Tourist visa for Oman: where to request it, costs and duration

    Tourist visa for Oman: where to request it, costs and durationTourist visa for Oman: when it is needed, who to apply for it, when it lasts and what are the costs of this permit to travel to the country

    Il tourist visa for Oman it can be requested by Italian citizens upon entry into the country, at Muscat airport or at the border with the United Arab Emirates with a passport valid for six months from the date of return. This tourist visa has a duration of thirty days. For a possible extension, you must contact the consular offices of Oman and make a request to the authorities. To request the visa tourist for Oman, in addition to the passport, you need 4 recent color passport photos and the visa application form, available online on the website.

    The cost of the visa depends on the length of stay in Oman. For a ten-day holiday, for example, the visa costs 12 €; a renewable thirty-day visa costs 48 euros. The extension must be requested before the deadline, otherwise you will face a fine of 24 euros per day. The visa is blocked if the passenger is carrying alcohol, weapons or drugs. Also be careful when packing food, some are strictly prohibited. For any other information please contact at the Embassy of Oman in Rome, in via della Camilluccia 625.

    If you are traveling with animals you will have to ask for a temporary import permit from the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture in Italy. Once you arrive in Oman you must present a health certificate and a rabies vaccination certificate. Both of these documents must be dated no more than six months prior to entry into Oman. Minors, even if they are registered in their parents' passport, must have a birth certificate translated at least into English by a recognized body. You can ask an authorized agency to take care of all the paperwork, you will save time.

    Once you have paid the amount for the visa for Oman at the Travelex counter at Muscat airport, you will be issued with a duplicate permit, one of which must be shown when leaving the country. If you intend to organize some excursions area Musandam you must apply for a multiple entry visa. It is a peninsula connected to the Emirates which has landscapes of rare beauty. Don't miss a boat excursion to see giant turtles.

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