Where to eat in Budapest: Sir Lancelot, the restaurant of the knights

One of the most popular restaurants among tourists looking for a particular place to eat in Budapest is the restaurant Sir Lancelot, Also known as the restaurant of the knights.

Logo Sir Lancelot

And it is no coincidence that I would add since in addition to the fact that the food is good, the place is really very special: do you know what a medieval banquet must have been like?

Here Sir Lancelot intends to faithfully recreate that environment, complete with court minstrels and sword fighting between the queen's knights. If you are looking for something different from the usual restaurant, trust me,  this is the place for you.

Sir Lancelot's Hall of Knights

On the other hand, however, the place has become more and more famous and consequently tourist so if what you want is a typical restaurant in Budapest do not even consider Sir Lancelot from afar, avoid it like the plague.

For our part during our 3 days in Budapest, driven by curiosity and the excellent reviews on the net, we wanted to try it.

As soon as you enter the huge hall you are taken by amazement: it really seems to be in the great hall of a castle, on the evening of the king's banquet.

What we find in front of us are long wooden tables lit by the light of torches and candles, costumed waiters who come and go nimbly in their tights (in fact it seemed a bit like being on the set of the Robin Hood movie) carrying stuffed trays. of all good things, stone walls on which stand out coats of arms, spears and halberds.

We sit down and the fresh beer is immediately served in large terracotta mugs, from which copious white foam comes out.

The atmosphere at the table and my mug (almost empty by the way)

Sir Lancelot's main dish is a huge tray full of roasted meat, presented in a riot overflowing with fruit and vegetables: as a vegetarian I had to pass and "be satisfied" with an exquisite onion and garlic soup served in a kind of cup made from a loaf hollowed out inside.

By Sir Lancelot you will also need to be prepared to eat with your hands because there are no forks, only knives and spoons.

Unless you're like my mom who would starve rather than use her fingers (she's a bit traditionalist, let's say).

Seeing her eat chicken with a spoon was an absolute blast and then I admit, it was since I was a child that I wanted to be able to eat with my hands in front of her terrified face.

To create even more the atmosphere of a medieval banquet during dinner, the sword fight between the knights, the belly dancer up to the fire eater are performed between the tables of the shows.

A tray by Sir Lancelot

Indeed Budapest is a city that has a wide choice of tourist restaurants and you will be spoiled for choice.

Despite this, in my opinion, Sir Lancelot is an excellent choice to eat and spend a pleasant and different evening, so even if you can find the restaurant really touristy I would still recommend it (and if you have children, you know how they have fun. to see the knights fighting with swords and eating with their hands?)

Where is it:  Sir Lancelot is in Podmaniczky utca 14, in the XNUMXth district, a few hundred meters south of Nyugati station.

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