Where to Stay in Budapest If You Go for the First Time

You are planning a vacation in Budapest and you don't know which area to choose for sleeping in the neighborhood that best suits your needs?

The splendid Hungarian capital bathed in the waters of the beautiful blue Danube will leave you speechless for its beauty and its dual reality: you can in fact visit Buda, risen on the western bank of the Danube and located in a hilly area, e Pest, positioned on the east side and on the plain.

Here you can visit: the splendid Buda Castle, where you can see and discover numerous works of art by Hungarian artists; observe the splendid gothic style building that houses the Hungarian Parliament.

You will observe the Great Synagogue, the largest in all of Europe; the Fine Arts Museum, which houses numerous and important works of art, traveling through history from the time of the ancient Egyptians to contemporary art, the Budapest Statue Park, dedicated to numerous statues representing the communist era; the Budapest Thermal Baths and much more.

Budapest is a magical city, rich in history and traditions that will strike you in its essence of oriental capital: this splendid Hungarian jewel is often referred to as the Paris of the East, a great and important compliment!

Are you in a hurry? Here are the best hotels in Budapest

  • luxury hotel -> InterContinental Budapest an IHG HotelBudapest Marriott Hotel, Hilton BudapestKempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest
  • Hotel for children ->The Hotel Unforgettable – Hotel Tiliana by Homoky Hotels & Spa, Bo33 Hotel Family & Suites, BI&BI
  • Hotel with SPA -> Mystery Hotel BudapestEnsana Thermal Margaret Island
  • Cheap / average hotel -> Maverick City Lodge, Pal’s Hostel and ApartmentsThe Magazine Hotel & Apartments

If, however, before deciding which of the many tourist attractions to visit, you are wondering which area to stay in, here are some indications to best choose which area of ​​the city is most suitable for you and select a structure to sleep during your Hungarian holiday.

Based on the days we were in the city, during the trip to Budapest, about which we have also written several guides, such as Budapest in 3 days I leave you a selection of places where to stay in Budapest and the best neighborhoods and hotels.

  • Overview of the districts of Budapest
  • District number V - Belváros-LipĂłtváros: where to stay in Budapest for the first time
  • District I, the castle area: where to sleep in a romantic setting
  • District number II, where to stay in Budapest in a quiet area
  • District number VI - TerĂ©zváros: where to sleep on a budget
  • District VII - ErzsĂ©betváros, the Jewish quarter: where to stay in Budapest for the nightlife
  • District number VIII - JĂłzsefváros: the coolest neighborhood
  • District number IX - Ferencváros: the most international district
  • District XIII: where to stay in Budapest with children
  • Where NOT to stay in Budapest: Districts XIX and XXII

Overview of the districts of Budapest

First of all, we can divide the city into two parts: Buddha e Pest. Buda is located in the hilly area and is separated from Pest, the flat area, the Danube and a bridge, the so-called Chain Bridge.

The city "as a whole", ie Buda and Pest as a whole, presents 23 districts (or neighborhoods) in which to find your way around is quite simple, especially if you always take into account the watershed line of the Danube between the two main parts of which the city is made up.

Buda includes the districts I - II - III - XI - XII - XXII while Pest the districts from IV to X - XIII - XXI - XXIII.

Image of Momcilica su

Despite being a city of nearly 1,8 million people, the central districts of Budapest are located in a relatively compact area. This means that you can easily reach attractions that are a little further away than your accommodation on foot or by public transport.

There is no better neighborhood to stay in Budapest; many of the great historical attractions are concentrated around the Castle district, the Parliament and Belváros, while the absolutely thrilling nightlife can be found in the Jewish Quarter.

La largest concentration of hotels it is located in and around Belváros and the Jewish quarter, but there are also many in the castle district, which is a more romantic choice and puts you between cobbled alleys and fairytale architecture.

Il Castle District (District I) is located on the west bank of the Danube. This hilly area is home to some of the most beautiful sites in the city such as the Matthias Church and the Royal Palace.

Ă“buda, Margaret Island and Buda Hills (District III) are the quietest areas on the west side of the river and in the river (as in the case of Margaret Island). Ă“buda has a village atmosphere with ancient architecture. L'Margaret Island it has parks, a swimming pool and many open spaces. Wherever you go, expect beautiful views of the Danube and the Pest side of the river.

THEarea of ​​Parliament it is adjacent to the downtown areas of Budapest, but remains fairly quiet. Its large streets are very close to the river, and you will find many restaurants, making it an excellent place to stay in Budapest for everyone.

