Holidays in Zanzibar: when to go, what to do and see

The island of Zanzibar, famous for its white sandy beaches and its seabed, is certainly the main holiday destination in Tanzania and one of the most important in Africa.

The main tourist attractions are yours beautiful beaches, for an splendid sea and in general the uncontaminated nature of the island. For those looking for relaxing beach holidays in contact with nature, Zanzibar is one of the best choices you can make.

In addition to offering an idyllic coast and unique sunsets, we remind you that Zanzibar is also nicknamed theisland of the giant tortoises, given the numerous presence of these tortoises.

A holiday in Zanzibar allows you to enjoy the sun, sea and long beaches of to be able to carry out numerous excursions, including a safari in neighboring Tanzania or go discover the forests where the particular red monkeys live.

In addition, in most of the resorts and tourist villages of the archipelago it is possible to do many water activities such as: snorkeling, fishing, marine safaris; or various excursions to discover nature.

Which location to choose

Zanzibar is an archipelago located in the Indian Ocean, formed by the islands of Zanzibar and Pemba, as well as several islets. The archipelago is located about 30 kilometers off the coast of Tanzania.

The most popular tourist resorts are all located along the coast. To stay the best destinations are Kiwengwa, Nungwi e Mnemba, all with a particular charm, breathtaking beaches and coastal areas, and with the presence of modern resorts.

What to see and do in Zanzibar

Navigate aboard a dhow, the traditional sailing boat, through the Menai bay, a marine reserve dotted with deserted islands, coral reefs and sandbanks.

Visit Stone Town, the largest city in Zanzibar. The old quarter has been declared a World Heritage Site.

Look like i fishermen they repair their fishing nets and how dhows are built in Nungwi.

Visit the Jozani forest, the last remaining tropical forest area on the island. In this unique place in the world lives the red colobus monkey.

Snorkel or dive in theMnemba Atoll.

Visit a spice plantation.

Making the original is unmissable Safari Blue Tour, among the splendid waters of the islands of Zanzibar.

When to go

The climate of Zanzibar has a average temperature of about 25 ° degrees, with small temperature variations during the year, thanks to the equatorial geographical position.

Il best period to go on vacation to Zanzibar, corresponds to the dry season, and runs from December to February, and from June to October. In this period the temperatures reach up to 30 ° degrees.

The rainy season runs from March to May and occasionally in November, with fast thunderstorms that immediately give way to the sun. In these periods prices are cheaper and it's easy to find offers and promotions, both for all-inclusive packages and for flight and hotel only.

Choosing Zanzibar and Tanzania for your holidays is a guarantee of wonderful coasts and postcard landscapes, as well as cultural, artistic and historical attractions.

Holidays in Zanzibar: when to go, what to do and see
Jambiani, Zanzibar. Tanzania - Photo from Istock
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