Honeymoon in June in the Peru of the Incas

    Honeymoon in June in the Peru of the Incas Honeymoon in June in the Peru of the Incas
    Perù, Machu Picchu

    June is often chosen by spouses to crown their dream with a wedding in early summer. But where to go on honeymoon in June? Why not choose a trip that makes you experience exciting adventures in between the nature of mountain ranges more impressive than America? You will find out the history of the Inca people with the largest pre-Columbian empire in American lands and its people, still rich in traditions, spirituality and a gentle soul.

    We will try to offer you an ideal itinerary for a honeymoon in June in Peru and let you discover everything there is to see in these distant but fascinating lands. Your honeymoon in Peru can unfold between the mysterious and spectacular Northern lands still little known, to explore the Peruvian Amazon forest with rivers and nature reserves among the most beautiful in the world, or with a trekking among the high peaks of the Sierra, the mountainous area of ​​the Andes with the highest peaks (even 6000 meters). But for many of you who have not yet visited Peru, the classic southern tour is practically unmissable, and therefore this is the tour we offer you.

    Honeymoon in June in the Peru of the Incas

    You will arrive on an international flight in city ​​of Lima, cultural, industrial and financial center of the entire country. With its historic center, declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco, among squares, museums and palaces, you will immediately enter the heart of the origins of Peruvian history. From Lima you can continue to Paracas, crossing the lunar landscapes of the desert pampas and skirting the Pacific Ocean, you can admire endless wild beaches beaten by the waters of the Ocean, covered by expanses of sandy dunes alternating with lush fertile valleys.

    The arrival in Paracas is characterized by the spectacular view of its bay. The area is immersed in desert lands, caressed by continuous windy currents, fishing villages and isolated beaches shaped by ocean waves. An important point of attraction is the Paracas Nature Reserve, with the presence of numerous specimens of fur seals, sea lions, penguins, pelicans and other species of birds and marine animals. From here you can reach the Ballestas islands and admire the “candelabrum”, a geoglyphic design similar to the Nazca lines.

    Nazca it can be reached from Paracas through deserts and river oases of spectacular colors. The city enjoys a dry and warm climate all year round. From here, weather conditions permitting, you can fly over the mysterious lines through ultralight aircraft, to admire the charm of the drawings on the rocks of the desert below, representing animals and geometric figures.

    You can then continue for Arequipa. Leaving behind the oceanic coast characterized by majestic rocks eroded by the wind overlooking the sea, you will begin to climb along the first hills of the Andes. At the foot of a volcano, on the banks of the Chili River, is the “white city” Arequipa, at 2.335 meters above sea level. Colonial city, declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco, it is characterized by stone architecture, with light and soft colors. Points of interest in the city are the cathedral, the monastery of Santa Catalina, the church of San Francisco, the church de la Compania, the suburb and the church of Yanahuara.

    Honeymoon in June in the Peru of the Incas
    Peru, Uros women, Titicaca lake

    From Arequipa you can head towards the Colca Valley, the Cruz del Condor, panoramic point on the majestic canyon below, and the Pass of the Volcanoes. You will then continue towards Puno, a city located on the western bank of the Titicaca lake, a sacred place for its population, at an altitude of 4000 meters. Here you will sail on the waters of the lake to reach the curious floating islands inhabited by the Uros.

    From Puno you will reach Cuzco  and the surrounding archaeological sites. It was the capital of the Inca empire and is considered the historical capital of Peru. There are numerous points of interest to visit, from squares to churches, from the cathedral to the convent and the historic districts. From here, you can finally continue on to Machu Picchu, , the most famous and fascinating archaeological complex in Peru, about which everything and more is written in books and magazines all over the world. You just have to reach the Sacred Valley of the Incas, whose most suggestive inhabited center is Ollantaytambo, characterized by the presence of the majestic fortress from which to admire the entire valley.

    If you want to know the climatic conditions that you might find during your honeymoon, go to the article on Peru.

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