Downtown, just south of the Parliament area, is the heart of the city center and teems with restaurants and cafes, as well as major attractions such as St. Stephen's Cathedral and Váci Street, the city's main shopping area.

The Jewish Quarter (District VII), just southeast of Belváros, is the most densely populated part of the city and is simply filled with bars and clubs, most notably the city's famous Ruin Pubs. This area is the best place to sleep if you are looking for nightlife.

Going down to the neighborhood Jószefváros, District VIII, you'll find a university vibe and a decidedly less touristy vibe, even though you're still very close to the center and only a 15-20 minute walk from the Ruin Pubs and the Jewish Quarter. Jószefváros is the neighborhood to stay in Budapest on a budget.

Angel Land (District XIII) is perfect if you are looking for where to stay in Budapest with children and you want a particularly relaxing place, surrounded by greenery. It is a district very close to the city center, therefore particularly convenient, but also very quiet.

Below you will find more information on best areas to stay in Budapest that I have selected to give you the right tips and make you understand which is the best place for you to decide to book your hotel.

District number V - Belváros-Lipótváros: where to stay in Budapest for the first time

Of course, looking out in front of the grandeur of the Hungarian parliamentary building is all a unique experience! If you are looking for elegance, refinement and a unique view, district number five is for you and one of the best if you are looking for where to stay in Budapest for the first time.

Located on the eastern bank of the Danube, immediately adjacent to Pest, this district offers fine dining, culture and tradition in a truly chic package.

Here you can stroll through the most chic streets with high fashion shops, have a drink in an elegant café and visit monuments, churches and memorials.

Here are some specific references on what you can visit while staying in District V: the Parliament building, St. Stephen's Basilica, high fashion shops and jewelers.

Best hotels in District V (Inner City)

  • Aria Hotel Budapest by Library Hotel Collection - If you are looking for a great spa hotel in Budapest, look no further! This is a well known luxury hotel in the city and awaits you with 5 star service and impeccable reviews! If you are looking for the best of the best then you should stay here.
  • InterContinental Budapest, an IHG Hotel - Here's another option if you want five star hotels in Budapest. There are so many that it will be really hard to choose! The Intercontinental has an impeccable location, great rooms overlooking the river, and excellent service.
  • Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace Budapest - This is another fantastic Budapest spa hotel in case you are interested in some top-notch relaxation. This hotel is the ideal choice if you want to feel like a queen (or king) in her castle! Everything screams "luxury", from the beds to the restaurant and the building in general.
  • Budapest Marriott Hotel - If you want to stay in a hotel on the Danube in Budapest, at the Marriott you will be very close to the river. All the rooms have a view of the Danube, which I think is its greatest strength.
  • TG Design Suites Aparthotel Budapest - a well priced aparthotel, which has some very nice rooms and an on-site restaurant and bar.
  • Butterfly Home Danube - this simple but very nice bed and breakfast is the ideal choice for anyone wanting to stay in cheap Budapest. You'll have river views, an excellent location, a continental breakfast, free Wi-Fi, and more!

Other Hotels in BELVAROS

District I, the castle area: where to sleep in a romantic setting

If you love a romantic and particularly delicate atmosphere, this district is the area for you. In area of ​​the castlein fact, there are all the tourist attractions to visit, while having a good dose of peace and tranquility.

By deciding to stay here, you will have many tourist attractions at your fingertips, such as the Buda Castle, of course, but also the Chain Bridge and many other splendid focal points of city tourism.

Staying in the castle district is simply perfect for admiring romantic alleys, views over the Danube, Gothic churches and world-class museums. Start at the Fisherman's Bastion, cross the square to Matthias Church, stroll Castle Hill, then make your way to the Royal Palace where you could easily spend a day just exploring buildings and museums.

It is a cultural, quiet and elegant area, perfect if you don't have too much time to get around the city and if you want to have everything around you.

Best hotels in District I (Castle area)

  • Art’otel budapest, part of Radisson Hotel Group –  located right on the banks of the Danube, it offers panoramic views of the Castle and the Fisherman's Bastion. In ten minutes on foot you are at Buda Castle. A modern hotel with wifi and free access to sauna and fitness facilities, it is an excellent choice for a budget hotel in Budapest.
  • Il Monastery Boutique Hotel Budapest - Located in a 300-year-old abbey, built by the Capuchin Order, this trendy and charming hotel is close to the Fisherman's Bastion and the famous Chain Bridge.
  • Hilton Hotels it's all based on location, location, location. With unprecedented city views and located right next to major attractions, the Hilton offers luxury in the historic part of this breathtaking city.
  • Buda Castle Budapest Hotel - a few steps from the Buda Castle, this four-star hotel offers its guests elegant and spacious rooms equipped with plasma TV and free wifi. You can also relax with a delicious meal in the hotel restaurant or a drink in the elegant lounge bar.

