Where to stay in Cyprus: the best places to stay in Cyprus

If you do not know Cyprus and want to know the best places to stay, in this brief guide we will give you all the information about the best places to sleep in Cyprus. The Cypriot island is an ideal destination for a vacation with family or friends, and perfect for all tastes and all ages.

Precisely in relation to this situation, it is important to know that a car rented in Northern Cyprus cannot cross the border. Instead, a car rented in the south can do it, but for insurance reasons it is better to cross the border on foot and rent a second car.

Now let's try to better understand where to stay in Cyprus. As always, it all depends on the type of vacation you are looking for.

For lovers of the sea and sandy beaches the best area to stay in Cyprus is in the southeast between Agia Napa and Protaras, where you will find some of the most beautiful beaches, which can also be reached by public transport.

by public transport. Agia Napa is the center of the island's nightlife while Protaras is a less chaotic area more suitable for families.

Still on the Greek Cypriot side, another option where to stay is the area of Paphos, declared a UNESCO World Heritage site and an excellent base for visiting the island.

The northern, Turkish side is wilder, particularly the Karpaz Peninsula, with wonderful sea and beaches.

The best, if you have time available, would be to divide the vacation in several stages: for example, Phaphos, Protaras and Kyrenia.

Located between Turkey, Syria and Greece, the Republic of Cyprus is a major tourist destination in the Mediterranean Sea. It offers beautiful beaches and a very rich artistic heritage, having been occupied over the years by several peoples. Moreover, the warmer climate than Spain makes it an excellent destination also in spring and autumn, when you can easily take pleasant baths in the sea.

It is quite simple to choose where to stay in Cyrus, the main tourist places there are five: Nicosia, Paphos, Larnaca, Limassol and Ayia Napa. Each of these destinations is more suitable for a type of travel or vacation. Let's see in detail what the different cities have to offer.

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For young couples and groups of friends is definitely prefer Ayia Napa while families with children better Paphos and Limassol. Nicosia, located in the north, far from the sea, should be chosen to discover the history of the island. Larnaca, instead, is a destination suitable for everyone, especially for those who want to combine the sea with a big city, with many things to do.

Where to stay in Cyprus: the best places to stay in Cyprus
Aerial view of Cyprus - Photo by Istock

Best places to stay in Cyprus

Where to stay in Cyprus: Paphos area

The city of Paphos is the ideal choice where to stay in Cyprus for those looking for a good base to move around the island, but also a lively area for night walks among clubs and stores.

The tourist area is called Kato Paphos, the marina where restaurants, discos, tourist facilities and the archaeological park are concentrated.

If you are looking for a quieter area always on this side, you just need to move a little away from Paphos.

The most beautiful beaches in the area are Lara Beach, where the Caretta Caretta turtles breed, located on the splendid Akamas peninsula, Coral Bay and Aphrodite Beach.

Paphos: for beach and sea lovers

Paphos and one of the favorite places of the Spaniards arriving on vacation in Cyprus. The main reason is that most of the low cost flights departing from Spain land at Paphos airport.

This is not the only reason, this resort on the west coast of Cyprus is rich in beautiful landscapes and UNESCO World Heritage sites. The charm of the city is given by the mythology that defines it as the birthplace and cult of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty.

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The best area to stay in Paphos is the harbor area. The historic center is developed around the harbor, the liveliest area of the city, with many restaurants and bars. There are also many things to see, such as the monasteries of Chrysorrogiatissa and San Neofito, as well as other important religious sites. In summer, the evening offers an interesting nightlife.

Where to stay in Cyprus: the best places to stay in Cyprus
Paphos, Cyprus - Stock photo

For those looking for a vacation full of sun and sea you can aim for the areas south of Paphos, where there are beautiful beaches and great luxury resorts, or choose the northern beaches where there are good hotels at cheaper prices.

