Where to sleep in Budapest: best areas and hotels

At 525 square kilometers, Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is five times the size of Paris! It is one of the largest cities in Europe, but as in almost all cities, the main attractions and the best areas to sleep in Budapest are in the center.

However, what is known as the center of Budapest is very large, it touches several districts and is also divided by the Danube River into two zones. Read on to learn in detail what you can expect from each of these areas.

Sleeping in Budapest is relatively cheap compared to hotel rates and lodges in most European capitals. Can be found excellent offers and hotel rates at any time of the year. For a good centrally located hotel you will spend around € 50 per night per double room, which is around € 25 per person.

Budapest is a beautiful and very surprising city, which can be visited at any time of the year. The city is divided by the Danube into 2 zones: Buda e Pest. Buda is the most historic area, while Pest is more modern, but both areas offer many attractions, things to do and see.

Where to sleep in Budapest

Which side of the Danube to sleep on? Better Buda or Pest? In general the best areas are those of the surroundings of Chain Bridge, the Parliament or the 'Opera.

The search for where to sleep in Budapest should not be focused on the cheapest price, but on the best area, according to preferences and needs.

Budapest, like the rest of Hungary is an economic destination for travel and holidays. It is one of the cheapest European capitals for hotels, restaurants and entertainment in general.

Let's take a look at the various neighborhoods and districts.

Where to sleep in Budapest: best areas and hotels
Budapest districts map

Sleeping in Buda

Buda is located on a hill on the right bank of the Danube. It is also the oldest part of the Hungarian capital, of which it makes up about a third of the territory. The things not to be missed are the Buda Castle, il Fishermen's Bastion and Citadel.

Castle District (District I)

This area is ideal for sleeping in Budapest for those who want to be close to the most important monuments of the city such as the Royal Palace, Fisherman's Bastion, Matthias Church and many other tourist attractions.

During the day the area is very popular with tourists, both for its attractions and for its pretty streets full of history and charm. However at night it is a fairly quiet neighborhood. There is no shortage of good restaurants, there are a few bars and even some of the hottest clubs in town. However, almost all of the nightlife is in Pest with which the area is well connected. To get to Pest you just have to cross the Chain Bridge.

Being located on the hill, if you don't use public transport, you have to do a lot of climbs, but there spectacular view on the Parliament and the Chain Bridge can pay off the efforts.

Recommended Hotels

Carlton Hotel Budapest - it is an excellent hotel, much appreciated for its central location, 100 meters from the famous Chain Bridge, and for the rich breakfast offered. Customers can also take advantage of the airport shuttle.

Shop Design Buda - beautiful hotel appreciated for its elegant design and strategic location, close to most of the attractions in the area.

Designer Apartamants - it is an apartment located in the historic center, super-equipped, ideal for single travelers or couples. It is a cheaper option than hotels in the area and has a great location.

Find hotels in Várkerület

Sleeping in Pest

The center of city life it is definitely Pest. The area offers many bars, restaurants, shops, museums and theaters. Pest is very extensive, but the tourist and most interesting area is very small and includes districts V, VI and VII.

Downtown - Lipótváros (distretto V)

This area is the most central and the liveliest in Budapest. It is also where the most important shopping streets of the city are located. It is full of restaurants, cafes, bars and some of the most famous nightclubs. Without doubt it is the best area to sleep in Budapest.

District V is divided into two parts: Belváros and Lipótváros, which are very close to each other.

Lipótváros it is the northern part of the district and is the administrative heart of the city. To see the Parliament and the Basilica of San Esteban. It offers many shops, restaurants, cafes and places to walk and meet in the evening.

Downtown it is the real heart of Pest, located in the south of the district. It is the most commercial and lively area. On Váci Utca, the main shopping street, there are many shops and the Central Market is not to be missed. This is also an excellent area for lovers of nightlife, with many bars, restaurants and places to experience the nightlife of the Hungarian capital.

I advantages of choosing Belváros to stay in Budapest are obvious. In addition to the setting, the location is unbeatable. You can walk to almost all of the city's tourist attractions. Belváros is the most requested part and therefore if you want to find a good hotel in this area it is best to book it in advance.

Cheap hotels:

Hotel Erzsebet City Center
Amber Gardenview Studios

Mid-range hotels:

D8 Hotel
Marmara Hotel Budapest

Trova gli hotel in Downtown - Lipótváros

Terézváros (district VI)

This neighborhood is another of the most recommended in Budapest. It runs along Andrássy avenue, one of the main avenues of the city and the most elegant, and reaches the Heroes Park. This district is also known as the theater district. Here you will find the Budapest Opera and many of the city's theaters.

Terézváros, in addition to one of the most important cultural areas of the city, is also one of the best neighborhoods to go out in Budapest. It has almost everything: it is well located (you can walk everywhere), it has good restaurants and there are many options to have a drink at night.

If you choose Terézváros to stay, we advise you to look for a hotel in the area that goes from the beginning of Andrassy Avenue to the surroundings of Oktogon Square. This is the most animated area. The stretch from Oktogon to Heroes' Square is very elegant and beautiful but further away from the center and too quiet.

The area is well connected and is very close to the historic one Budapest East Train Station. International trains stop at this station, especially those going to Vienna and Belgrade.

Cheap hotels:

Six Inn Hotel
Millennium Budapest Apartments

Luxurious hotels:

Callas House
Stories hotel

Trova gli hotel in Teresa

Elizabeth City (District VII)

Erzsébetváros is the historic Jewish quarter of the Hungarian capital and is a good area to sleep in if you are looking for cheap hotels and you want to stay in one of the central areas of the city.

Highlights include the largest functioning synagogue in Europe and the Hungarian Jewish Museum. For nightlife lovers there are numerous and characteristic pubs that give the district a certain charm.

Cheap hotels:

Dolce Vita Rumbach
Baross City Hotel - Budapest

Mid-range hotels:

Roombach Hotel Budapest Center
Colours Apartments

Luxurious hotels:

Continental Hotel Budapest
New York Palace, The Dedica Anthology, Autograph Collection
Queen’s Court Hotel & Residence

Trova gli hotel in Elizabeth City

Sleeping in Budapest - Areas to avoid

The areas to avoid in Budapest are those of the periphery. Here certainly the prices are lower than in the central areas, but in a cheap city like this it is not advisable to take a non-central hotel to save a few euros.

In addition, the outlying areas are also the most dangerous ones. Budapest is a safe city, but walking in the suburbs at night is not recommended.

When to visit Budapest

The best times to visit Budapest are the summer and during the Christmas holidays. Spring and autumn are also excellent times thanks to the pleasant and not very cold climate.

How to get to Budapest

Getting to Budapest is a lot simple and cheap. Almost all airports have direct flights to the Hungarian capital. Many are low cost flights operated by airlines such as Wizz Air, Easy Jet and Ryanair.


A visit to Budapest can also be combined during a trip or vacation to Vienna and viceversa. The 2 capitals are just over 200 km away and you can move between the 2 cities either by bus or train.

Where to sleep in Budapest: best areas and hotels
Where to sleep in BudapestNew York Palace, The Dedica Anthology, Autograph Collection
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