“Cetto is there, without a doubt”, the locations of the film with Antonio Albanese

    Princely palaces, abbeys and regal environments that form the backdrop to the film of the trilogy
    “Cetto is there, without a doubt”, the locations of the film with Antonio Albanese

    Third chapter of the "Trilogia du Pilu", preceded by the films "Qualunquemente" of 2011 and "Tutto tutto niente niente" of 2012, "Cetto c'è, senzadubbiamente" of 2019 stars Antonio Albanian as the corrupt politician Cetto La Quale.

    Some beautiful places on our peninsula form the backdrop to the fun and intricate plot. In particular princely palaces, abbeys and royal environments. But where are these places and, above all, can they be visited?

    One of the most important scenes of the film is set in the beautiful Abbey of Santa Maria di Farfa, which is located in the province of Rieti, in Lazio. It is a monastery of the Benedictine congregation of Cassino, which takes its name from the Farfa river (Ovid's Farfarus) which flows nearby and which also gave its name to the village where the abbey is located, inhabited by only a few dozen people . It is one of the most important monuments of the European Middle Ages. Even Charlemagne, a few weeks before being crowned in the Capitol, stayed there. It was declared a national monument in 1928, for its architectural and artistic beauty. The abbey can be visited all year round, but reservations must be made.

    Another religious site featured in “Cetto c'è” is the Convent of Sant'Antonio from Padua in Oriolo Romano, in the province of Viterbo, candidate for FAI's Places of the Heart. It is a beautiful building from the mid-600th century which hosted the Franciscan friars at various stages. During the Second World War it was requisitioned by German troops and hosted the famous battleship Goering. Today the convent hosts a community for the recovery of alcoholics. It has been used other times as a film set, among these we remember "Padre Pio" with Sergio Castellitto. The visit is open to all.

    Some rooms of the Baroque palaces frequented by Cetto are recognizable in Palazzo Chigi which is located in Ariccia, on the outskirts of Rome. This sumptuous palace was transformed into a residence by Gian Lorenzo Bernini himself. Today it is a museum and location where exhibitions, concerts and events take place, but guided tours are also organised. Many other films have been shot in its rooms, including the colossal "Il Gatopardo" by Luchino Visconti in 1962 and "The Avaro" with Alberto Sordi. Among the most beautiful rooms that can be visited are the Cardinal's rooms, such as the Twins' Room, the Lion's Room, the Arquebus Room, but also the main floor with the ancient pharmacy, the Make-up Room (i.e. of billiards), the Beauty Room which houses many female portraits and finally the Baroque Museum.

    The building where Cetto lives is actually the Tor Crescenza Castle in Rome, in the Grottarossa area, along the Via Flaminia. Two important crenellated towers frame the main façade, connected to the outside by a drawbridge. It has been the set of many other films, but not only that. It is here that the wedding of Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi took place and where the former footballer celebrated his 40th birthday. Moreover, the interiors of the castle are finely furnished, with marble floors, famous trompe l'oeil paintings that tell scenes from the life of the ancient owners. No less evocative is the exterior of the castle, with avenues leading to gardens full of fountains, which, thanks to a linear and perfect geometry, recreate suggestive water features.

    “Cetto is there, without a doubt”, the locations of the film with Antonio Albanese
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