Peru, the country of a thousand colors

    Discovering the Peruvian wonders, between nature, culture and unforgettable flavours

    Peru is the country with the most riches in the world: unforgettable views, offered by a wild nature, combine with a thousand-year-old culture, made up of fascinating mysteries and legends.

    Le a thousand shades which colors the streets of cities and villages reflect the very essence of the country, made of light, dreams and beauty. Living an experience in Peru means entering a place where the smiles, warmth and availability of the population will open your heart and mind.

    This is why it is the right place for those who want to organize a truly exciting trip.

    Peru, the country of a thousand colors
    Plaza de Armas in the historic center of Arequipa, Peru

    Land of history and mysteries

    Although the Incas were preceded by dozens of fascinating and extremely advanced civilizations, such as the Moche and Wari, the history of pre-Columbian Peru is often made to coincide with the Inca empire, the first culture with a revolutionary writing system.

    Peru, the country of a thousand colors
    View from above of Machu Picchu

    World Heritage Site according to UNESCO, Machu Picchu it is one of the most emblematic and fascinating places in Peru, as well as one of the most representative archaeological sites of the Inca civilization.

    Peru, the country of a thousand colors
    Archaeological site Sacsayhuaman or Sacsaihuaman

    Another historical beauty of Peru is certainly the archaeological site of Sacsayhuamán or Sacsaihuaman, located in the Cuzco region and built by the Incas between 1438 and 1500. The construction is characterized by the size of some stones, fitted with an almost unimaginable precision for those times.

    The most important teaching of pre-Columbian civilizations is immense: respect and gratitude towards "pachamama" (mother earth). The same attitude is also perpetuated today in the habits and customs of Peruvians, who live daily in harmony with nature.

    Typical dishes of Peruvian cuisine

    From archaeological excursions e trekking in the Andes, you will not lack an appetite and the possibility of satisfying it with succulent regional dishes of ancient origin.

    In Peru, cuisine has been the meeting point of the numerous ethnographic groups that have characterized the history of the country. Because of its variety, Peruvian cuisine is considered one of the best traditional cuisines in the world, boasting the largest number of typical dishes, including the famous ceviche (fish marinated in lime) and papa a la huancaína (potatoes with a creamy cheese sauce).

    Peru, the country of a thousand colors
    Typical Peruvian dish

    In the last decade, thanks to a new generation of young experimental chefs, Peruvian cuisine has also established itself on the international scene; not by chance, Lima was recently elected Gastronomic Capital of America.

    Music and dances

    Peru, the country of a thousand colors
    Traditional music and costumes

    As in the case of the kitchen, traditional Peruvian music is also a mixture of ingredients, an amalgam of different instruments and genres: the bamboo flutes typical of pre-Columbian cultures, the stringed instruments introduced by the Spanish, such as guitars and violins, and percussion of African origin.

    The huaynos are the purest expression of pre-Columbian music; The very famous "El Condor Pasa" belongs to this genre, made famous throughout the world in the 70s by Simon & Gunfarkel - and since then re-proposed in a thousand versions.

    Peru, the country of a thousand colors

    National dance the marineraThe national dance is the marinera which has its roots in Peruvian colonial history.

    Dancing to the sound of criolla (Creole) music, a man and a woman mime a courtship scene, circling each other; the man uses a sombrero to make way for the woman, while she shyly hides her face behind a handkerchief. Other dances are the vals peruano (Peruvian waltz) and the zapateo, of African origin.

    Embarking on a journey through Peru means immerse yourself in a real, unique and unparalleled experience, there where poetry, enchantment, power and majesty meet to create a plurality of experiences and places all to experience and discover.

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