Where to Stay in Lofoten, Which Area to Choose?

It is impossible not to fall in love with the splendid panorama offered by the Lofoten islands and from the multitude of nature that Norway knows how to enhance and enhance.

The Norwegian archipelago is characterized by an overbearing and extraordinary nature, from mountains that rise sheer to the sea, from a very livable climate, despite the proximity to the Arctic circle, thanks to the mild Gulf Stream.

By visiting these islands you will have the opportunity to be enchanted by the spectacle of the Northern Lights during the autumn and winter months, enjoy the midnight sun in the summer months, relax on fine sandy beaches and observe the enchanting peculiarity of the fjords.

The archipelago extends from Hinnøya a Moskenesøya, between Nordland and Troms counties.

These islands represent a very popular tourist destination, especially for their scenic and natural beauty: to find the best accommodation choices it is therefore very important to book well in advance.

The two main towns in which to give vent to curiosity are Svolvaer e Ă… while, as far as accommodation is concerned, you really have a lot of decisions to make: not only, in fact, you will have to decide the area in which to sleep, but also in which type of structure!

Think, in fact, that the inhabitants of the Lofoten Islands, where fishing is a shared tradition, have changed the intended use of some cabins previously used for fishing (the so-called rorbuer) and have made them accommodation for tourists.

Where to Stay in Lofoten, Which Area to Choose?

Traditional rorbuers in a wonderful picture By Dmitry Rukhlenko on

Are you ready to decide if staying in a rorbu, in a comfortable hotelin a cheap hostel or try the naturalistic adventure of campground?

Below I will give you some pointers to choose where to sleep in the Lofoten Islands, dividing the destinations between the largest cities of the archipelago, the more modest ones and the villages.

Depending on the type of experience you want to live, remember that in larger cities you will have more services at your disposal, more organization and things to do, while in small towns and villages, despite the tourist attractions are fewer, you will have the opportunity to live your tourist experience in the authenticity of the place and, above all, in the tranquility.

Stay in the city

If you absolutely can not give up some comforts and you feel more comfortable to stay overnight in the city i cui essential services are insured, here is a list of the places that you will not only absolutely have to visit but where you can find a safe haven in which to stay.


Svolvaer it is certainly the perfect place for those who, even on vacation, do not want to give up the comforts of city life.

Capital of the Lofoten Islands, Svolvaer is equipped with infrastructures organized to welcome tourists: it has, in fact, an airport, a port from which numerous ferries depart and land and departure points for many tourist trips.

The city of Svolvaer has everything that can serve the demanding tourist: shops, supermarkets and restaurants, as well as the possibility to book guided tours and tours of all kinds, from photographic ones to be enchanted in front of the Northern Lights to sports ones to experience the experience of kayaking in the Norwegian fjords.

You could choose to stay here to have everything available without necessarily moving independently with a rental car and grinding kilometers after kilometers.

If you opt to stay in Svolvaer, you will have different types of facilities available: here are some of them below.

Anker Brygge: a resort that offers the customer the characteristic rorbu accommodations for two to four people. The resort was built on an artificial island and offers great views.

Where to Stay in Lofoten, Which Area to Choose?

Svinøya Rorbuer it also offers the opportunity to stay in a traditional rorbu, nestled between ocean and mountains. One of the strong points of this structure is the splendid panorama to be enjoyed during your stay.

Hammerstadsgate Camping it is the ideal place if you plan a traveling tour around the archipelago and are equipped with a camper, or if you are looking for a particularly cheap but valid accommodation.

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Queen it is another city where you can decide to stay and it is also one of the best known and appreciated by tourists. Located near the quaint village of Hamnøy, has some conveniences such as a grocery store, restaurants and several facilities in which to stay overnight.

Here are some tips below.

Where to Stay in Lofoten, Which Area to Choose?

Reine Rorbuer – By Classic Norway Hotels it is a receptive structure that presents the characteristic rorbuer with different availability of beds and inside which there is a restaurant where you can taste the typical Norwegian specialties.

Sakrisøy Rorbuer is a structure located in the center of the city of Reine and it too, like the previous one, offers the possibility to choose the traditional accommodation obtained from the fishermen's cabins. Some terraces of the cottages of the structure overlook directly the water in front for a truly breathtaking view!

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Leknes it is the perfect destination for those who want to be in a position that allows you to visit the Lofoten Islands easily: the city is in fact located in the center of the archipelago and offers services, attractions, shops, restaurants and an airport.

Here, too, there are various options for organizing your stay: here are some of them.

