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When to go to Honduras, Best Time

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Honduras, homeland of the Mayan people, later moved to the northernmost lands of Mexico, is one of the poorest and most dangerous states of Central America due to its high crime rate. It is recommended to the tourist to avoid the peripheral zones of the big cities and not to move on foot, the bathing areas are the most frequented by the tourists but they should also be visited with the maximum caution.

Honduras, city of Tela Honduras, Roatán Honduras, Palmetto Bay
Honduras, kayaks on the coral reef Honduras, Roatán Honduras, Mayan archaeological site

Among the best known Honduran destinations are the islands off the Caribbean coast, such as Roatan with the wonderful West Bay or the protected marine reserve of Cayo Cochinos

, where among dolphins, corals and white sand beaches, the idea of the Caribbean that each of us has always had is perfectly reflected. The abundant rainfall throughout the year makes Honduras a very exuberant country from a naturalistic point of view.


Honduras is located in the tropical belt of the planet and therefore its climate is characterized by a dry season between November and April, and a wet season the rest of the year. The northern Caribbean part of Honduras is also affected by a rainy equatorial climate throughout the year, with a high rainfall rate compared to the rest of the country, with a slight decrease in rainfall only between February and mid-May. Temperatures are particularly hot during the wettest period from May to October

and are most intense in southern Honduras. During the dry period (November-April) the trade winds from the north make the days cool in the northernmost areas.

The Caribbean Coast is the most popular with tourists, just think of the island of Roatan, andreceives a high rate of rainfall throughout the year, which are contained especially in the months of March and April

. As in the rest of the Caribbean, the period between June and October, especially from August onwards, Honduras can be affected by the passage of hurricanes, which are particularly damaging in this area.

The seawater temperaturein Honduras is warm

in all seasons and averages around 27-28 ° C.

The best time for a trip to Honduras wanting to stay on the busiest Caribbean coast extends from mid-February through April

. For a more extensive tour of the country, the months of November to mid-May are also good.

For more details on rainfall and average temperatures

consult the following data.


Notifications: pay attention to the crime that is very present in the whole country, inform yourself before leaving in

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