

A cheaper alternative but with a good quality / price ratio are the Apartments Veno which are located in the quiet village of Lasko about 6 km from the thermal baths.

How to get:

The Rimske Terme are located in Rimske Toplice.

Da Trieste, passing through Ljubljana it takes about 2 hours and 30.

Da zagabria along the E70 and Strada 5 it takes about an hour and a half.

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