Where to sleep in Bucharest: the best areas to stay

In this guide on the best areas to sleep in Bucharest you will find everything you need to know about the most recommended areas of the Romanian capital. Choose the neighborhood based on what you are looking for to make your stay perfect.

Bucharest is the capital of Romania, located in the south of the country, on the banks of the Dâmboviţa River and in the plain of Romania, also called the plain of Valaquia.

This eastern European city was once known as "Paris d'Oriente ”for its elegant Art Nouveau style and historical buildings similar to those of the French capital. In recent years, however, the city looks more and more like Berlin, with a rising artistic movement and the industrial aesthetic that predominates in its streets.

Bucharest today is marked by the Second World War and its communist past. A large part of the city was demolished to install buildings such as Bulevardul Unirii and Casa Poporului, both of Communist architecture.

However, the Old Town still retains its original charm, including classic attractions and medieval streets which make it one of the best places to sleep in Bucharest.

Bucharest has several transportation options that include buses, taxis, trams, and a metro system with stations throughout the city, so getting around the city is easy.

Another positive point of the Romanian capital is that accommodation is cheaper than in other European cities and the choice is very wide. You can stay in hostels for backpackers, in boutique hotels, or in large hotel chains such as Hilton or Intercontinental, or even stay close to the Romanian royal family, near Herastrau park, in the north of the city, one of the best areas in Bucharest, if you are looking of exclusivity.

Below is a guide with the best places to sleep in Bucharest.

The best areas to sleep in Bucharest

To date, there is an offer of almost 4000 accommodations to stay in Bucharest. The variety of accommodations is wide with a majority of one, two and three star hotels, hostels or aparthotels. As for prices, staying in Bucharest in the most touristic areas is possible with a little comfort starting from 30 euros per night.

Old Town 

Where to sleep in Bucharest: the best areas to stay
National History Museum of Romania - Image from Pixabay

Thanks to its location in the heart of the city, the Old Town is the best place to sleep in Bucharest. It is located near the University Square (Piața Universității) and is the most central and most charming area of ​​the Romanian capital.

The Old Town we see today is practically the only thing left of Bucharest before the Second World War.

What the war did not destroy, communism did, especially with the great project of the Civic Center which demolished almost a fifth of the total area of ​​the city to make room for Bulevardul Unirii and Casa Poporului.

The historic center is home to many pedestrian streets, old stalls and bookstores, old rehabilitated buildings, trendy bars and art galleries frequented by young designers, restaurants and museums.

Here you can visit:

  • religious monuments such as Stavropoleos, Zlatari and Selari
  • the old inns, Manuc and the Linden Inn
  • the oldest landmark of the old city, the old court, the residence of medieval princes, including Vlad the Impaler
  • the Macca-Vilacrosse passage, dating from the late 19th century, which connects the old city with Victoriei Avenue
  • the old building of the Chamber of Commerce, built between 1908 and 1911
  • the imposing National Bank of Romania which has a very interesting numismatic museum
  • the National History Museum or the fun Kitsch Museum.

Hotels in this area are usually small old houses with boutique style accommodation and backpacker hostels. The prices are a bit higher than the rest of the city, but it's worth staying here for its charm and the added value of being close to everything.

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Union Square 

It translates to Union Square and is located just south of the old city. It is one of the largest squares in the city and is crossed by the Dambovita River. Several streets converge in it such as Boulevard Unirii, which connects the square to the west with Constitution Square.

In addition to being well connected by roads and avenues, the square has a metro stop and several bus lines. Its good connections and proximity to the historic center make it an excellent choice where to sleep in Bucharest.

The centerpiece of this area is, of course, Casa Poporului, Bucharest's parliament building and the largest building in Europe.

For visitors, much of the charm of the area is to discover those small places that survived the bulldozers, such as the Antim Monastery (hidden behind the monumental blocks of Bulevardul Unirii) or the remains of the Jewish quarter of Bucharest around Iuliu Baraschi Street.

The area around the immense parliament concentrates a large number of luxury hotels in the buildings built to house ministries and army residences of the old communist regime.

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Boulevard Dacia and Piata Romana

Bulevard Dacia and Piata Romana are among the best areas to stay in Bucharest.

They house in their splendid streets some XNUMXth century villas that are a visual spectacle. Furthermore, unlike other areas of the city, many of its buildings survived the demolitions of the communist era.

Around the boulevard and the square are exclusive hotels, state-of-the-art shops and upscale restaurants, making it one of the favorite spots for visitors on a higher budget.

This district is characterized, together with the north of the city, for being the home of the upper class of Bucharest. In its streets there are various consulates and embassies of other countries.

Other cultural attractions in the area include the National Museum of Roman Literature, the Roman Athenaeum and Ioanid Park.

It is in this part of Bucharest where some of the most important streets of the Romanian capital meet. Despite the heavy traffic, the beauty of its architecture and the diverse entertainment options make this one of the best places to sleep in Bucharest.

Both Bulevard Dacia and Piata Romana are connected by metro and transvia with the rest of Bucharest.

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Universitate is the neighborhood on the northern edge of the old city and where General Gheorghe Magheru Boulevard begins, ending at Piata Romana to the north. Both squares (Universitate and Piata Romana) are two of the nerve centers of Bucharest. They are perfectly communicable by public transport and offer a wide variety of options for staying in Bucharest.

Both on the boulevard and in the adjacent streets you can enjoy many attractions. Around the Plaza Universitate there are two parks, TNB and Coltea, and a large university complex with several faculties.

The same square, during different periods of the year, hosts all kinds of parties and events such as a large Christmas market. The university and other buildings surrounding the square make this one of the most attractive places in the city on an urban level.

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Calea Victoriei

Precisely north of the Universitate district is this large street that ends in Victoriei Square, north-west of the city. It was once paved with wood and was a trade route that connected the city with Transylvania.

Today it is still a great trade route. Precisely, at the beginning of this street, in its southern area, you will find most of the hotels to stay in Bucharest.

The historical monuments are located further north of the district, with the Villa Monteoru, the Romanian Athenaeum, the Cantacuzino Palace, the Royal Palace and the Central Library of the Paul Gottereau University. Further west is the Cişmigiu garden, a green oasis where you can relax.

For those who like to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city center, this area can be an ideal place to sleep in Bucharest if you like shopping and quiet places.

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North of Bucharest

The north of Bucharest is one of the best areas to stay in Bucharest.

Within its perimeter is the Herastrau Park, located around the lake of the same name. This recreational space can be covered by bicycle, however due to its extension (approximately one square kilometer), it is quite a challenge to cover it in its entirety.

Another source of entertainment in the park are the small boats that can be rented on the lake.

If you enjoy spending time outdoors and love recreational activities, the different accommodation options in this area are ideal for you.

Here you can visit the Satului Museum or the People's Museum (considered a must see for those visiting Bucharest), the Arc de Triomphe, the TV Tower and other iconic buildings.

Staying in the north of Bucharest is also coveted by those who want to learn about the history of Romania, as it is the home of the royal family.

The Aurel Vlaicu metro station connects this part of the city with the rest, allowing visitors to get around with ease.

Luxury predominates in the north of Bucharest which is why it is one of the best areas to stay if you are looking for exclusivity.

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Climate of Bucharest

Due to its location, winters in Bucharest have strong drafts and temperatures that can drop as low as -20ºC. In summer, temperatures usually exceed 35 ° C with occasional thunderstorms, so it can be said that the climate of the city is quite varied.

Where to sleep in Bucharest: the best areas to stay
Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest - Photo by Pixnio
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