Holidays in the Maldives: new and incredible experiences

    Holidays in the Maldives: new and incredible experiencesFrom tree house stays to coral nurseries. Traveling to the Maldives becomes more and more responsible

    The Maldives reopened to tourism on July 15th. Although there are still not many visitors, also because few airlines have returned to flying, the country is ready to welcome them. And there are also many new features. During a webinar Assad Riz, Deputy Minister of Tourism of the Maldives, guaranteed that “Measures have been strengthened to ensure safe travel. Safety is our priority." The Italians, lovers of these islands and among the first discoverers of the Maldivian atolls, can't wait to return.

    “The Maldives are a top destination for Italians”, explained Maldives Marketing & Public Relations Corporation Italia represented by AIGO “there are positive signals from Italian visitors and we are certain that the destination will soon recover”.

    There are so many incredible, authentic experiences and even more responsible that you can do in the Maldives. Not just snorkeling and swimming in a natural pool or sunbathing on the whitest beaches in the world or dining in an underwater restaurant or even sleeping suspended over the water in a water villa.

    One of the greatest emotions when arriving in the Maldives is admiring the atolls from above on the small plane that takes us to the resort island. Among the new experiences that can be had is now an airplane tour to admire the islands which emerge from the emerald green water surrounded by very thin strips of white sand.

    The types of accommodation are also new. Now you can stay in a bubble on the beach admiring the starry sky or in a comfortable one tree-house for greater contact with vegetation.

    Among the new activities for guests, you can take part in the coral reef repopulation with the “Coral lines project” diving into the ocean to help remove rubbish and replant corals in the nursery.

    Visiting a country also means coming into contact with the locals. In the Maldives resort guests are often too busy with organized activities or simply prefer to relax. Visiting the islands inhabited by the Maldivians, however, is one of the most recommended experiences to understand their simple lifestyle and help their economy even if you just buy a souvenir.

    Experiences in the Maldives don't end when the sun goes down (and the sunsets here are nothing short of spectacular). At night you can admire the bioluminescence phenomenon, when the waters of the Indian Ocean light up with plankton which emits light through particular chemical reactions. Millions of blue lights illuminate the waters creating a suggestive effect that is a unique spectacle for tourists.

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