Other Hotels in the CASTLE area

District number II, where to stay in Budapest in a quiet area

Even quieter than the Buda Castle area is the second district, the "Beverly Hills" of Budapest, surrounded by nature and city peace. This neighborhood is perfect for those who do not like to visit the city as a tourist but feel the need to visit all the areas that are not properly popular and usual.

If you want to see something that the common tourist can miss, this is the place for you!

It is erroneously the least known district by tourists, but the most loved by wealthy people in the city: this district is also very popular for its climate and proximity to the center of Budapest.

The views from here are great.

District II is waiting to be discovered if you want to see a Budapest far from the limelight!

The best hotels in District II

  • Novotel Budapest Danube - Located in the center of Budapest on the Danube, the Novotel Budapest Danube offers a bar and restaurant with panoramic views of the river and the Parliament Building. Free Wi-Fi is available in all areas.
  • The Hotel Unforgettable – Hotel Tiliana by Homoky Hotels & Spa - this 4-star hotel in Budapest is truly unforgettable. The rooms are cozy and modern, and I highly recommend this hotel for families, as they have a large playground for the little ones and an outdoor pool.
  • Hotel Regnum Residence - Here is another perfect option with luxury services and facilities. They have free Wi-Fi, nice rooms, large windows, and even an on-site restaurant.
  • BI&BI - This bed and breakfast in Budapest is a great choice for budget travelers. They have different types of rooms that you can choose from and are also suitable for larger groups. In addition, it is very close to public transport, both the metro and the tram stations.
  • Klebelsberg Castle Budapest - This budget hotel offers good facilities and great services at amazing prices including free Wi-Fi, a 24-hour front desk, buffet breakfast and more!

Other Hotels in DISTRICT II

District number VI - Terézváros: where to sleep on a budget

This district is well known to most for its most important street, a Unesco World Heritage Site: the Andrássy Avenue. This street is famous for its many high fashion shops and the attractions that have renamed it the Hungarian Rodeo Drive.

This district, having to live up to the American reputation that is found, it is the perfect place to stay if you are young, if you want to spend little and love the nightlife: here, in fact, the nightlife is guaranteed, as well as the many clubs in the area.

District VI is a mix of culture, high fashion, entertainment but also attractions dedicated to history: if you are young or you want to be among young people, it is the ideal place!

Best Hotels in District 6 (Terézváros)

  • Modern and spacious, the 12 Revay Hotel it is one of the best value hotels in Budapest. Surrounded by bars, shops and restaurants, this hotel enjoys a convenient location close to TerĂ©zváros' main attractions.
  • Sakuranbo Guest House - In case you prefer a guest house instead, don't worry, this fantastic property is simple but very welcoming and has pretty much everything you might need for a perfect stay in Budapest.
  • Hotel Moments Budapest - If you are looking for high-end hotels in Budapest, this is a very nice property with tasteful dĂ©cor offering 4-star service for all its guests. Best of all, it's actually located on iconic Andrassy Avenue - what more could you want ?!

Other Hotels in the DISTRICT 6

District VII - Erzsébetváros, the Jewish quarter: where to stay in Budapest for the nightlife

This area now Jewish quarter, arose where the Jewish ghetto once stood and is now a redeveloped area, full of people, clubs, tourist destinations, street artists and memorable buildings.

Here you will have the opportunity to visit, for example, the Great Synagogue, the largest in Europe, as well as having the opportunity to taste different types of cuisine and delicacies.

Il district VII it is a very lively area, perfect for you if you love being around people and you want to surround yourself with beautiful things to see.

The Jewish quarter is also the best place where to find the nightclubs of Budapest.

The famous Ruin Pub di Budapest, in dilapidated and graffitied buildings they serve cheap beer and are organized for people to socialize. One of the best known, Szimpla Kert, turns into a farmer's market and offers a buffet brunch on Sundays.

For this the Jewish quarter is where to stay in Budapest for nightlife.

