5 things to do in Belgium, including fairytale views and windmills

5 things to do in Belgium, including fairytale views and windmillsNo more usual banalities: canals, medieval views and special dishes are what you need to fully experience Belgium

If you are planning a holiday it is obvious that you will want to see something more than those recommended by the usual, monotonous guides. Maybe you are interested in discovering dreamlike and enchanting cities, tasting unmissable specialties and having experiences out of the ordinary: then here are our 5 things to do in Belgium they are right for you.

When arriving in this country, the priority is to discover its brightest gems: on the other hand, it's not just Brussels. Try choosing one of the destinations we recommend or living one of the experiences listed: you won't regret it!

Discover the beauties of Dinant

Charming and picturesque, Dinant stands on the Meuse river which seems to mirror it, making it shine at all hours. A mini-cruise on the river is a must if you arrive in the city in the summer or spring months, otherwise you can enjoy the riverside on foot. The name Dinant translates to “Divine Valley” (from Celtic) and in fact theromantic atmosphere It just makes it seem like a place the gods would choose to spend a few days on earth.

Among the things to visit are the Medieval Citadel and the Collegiate Church of Notre Dame. Another curiosity about Dinant? It is the birthplace of the saxophone, because it was the birthplace of Adolphe Sax, who created it in the first half of the 800th century.

Take a walk in Bruges

There are places that leave you speechless: Bruges it's just one of those. It is a relatively small city, but it manages to be extraordinarily full of attractions. What certainly leaves its mark is its fairytale appearance: the canals, ancient buildings and cobbled streets, as well as the large green spaces, almost make you think of a town straight out of the stories of the Brothers Grimm.

In Bruges you can discover pearls such as the Basilica of the Holy Blood, which houses a relic of Christ, the incredible Groeningemuseum, with its gigantic collection of Flemish painters, or take a walk between the old moat and the medieval city gates to discover the windmills.

Visit Antwerp, the Flemish pearl

When you talk about Antwerp you can't help but think of diamonds. Yes, because this city, in addition to being the second largest in Belgium (and its largest port), has for a very long time been an attractive place for very rich magnates and high-ranking women, as well as for traders of these spectacular precious stones and of thirst.

To this day it maintains a link with the past precisely because of silks and jewels: its fashion and fashion scene is one of the most vibrant ever. Visiting Antwerp means discovering a lively and avant-garde city, which however has not forgotten its history: the architectural contrasts and typical cafés are evidence of a dual soul.

Taste the Gaufre

Tasty, soft and at the same time explosive: Gaufre are one of the most loved dishes in Belgium. These are wafers of soft and light dough, vaguely vanilla-flavoured and composed of flour, wheat, sugar, salt, eggs and milk (or even melted butter). The dough is cooked between two metal plates to give the typical "grill" shape.

Once ready the Gaufre are served, very hot, with sprinklings of icing sugar, cinnamon or other spices. In the most typical restaurants and pastry shops in Belgium it is possible to find many variations with toppings, chocolate or even ice cream. We recommend tasting them with a nice cup of hot chocolate alongside.

Dreaming in Ghent, jewel of Flanders

Ghent is one of the most vibrant and fascinating cities in Europe. It is considered the "best kept secret” of the continent, due to his precious monumental works and his extraordinarily fervent life. Urban and trendy, but at the same time rich in history, Ghent is a Flemish jewel that offers many different attractions.

Lovers of breathtaking views will be able to reach the Graslei, a canal viewpoint in the center of the city, with a splendid view of the numerous bridges, large houses and medieval buildings. Those who want to get lost in history can instead discover Gravensteen Castle and its bell tower, recognized by UNESCO. Also not to be missed are the many cycling itineraries.

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