Where to Stay in Lofoten, Which Area to Choose?

Lofoten Basecamp is a splendid cluster of villas, each consisting of three bedrooms, a kitchen, laundry area and a wonderful terrace overlooking the sea. It is a very popular structure and very popular with tourists.

For those who want to spend little the apartment Cozy & private room in the middle of Lofoten it's a really good choice, but it's hard to find availability.

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Stay in small towns

If you are undecided and do not know whether to stay in a city or a village, you can always think about booking in a small Norwegian town! They are livelier than traditional fishing villages, although they are not comparable to the larger cities of the Lofoten Islands - it could be a good middle ground for your Norwegian vacation!

Below I will describe Ă… e KabelvĂĄg.


This beautiful little town in the southernmost part of Lofoten is pronounced "aw", a little jewel of tranquility and peace. Here there are a few houses, an oven and a museum dedicated to fishing.

Where to Stay in Lofoten, Which Area to Choose?

Despite being a very small town, you will have the opportunity to stay at Salteriet Hostel, a hostel located right in the town of Ă… where you can decide to stay in double or triple rooms, all with shared bathroom.


KabelvĂĄg is another small town in the Lofoten Islands, very close to the much larger Svolvaer.

Despite being a very small city, KabelvĂĄg offers the possibility to reach numerous restaurants not far away, to have the services of Svolvaer available and to stay in a very quiet place.

Where to Stay in Lofoten, Which Area to Choose?

If you want to book your overnight stay in Kabelvåg, I recommend that you book at Nyvågar Rorbuhotell – By Classic Norway Hotels: here you can stay in a characteristic rorbu on two floors, where you will have the opportunity to take advantage of a comfortable kitchen. In the structure, however, you will have the opportunity to dine at the restaurant and enjoy an excellent breakfast included in the price.

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Stay in the villages

To better experience the most traditional of Norwegian atmospheres, you could choose to staying in a village characteristic of the Lofoten Islands.

Generally, they are fishing villages whose traditions and customs fill the atmosphere around them. Here are some villages that you can evaluate for your stay.


This destination is an authentic and well-kept fishing village.

Nusfjord it is not really located in a convenient area, but if your desire is to savor the real Norwegian atmosphere of the islands, it is definitely the place for you.

Where to Stay in Lofoten, Which Area to Choose?

Here you can stay at the Nusfjord Arctic Resort, a splendid resort set between mountains and a fjord, consisting of cabins once reserved for fishermen, restored and equipped with every comfort that can accommodate up to four people.

This resort is also a tourist destination due to its historical-traditional characteristics. Inside you can find a museum, a restaurant and a pub.

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Located next to the town of Reine, Hamnøy it is another fishing village, of modest size and traditional Norwegian characteristics.

You know that picture of Lofoten? Exactly the one with the houses on the sea? There.

Hamnøy is considered to be one of the most picturesque villages in the municipality of Moskenes, which is one of the islands' most popular tourist destinations due to its scenic and unspoiled nature.

During the day, both Hamnøy and Reine are teeming with tourists and visitors, but as evening falls they return to their natural tranquility to welcome the rest of tourists who love peace and silence.

If you stay here, you can enjoy beautiful evening walks in peace and quiet listening to the sounds of nature.

To stay in Hamnøy, here are a couple of suggestions.

Where to Stay in Lofoten, Which Area to Choose?

Eliassen Rorbuer it is undoubtedly the most characteristic and one of the best place to stay in the Lofoten Islands. The view is distinct from the traditional red-hued fishing cabins and beautiful mountains of the Lofoten Islands.

In the characteristic cabins you can spend your nights: over thirty of them have in fact been restored and made available to tourists. Each cabin can accommodate two to four people and you can even choose to enjoy a splendid sea view.

Reinefjorden Sjøhus is an accommodation facility consisting of small apartments / cabins spread over two levels: the living area is on the ground floor and the sleeping area on the second floor.

These small alcoves enjoy particularly inspiring views towards Sakrisøy and Reine.


Sørvågen is an old fishing village on the inland coast of the island of Moskenesøya, famous as it was the second European city to have a wireless telegraph system.

Definitely a must see Communications Museum.

Where to Stay in Lofoten, Which Area to Choose?

If you are looking accommodation in SørvĂĄgen for sure you should definitely look at one of the best places to sleep in Lofoten: Terjes waterfront Cabin. Maybe a little expensive, but it sure is worth it.

Whatever your travel preference, you will have a wide choice for your stay in the Lofoten Islands and you will be able to fully immerse yourself in the traditional Norwegian atmosphere.

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