When to go to Uganda Best Time

When to go to Uganda Best Time

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Uganda is located on that small piece of fertile African land that rises around Lake Victoria, other smaller lakes and multiple swamps. In fact, it is here, from Lake Victoria on the Ugandan side, that the White Nile flows northward and feeds the waters of the Nile crossing Sudan and Egypt and flowing into the Mediterranean Sea.

Uganda has ten national parks where you will find the best of East Africa, with Rift Valley landscapes and tropical rainforests abounding in a wide variety of flora and fauna. The parks offer: traditional savannah safaris, boat explorations to discover the spectacular Murchison Falls, bush and mountain treks to see gorillas and chimpanzees, bird watching with over 1,000 species of birds to discover.

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One of the most exciting National Parks is the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, best known for its exceptional number of gorillas, although it also provides refuge for elephants, chimpanzees, monkeys and several small species of antelopes and birds. To trek in the park in search of gorillas in the wild, a permit is required and, given the high demand, a reservation is recommended. The best option is to also rely on a park guide in order to find the gorilla families. On this page of the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park website you will find all the necessary information. Although mountain gorilla sightings can be done all year round, due to the rather humid climate that characterizes the national parks where these gorillas live, most tourists prefer to visit the park from June to September, or from December to February.


Uganda's climate is tropical with small variations in temperature throughout the year. The climatic characteristics are not very different from one area to another, but vary according to the altitude of the plateau on which the locality is located and the surrounding mountainous reliefs.

It ranges from 25-27 ° C for maximum temperatures in July to 28-32 ° C in January

, while the minimums do not vary much since in the twelve months settle between 15 and 18 ° C.

Rainfall is concentrated mainly in two periods of the year, March-May and August-November

, with average values around 11 days and 15 cm of rain per month in the southern part of the country. It rains more abundantly especially in the central part of the country, while in the extreme north and south rainfall is more contained. In the central part, Gulu area, it rains constantly even between June and July.

The best time to travel to Uganda is between December and February, or in the months of June and July.

This is especially ideal if you want to go into the mountain forests in search of gorillas, given the lower rainfall.

For more details on rainfall and average temperatures

see the following data.



: always bring a waterproof jacket and a thick shirt for hiking in the forest at higher altitudes or for sunrise safaris.
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