Why the Maldives are a tourist success in the Covid era

    Why the Maldives are a tourist success in the Covid eraDespite the significant drop in visitors due to the pandemic, the Maldives represents the biggest success story of international tourism in 2020

    In most tourist destinations, having a million fewer visitors than the previous year would be a huge cause for concern if not a real calamity. But that was before the global pandemic changed the way we travel forever.

    Synonymous with romance and beauty, the Maldives they are, as we know, among the most loved destinations in the world, if not even the best, so much so that in normal years they reach 1,7 million tourists per year. In 2020, however, they received approximately 555 thousand. Yet, despite the significant drop, according to CNN this figure is confirmation of the largest case of success of international tourism in a difficult period like the one we are experiencing.

    The reason is to be found primarily in the choice to reopen the borders to travelers from any country, starting from July 2020, regardless of the state of the health emergency and contrary to what other destinations of great tourist attraction have done, which instead remained off-limits .

    It must be said that the geography of the Maldives also lends itself well to security protocols. Many hotels and resorts, in fact, are located on the small and wonderful atolls scattered across the ocean, also loved by VIPs in every season, which makes isolation and social distancing incredibly easy. Furthermore, in September, following the increase in infections even in these small natural paradises, visitors were required to present the negative result of a test test Covid-19 at the entrance.

    Luxury resorts immediately equipped themselves to ensure compliance with safety measures. Many facilities have offered their guests the possibility of carrying out swabs inside the facilities, as well as taking advantage of 'long stay' packages dedicated to one-month stays, mainly linked to work or study reasons. The 28-day offer includes meals, high-speed internet (ideal for those who work in smart working), private transfers by boat or plane, wellness treatments and kids club.

    It also gave a further boost to tourism the start of the vaccination campaign. Suffice it to say that since the beginning of the year they have registered in the Maldives 150 thousand arrivals and the plan for new openings by luxury hotel groups in 2021, which is already particularly busy, gives us hope.

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