The best hotels in the center of Paphos

Apartments in Daphne Hotel

Anemi Hotel & Suites

777 Beach Guesthouse


Paphos Inn

Annabelle Hotel

The best hotels for a beach vacation in Paphos

Avlida Hotel

Capital Coast Resort And Spa

King's Hotel

Constantinou Bros Athena Beach Hotel

Roman boutique hotel

Where to stay in Cyprus: Agia Napa area

As we have said, sandy beaches with crystal clear sea are mostly located on the east side.

The area is also convenient for those who do not want to rent a car, they can move between the various beaches by public transport or renting a scooter.

Agia Napa

The nightlife of the island of Cyprus is mainly concentrated in Agia Napa, full of pubs, clubs and discos.

Especially recommended for young people looking for fun and the beautiful sea, here, in fact, is located one of the most beautiful beaches of Cyprus, Nissi Beach.



For those who do not want to give up these wonderful beaches but want a quieter area, Protaras is the ideal place to stay in Cyprus.

If you decide to spend your vacations in these parts, you should look for a flight landing atLarnaca Airport, 47 km from Agia Napa, Paphos airport is 175 km away.

Ayia Napa: for young and nightlife lovers

Where to stay in Cyprus: the best places to stay in Cyprus
Makronissos Beach, Ayia Napa, Cyprus - Photo by da Istock

Ayia Napa is the Rimini of Cyprus, offering beautiful beaches and a lively nightlife. You are a destination for young couples and groups of friends, although more and more families are choosing this place for their beach vacations, attracted by the large amount of entertainment offered by the city.

The city center is full of restaurants, discos and pubs where to spend the night. In addition, in the surroundings of Ayia Napa are present beautiful beaches where to enjoy a clear and calm sea, such as Nissi Beach, Pantahou Beach and Landa Beach. The area is also home to the largest water park in Cyprus, the WaterWorld Themed Waterpark Ayia Napa.

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Ayia Napa offers all types of accommodation, from large luxury resorts with all the amenities to more affordable accommodations such as apartments and hostels. Our advice is to book early, as the target is in high demand, one of several mid-range hotels, offering good quality standards.

The best hotels and apartments in Ayia Napa

Nissi Beach Resort

Nissus House

Sea Cleopatra Napa Annex Hotel

Chrysland Hotel

Pavlinia Hotel & Apartments

Green Garden Villa

Theophan Restaurant & Apartments

Cyprotel Florida

Where to stay in North Cyprus

The northern part of Cyprus is the wildest, the most beautiful area is undoubtedly Karpaz Peninsula, where there are hotels and resorts directly on the sea.

The best area to stay in North Cyprus is the beautiful marina of Kyrenia, the main tourist center of North Cyprus.

Kyrenia is about 30 minutes from Nicosia and is the heart of the nightlife, full of nightclubs, pubs and restaurants. Its main attraction is the Kyrenia Castle overlooking the city. Not far from the castle is the 12th century Byzantine Chapel of San Giorgio.

The most beautiful beach in the area is Yavuz Cikarma (five-mile beach), located west of the city.

Kirenya is the ideal base for exploring northern Cyprus, the beautiful coastal beaches and the hinterland.

Nicosia: for lovers of history and monuments

Located in the north of Cyprus, Nicosia is the capital of the island. It is not a destination for sea lovers, but for history lovers. The city offers an incredible artistic heritage, where you can retrace the history of Cyprus and its ancient cultural traditions.

Let's remember that since 1974 the island of Cyprus is divided into two zones, the northern part is Turkish Cypriot and the southern part, the Greek Cypriot zone. It is advisable to land at Paphos or Larnaca airport and then enter the northern zone. At the time of writing, a passport is sufficient to access the northern area.

Check rates and offers for accommodation and hotels in Nicosia

The capital city unites tradition and modernity, and offers many important tourist sites to see. Among the main attractions are the many religious sites and museums that dot the historic center. So, the best place to sleep in Nicosia is its historical area, where there are luxury hotels, but also budget accommodations.

