Where to sleep in Brussels: the best neighborhoods to stay

Brussels, the capital of Belgium and seat of the European Union, is an attractive destination and one of the main tourist destinations in Europe. There are many places and things to visit, but most of its tourist attractions are concentrated in only a few areas.

So, if you are planning to visit the city, know what they are the best areas to sleep in Brussels, it can be very useful in choosing and booking your accommodation or hotel.

Finding a good hotel to stay in Brussels is not complicated. The Belgian capital is a major European destination and offers a wide range of hotels with options for all budgets. Hotels in Brussels have cheaper prices and fares compared to other European capitals, such as London, Paris or also Madrid.

Accommodation rates do not follow the classic seasonality of most cities. The periods of low season are summer, weekends and public holidays, as there are fewer officials in the city during these times.

The best areas to sleep in Brussels

When it comes to the best areas to stay in Brussels, the city center is certainly the most recommended area, thanks to the proximity of Brussels' tourist attractions and the ability to travel on foot or by metro.

Getting around Brussels is not complicated, thanks to its extensive public transport system: metro, tram and bus. To visit other nearby cities, both in Belgium and in neighboring countries (Holland, France and Germany), Brussels offers an excellent railway network for short, medium and long distances.

The historic center and La Grand Place

Where to sleep in Brussels: the best neighborhoods to stay
Bruxelles, Belgio - Foto da Istock


The main square (Grote Markt in flamenco) is without a doubt the most beautiful place in Brussels, with a large collection of Gothic buildings typical of northern European architecture. It is the center of the city and where most of Brussels' tourist attractions are located.

The historic center of Brussels stands out for its beauty, its many museums and for being an extremely easy area for getting around on foot. This area is particularly safe both day and night, with a large influx of tourists.

Some of the attractions that you can visit in this area are: the town hall and its 96-meter tower, the Cathedral, the royal galleries of Saint-Hubert, Royal Palace, the royal museums, the Magritte museum, several typical pastry shops and the famous Manneken Pis.

The center of Brussels is one lively area, full of restaurants, bars, shops and malls, and is also where much of Brussels nightlife is concentrated.

This area has aexcellent hotel offer, But it is also the most expensive area where stay. However, the Belgian capital is not a particularly expensive destination. For a reference on prices, a double room in a hotel costs around 鈧 100 per night. If you book in advance, you can find hotel vouchers from 鈧 80 per night.

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The European quarter

Where to sleep in Brussels: the best neighborhoods to stay
Brussels Cinquantenaire Park -

Although it is an unofficial name, the European Quarter is the area where most of the buildings in the European Union are located. Previously called Leopold district, is located east of the historic city center.

one of the most elegant and modern neighborhoods of the Belgian capital. It is home to lively squares, original shops, large green spaces, museums and an interesting offer of buildings home to various European institutions.

Here you can visit the spectacular glass building of the European Parliament, the European Commission and the Council of the European Union.

The European quarter of Brussels is home to several architectural gems. The House of Saint-Cyr House of Cauchie, the magnificent Solvay library andEastman building, seat of the House of European History.

In addition, there are other must-see places, such as the Cinquantenaire Park with its majestic Arch of Triumph, interesting museums such as the Military Museum or Autoworld, dedicated to cars. Very interesting is also the Place Ambiorix and the Art Nouveau architecture of the area.

The European Quarter is a great choice for sleeping in Brussels, as it is a safe area and is only a 20-minute walk from the Grand Place. AND perfectly connected to the city center by subway (Schuman, Maalbek and Trone stops) and by bus.

It is a neighborhood that is very busy during the day, due to the large number of people who work there. At night and on weekends it is quite quiet.

As for accommodation, after the center of Brussels, it is the area that hosts most of the hotels. Although modern and expensive hotels predominate, simple B & Bs can still be found for 鈧 80 a night.

