Authentic and low-cost Maldives: the atolls to go to

    The new trend for those who decide to go to the Maldives is to choose a guest house rather than a luxury resort
    Authentic and low-cost Maldives: the atolls to go to
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    Italians are increasingly fond of the Maldives. In 2018, according to the Maldivian Tourism Board, they even surpassed the arrival record (over 105 thousand, +18,5%).

    And as always, Italians are the best travel influencers. As in the field of fashion, even in the field of holidays our compatriots are always in step with the times and even often anticipate trends.

    The new trend for those who decide to go to the Maldives is to no longer choose a luxury mega resort, beautiful, yes, but which has nothing to do with the environment in which you find yourself. But a simple and authentic one guest houses. Where all the essential comforts are not missing, obviously. Cleanliness, air conditioning, wi-fi, full meals, spa and deckchairs to relax in the sun. The rest doesn't matter. Even more so they cost much less of the most renowned resorts.

    More and more guest houses are being opened among the atolls of the Maldives. There are approximately 521 scattered around between the atolls. Some islands only have one, making a holiday here truly heavenly.

    For those who cannot do without contact with Italy, there are even guest houses managed by our compatriots. Like Maldives Sunset, onVaavu Atoll, south of Malé, the capital. Three-quarters covered by a dense forest of coconut palms, banana trees, breadfruit trees, climbers and flowering plants, this small resort overlooks a beautiful coral reef, a beach of fine white sand and is surrounded by a warm sea and crystalline with fantastic colors like the fish that live there. You can stay in a room or in a bungalow.

    OnLaamu Atoll, even further south of Vaavu, there is the Reveries Diving Village guest house which in 2018 won the award for best guest house in the Maldives. It has rooms, bungalows and villas and a beautiful spa and even three restaurants.

    OnAtoll di Alifu Dhaalu Bliss Dhigurah guest house is located. The island is a true paradise, with a long talcum beach overlooking the lagoon and a splendid sea where swim with whale sharks all the year. The resort is made up of a small building with rooms of various sizes (including family rooms), each with a terrace and a beautiful rooftop with jacuzzi where you can sip a cocktail at sunset.

    North of MalĂ©, however, on theKaafu Atoll there is the Liyela Retreat, a guest house more like a boutique with designer rooms and suites. The diving center – Maafushi Dive and Water Sports Center – guarantees wonderful snorkeling and diving experiences from dawn to dusk and, despite not having a spa, guests can enjoy personalized treatments directly on the beach.

    All guest houses, like any luxury resort, guarantee transport to and from Male airport.

    Do you want to enjoy the pleasure of real contact with the local population or dine on freshly caught fish during the last fishing trip or sip coconut milk freshly taken from the palm tree. And relax with the sound of the sea and the chirping of the birds that appear from time to time on the islands without the echo of the music of the DJs and entertainers of the larger villages?

    A return to the origins, to how the Maldives once were when, It was the Italians who started going there on holiday first a few decades ago, it is the true (re)discovery of this dream journey.

    Authentic and low-cost Maldives: the atolls to go to

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