The best hotels and apartments in Nicosia

Xanthis Hostel Nicosia City Centre

Cleopatra Hotel

Eclectic business and leisure

Royiatiko Hotel

Crown Inn Hotel

Apartments in Ledras 231


Apartments in Central Ledras

Larnaca: convenient location for excursions

Where to stay in Cyprus: the best places to stay in Cyprus
Finikoudes beach - Larnaca, Cyprus - Foto da Istock

Larnaca is a great choice for accommodation for several reasons. Besides being the point of arrival, if you land at Larnaca airport, the city also offers several things to do and see. Also, being located in a central position

, it can be a good base of operations for day trips to Nicosia, Ayia Napa and Limassol. In Larnaca you can easily find cheap hotels and accommodations. Check rates and offers for lodging and hotels in Larnaka

There is certainly no shortage of hotel facilities in Larnaca. There are budget accommodations, but also large luxury resorts. The best areas are in the center where you can immerse yourself in the local life of the people of Cyprus, or on the seafront north of the city. It is one of the Cyprus destinations with the cheapest hotel rates


The best hotels and apartments in Larnaca

Larco Hotel

Hotel Frangiorgio

Amorgos Boutique Hotel

Alkisti City Hotel

Blue View

Les Palmiers Beach boutique hotel

Apartments in Stephanie City

Apartments Hotel Zodiac

Limassol: for families and children

Where to stay in Cyprus: the best places to stay in Cyprus
Limassol, Cipro - Photo da Istock

Although not very popular among Spaniards, Limassol is an excellent destination for a pleasant vacation

. The city has undergone a major modernization in recent years, thanks also to the important tourist growth. Located on the south coast, it receives tourists from all over the world.

In the center are present several archaeological museums, of the customs and traditions of Cyprus. Among the main attractions is its castle, built by the Byzantines in the tenth century. It is a great destination for those traveling with family and children

, in the area there is a water park and a wildlife park. Check rates and offers for accommodation and hotels in Limassol.

The best areas to sleep in Limassol are the port area. The port area, one of the most lively areas of the city, or the 20 km long promenade

that extends to the east of the city. In these 2 areas it is easy to find good hotels, tourist apartments or vacation homes for rent.

The best hotels and apartments in Limassol

Harmony Bay Hotel

Sir Paul Hotel

Crowne Plaza Limassol

Central Boutique Apartments

Apartments in Limassol Gardens

Estella Hotel Apartments

Homestay at Edovan Beach

Cheap hotels and accommodation in Cyprus

Each location has a wide variety of cheap sleeping accommodations. For those who are planning to make a long tour around the island and are looking for budget accommodation, we want to list some of them below. best hotels, hostels and apartments with budget rates and a good quality / price ratio


Paphos Inn to


Days Studio Apartments in


Nissus House

in Ayia Napa

Barbara Tourist

in Ayia Napa

Xanthis Hostel Nicosia City in


Hotels in Kipros to


Sea Side Hostel Apartments

in Limassol

House Lima Sol

in Limassol

Rebioz Hotel in


Feeling at home

in Larnaca

Maxim and KyreniaHostel

Green bungalow

a elea

Pantia Residence

near Larnaca Airport

When to go to Cyprus

Cyprus can be an interesting destination all year round, thanks to the mild climate even during the winter. Anyway, for those looking for a beach vacation. the best period is from May to October

, although you can find hot days to be on the beach even in the months of March, April, November and December.

The climate here is warmer than in Spain, just think that the island's water parks open in mid-April and close at the end of October. For an inexpensive vacation and not to find excessively high temperatures, the best time is spring or autumn


How to get to Cyprus

There are numerous flights departing from the airports. Lately with the arrival of low cost flights more and more Spaniards are choosing Cyprus for their beach vacations. Almost all flights will land atPaphos Airport and from there with acar

rental you can visit the whole island. Search and book a flight to Cyprus

Where to stay in Cyprus: the best places to stay in Cyprus
Athena Beach Hotel Paphos, one of the best hotels where to sleep in Cyprus.
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