Travel to the Maldives

Travel to the Maldives

Winter is still long and before enjoying a bit of heat and scorching sun, which in recent years has also become a bit desired, it still takes many days, let's say a few months. A travel to the Maldives could be the right solution to escape from the cold.

To unplug, get a little tan and immerse yourself in warm waters, the destination we propose for a vacation in the tropics to do by spring is a trip to the Maldives. With a direct flight from the main European cities of just 9 hours, for a short period of just 5 nights, you will be able to regenerate in body and spirit, spending just one week of vacation. You will find yourself in the middle of the Indian Ocean in less than half a day's flight.

The emotion you will feel when getting off the plane wrapped in the warmth of the Maldivian climate, which will accompany you for the following days, thinking of your friends covered by duvets, caps and gloves, it will be unique. You will spend the days lying in the sun, taking some breaks by immersing yourself in the crystal clear waters a stone's throw from the beach, swimming in the middle of one multiplicity of colorful fish, to then go up and abandon you in a deep sleep in the shade of a palm tree. The return will not be pleasant, but the effect that the arrival at the airport will have on you with only the sweater and the hazel skin will be very special. You will regret the sun just left but you will already think about the next trip to the Maldives for the following winter.

For information on the temperatures you will find in the Maldives in our winter months, go to the article Maldives. The travel to the Maldives is a bit expensive but it is worth doing it at least once in a lifetime. To save you can book a flight directly from airline websites. From Europe there are several flights to the Maldives, with a single stop, the cheapest airlines are: Emirates,, Turkish Airlines, with very advantageous prices. On TripAdvisor you can find the structure and the island that you like best, so then you just have to contact the Resort directly by email from their official website and book the bungalow without price increase. The transfer from the Airport to the island will be organized by the Resort itself, asking for it in advance. One of the most common tips is to get away from Mal茅 a bit, so try to reach the islands a little further away, as the area around Mal茅 has been exploited for decades by tourists from all over the world. If you are not familiar with shopping on the web or do not want to find unpleasant surprises during the trip, go to your trusted travel agency and you will always find some offers for a trip to the Maldives.

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