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Avenue Louise and the Sabl贸n

Other interesting areas to sleep in Brussels are the Sablon and the area around Avenue Louise. In a rapidly modernizing city, Sablon is an elegant neighborhood, which still retains thetraditional medieval architecture and the charming cobblestone streets.

Visitors come to Sablon for his beautiful gothic buildings and the delightful Belgian chocolate shops. For those who wish to see the Gothic churches, the church Notre-Dame du Sablon, whose admission is free, is one of the most beautiful architectural pieces in the country. The neighborhood is a ten-minute walk from Grand Place.

Avenue louise it is one of the most important streets in Brussels and where the most luxurious shops in the city are located. It is only a 15 minute walk from the city center. Both areas are adjacent and are within a few minutes by subway of each other.

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Ixelles (Elsene in flamenco) is a district located southeast of Brussels, in the central "crown" of the city. Although the most central area of 鈥嬧Ixelles is less than a 20-minute walk from the Grand-Place, it is officially a separate entity from Brussels.

It is an area full of history, which brings together very different neighborhoods. The city begins near the commercial arteries of Namur gate and extends to the south-east, towards the most wooded areas ofLa Cambre Abbey.

It is the quintessential student district of Brussels. With its many theaters and cinemas, it is the place of the nightlife and cultural center of the city.

The main subway station of the city is Porte de Namur. On the edge of Ixelles, you can also reach the Louise and Throne stations.

Here you will find cheaper accommodation compared to previous options. For around 鈧 70 a night, there are plenty of good options to choose from. Without a doubt, if you want to save money, it is one of the best areas to stay in Brussels.

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It is one of the 19 municipalities of Brussels and is located in the south center of the capital. And the bohemian zone of Brussels, known above all for the Church of the Holy Trinity and the Art Nouveau houses. Some of them were declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the year 2000.

The neighborhoods of Saint-Gilles are more elegant or more popular, depending on whether they are located in the upper or lower part of the city. The area near Avenue Louise and Boulevard de Waterloo represents the most chic area, while the one around the Gare du Midi is the residential area and with a high concentration of foreign communities.

Saint-Gilles is the city's hipster district and an excellent area to sleep in in Brussels for young travelers.

This municipality concentrates a large part of the cheap accommodations of the Belgian capital. Sleeping in Saint Gilles can also be a good way to save. You can find good hotels from 60 鈧 per night. Although it is a fairly safe area, it is advisable to be careful around the Midi station, especially at night.

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Saint Josse-Ten-Noode

Another interesting neighborhood in Brussels is Saint Josse-Ten-Noode. Its greatest asset is its location. It is only a 15-20 minute walk from the Grand Place, borders the European quarter and is very well connected. The most interesting area to book accommodation is the area surrounding Madou metro station. The less interesting one is in the vicinity of Gare du Nord.

It is a multicultural neighborhood, with many immigrants and many of them work within the institutional framework of the European Union.

It is not an elite neighborhood, but a very lively area with shops, Arab patisseries, night clubs,鈥, open every day until late. AND a safe and comfortable area to stay in Brussels.

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Sleeping in Brussels - Hotels 

In Brussels, you can find good hotels starting at 60 euros per night, especially on weekends. On weekends, many hotels lower their rates, as their main clientele is usually clients traveling to meetings related to the European Union or business.

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Cheap accommodation in Brussels

B & Bs and hostels in Brussels are not the cheapest in Europe, however they are certainly the cheapest way to stay in the city. Rates per bed in shared dormitory are over 20 euros.

As we said earlier, the areas that offer the lowest prices are Saint-Gilles, Ixelles. The other peripheral areas, even if they can offer cheap accommodation, are not always well connected with the center or do not have an optimal position to walk or to go around at night in complete tranquility.

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Renting an apartment in Brussels

Renting an apartment in Brussels is a good alternative to hotels. In addition to attractive prices, it allows you to enjoy more space and the advantages of an apartment. If this is the choice you prefer, there are many apartments for rent for short or long stays in the city.

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Where to sleep in Brussels: the best neighborhoods to stay
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