Honeymoon in South Africa in May

    Honeymoon in South Africa in May Honeymoon in South Africa in May
    South Africa, Namaqualand desert

    May is a very popular month for future spouses, many decide to get married in the late spring to enjoy, all around, the first heat and the splendor of the newly awakened nature.
    To find a destination for the honeymoon in May depends a lot on personal tastes and preferences. A honeymoon can be experienced close to home, in some place that remembers one of the first meetings, or in distant lands to continue daydreaming and forever bind the memory of the most important moment of a couple's life to another, just as valuable as a journey to fantastic destinations.

    For lovers of adventure and nature in all its expressions, a honeymoon in South Africa is the ideal destination to satisfy your every thirst for knowing, seeing, knowing and exploring. The vastness of its territory and the historical events that have put this country to the test, make South Africa a destination with many colors, black and white, yellow and red, green and blue like its national colors, each with a distinct meaning. .

    We propose an itinerary that does not want to be the only absolute solution, but a simple combination of places to see. There are endless alternatives and you may decide to come back maybe for one of your future anniversaries.

    Honeymoon in South Africa in May
    Sudafrica, Table Mountain

    Starting with Cape Town where you can visit the castle, the natural history museum and time permitting the Table Mountain to admire the view from the flat top of the mountain overlooking the city, you can then reach the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve. Territory that winds along 40 kilometers of coastline and is home to countless species of antelope and birds. Through a funicular you can reach the highest part where you can admire the suggestive spectacle of the two oceans that meet. From here, you can continue with a short cruise to theIsle of Seals and a stop at Boulders' Beach to admire the friendly penguins of the Cape.

    Nearby you will find the headquarters of the National Botanical Institute, inside the luxuriant Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, with 60 hectares of cultivated gardens, it is open all year round. It is possible to admire 4700 of the 20 indigenous flower species of South Africa and about 000% of the floral beauties of the entire Cape Peninsula.

    In the following days you can continue towards the area of ​​the vineyards, where gentle hills carpeted with vines of French origin and immense agricultural estates equipped as the best Italian wineries, full of well-kept gardens and farmhouses with rich finishes, lie down. Stocked cellars will make you taste South African wines, still unripe and not comparable to ours, but very promising and with a far-sighted future.

    In baia di Hermanus during the austral winter and spring, from August to October, you can observe the passage of the whales and listen to their songs. In the neighbor Walker Bay Nature Reserve throughout the year you can immerse yourself in the ocean waters and, protected by iron cages, meet the infamous white shark, a heart-pounding emotion suitable for the bravest.

    Another fundamental step is Robben Island where you can visit the touching Museum of the same name, sadly famous for being the seat of prisons during the years of Apartheid, where Nelson Mandela spent 18 of the long 27 years of imprisonment.

    You can then continue with a domestic flight to Johannesburg, from which to head immediately towards the region of Mpumalanga. Here the landscape begins to change suddenly. Among eucalyptus trees and cultivations of cotton, tea and coffee, expanses of prairies, canyons with their waterways, waterfalls, some villages of the indigenous Ndebele people, and finally the savannah with the Kruger Park will open up to your eyes.

    Honeymoon in South Africa in May
    South Africa, potholes

    in private reserves or in Kruger Park you can admire the wild beauty of the African bush and the animals that populate it in the midst of the splendid unspoiled nature. You will have wonderful experiences through photo safaris, in search of lions, leopards, elephants, buffaloes, giraffes and zebras.

    Lush expanses of bush that you will cross and unforgettable memories that you will always carry with you. You will experience that feeling that happens to everyone after a trip to Africa, a part of your heart will start beating every time you think about it.

    Honeymoon in South Africa in May
    South Africa, safari

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    If you want to know the climatic conditions you may find upon your arrival, the average temperatures and rainfall, go to the South Africa article.

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