Best hotels in Jewish Quarter (District 7)

  • Corinthia Budapest - If you want to stay in a spa hotel in Budapest, this 5-star hotel has a great spa, 3 restaurants, a cozy on-site cafĂ© and beautiful rooms.
  • Anantara New York Palace Budapest - one of the best hotels in Budapest. Housed in a XNUMXth century building, this hotel offers luxury like no other. In the heart of the hotel is the famous New York Cafe where you can savor fine Hungarian cuisine while immersing yourself in the frescoes and columns that surround you.
  • Eurostars Danube Budapest - although budget accommodation, Eurostars has excellent reviews from visitors. The staff is friendly, the rooms are clean and the location is ideal.
  • Maverick City Lodgand - This great hostel has great prices and great reviews from its guests. The rooms are simple and very clean and have free Wi-Fi throughout, bike rentals, and a spacious common room.

Other Hotels in DISTRICT VII

District number VIII - Józsefváros: the coolest neighborhood

If you are a lover of trendy areas and do not want to give up the coolest neighborhood in all of Budapest, you absolutely must stay in district number VIII. It is defined as an emerging neighborhood because it has been reorganized in recent years and it has become a super trendy district and in step with contemporary trends.

If you are also a lover of the stories of Edgar Allan Poe, here you can visit one of the oldest cemeteries in the city, where many famous people from Hungarian history rest.

Awaiting you will also find numerous art galleries and clubs for your evenings. A decidedly unique and truly heterogeneous neighborhood!

Best hotels in District 8 (Józsefváros)

  • The Three Corners Hotel Anna Superior - I really think the design of this hotel is very nice with a lot of great amenities like an on site bar and airport shuttle.
  • Ăšttö Luxury Suites - This luxury hotel is simply gorgeous. It is not far from the National Museum and awaits you with beautiful and bright rooms, concierge service, free Wi-Fi and other world-class facilities that you are sure to love!
  • Hotel Palazzo Zichy Budapest - Free use of the sauna and fitness center? Yes please! This beautiful 4-star hotel has everything you could want for a great stay in Budapest, from great rooms to free Wi-Fi and a perfect location.

Other Hotels in DISTRICT VIII

District number IX - Ferencváros: the most international district

Interculturality and many young people: the district number IX it is the home of the University of Budapest, young people and multiculturalism.

Here you will have the opportunity to taste many gastronomic delicacies by visiting the famous local market and the numerous bars in the neighborhood.

This area is teeming with people, different cultures and colors - perfect for kids and groups of young visitors!

Best hotels in District 9 (Ferencváros)

  • The Three Corners Lifestyle Hotel - This fantastic 4-star hotel is located very close to the Great Covered Market, right in the heart of this neighborhood. Some of the best things are the beautiful terrace and also the sauna, both of which are perfect for relaxing. Plus, the rooms are just great!
  • Corvin Hotel Budapest Corvin Wing - Here is another great 4 star hotel that you can choose for your stay. Some rooms have a balcony with a nice view, and they even have triple rooms or suites for you to choose from! The location is great for riverside walks, so beautiful!
  • MEININGER Budapest Great Market Hall - If you've always wanted to stay in a hotel with floor to ceiling windows, this is for you! The staff are helpful, the rooms are super nice and the location is great too!

Other Hotels in DISTRICT IX

District XIII: where to stay in Budapest with children

This district is perfect if you are looking for where to stay in Budapest with children and you want a particularly relaxing place, surrounded by greenery.

It is a district very close to the city center, therefore particularly convenient, but also very quiet.

Bookshops and art galleries populate this neighborhood where there is no shortage of cultural and musical attractions.

The best hotels in District 13

  • NH Budapest City - NH, the famous luxury hotel chain, has a property in Budapest and that's exactly what you expect! They have 4-star service and a fabulous location, just steps from the Parliament Building!
  • Danubius Hotel Helia - If you are looking for a high quality hotel right on the banks of the Danube, this is for you! It is located right in the heart of the neighborhood and the rooms are just gorgeous. Satisfaction guaranteed!
  • Ensana Grand Margaret Island - Yes, this hotel is right on Margaret Island! It is actually a landmark of the neighborhood, as it was built in 1873; one of its best facilities is the beautiful spa which can be used by guests. Perfect for a good value stay in Budapest!
  • Ensana Thermal Margaret Island - Here is another choice for those of you looking for a beautiful spa hotel in Budapest! If you want an excellent and luxurious stay in Budapest without paying a lot of money, look no further! By the way, they have both an indoor and outdoor pool!

Other Hotels in the DISTRICT 13

Where NOT to stay in Budapest: Districts XIX and XXII

Pickpocketing is still quite common in the tourist areas of Budapest. Parts of the city that you are unlikely to go to, including Districts XIX and XXII, are notorious for prostitution, while the night subways attract the homeless population and are considered dangerous places by many locals.

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