Playas del Este, pearl of the Cuban coastline

    Playas del Este, pearl of the Cuban coastlineGuide to the beaches of Playas del Este, in the area of ​​the capital of Cuba, Havana, the ideal place to relax and enjoy an enchanting view.

    The beaches of the enchanting Cuban resort of Playas del Este represent one of the most beautiful and fascinating tourist destinations in the Havana area, the beautiful capital of Republic of Cuba. The coast that is home to these wonderful uncontaminated beaches is located about twenty kilometers from Havana, and can be easily reached by car following the coastal road heading east. This enchanting stretch of Cuban coast represents the ideal place to experience pleasant moments of relaxation and tranquility in an unparalleled landscape context.

    The coastal area that takes the name of Playas del Este it extends in the eastern area of ​​the capital, starting from the small town of Bacuranao up to the fascinating area of ​​Guanabo. This splendid portion of coast is not characterized by the presence of numerous tourist infrastructures, and this certainly makes it more fascinating and interesting than other well-trodden areas of the Caribbean peninsula. The beaches of Playas del Este are in fact very popular with the inhabitants of the Havana region due to their proximity and the enchanting panorama that they all offer.

    One of the characteristics that distinguish the Playas del Este area is the decadent and at times neglected atmosphere, certainly not as polished and touristically attractive as other well-known locations in Cuba. If you are looking for splendid resorts and conveniences within reach, this this is not the area for you. The beaches of Playas del Este are wide, free, and without any major services, other than small restaurants and run-down hotels! The long white beaches certainly reign supreme here crystalline waters and the breathtaking view.

    The coastal area of ​​Playas del Este is bordered by beautiful shady pine forests and is divided into various seaside resorts that cover approximately ten kilometers of coastline, where it is possible to practice numerous and fun sporting and recreational activities, also suitable for the little ones. In fact, on some of the beaches it is possible to use kayaks, or dedicate yourself to snorkeling and scuba diving. You can also go fishing and go horse riding.

    The first of the beaches we encounter is the aforementioned Playa Bacuranao, which has a lovely bay with an enchanting beach of soft white sand, very popular with the inhabitants of the area. Near this beach we find a beautiful cove, poceta de Bacuranao, and the remains of a fascinating 18th century galleon. Playa Buracanao is much appreciated by diving and snorkelling lovers, just like the nearby Tararà beach, well served by tourist services and known for its spectacular seabed!

    Next to it, proceeding east, we come across Playa Mégano, a large, well-organised beach, where it is possible to enjoy bars, shops and umbrellas and deckchairs to spend long days at the beach! This beach is contiguous to Santa Maria del Mar beach, considered the most beautiful of the Playas del Este, characterized by an enchanting tropical landscape, framed by palm trees and an unparalleled panorama. The approximately three kilometers of white beach are the most equipped and popular for tourists in the area.

    Playa Santa María del Mar ends where the mouth of the famous Itabo river begins naturalistic area known for its great variety of fauna, for its enchanting coral reef and for its incredible mangrove swamps. Continuing the journey east we find the beautiful Playa Boca Ciega and finally Playa Guanabo, which takes its name from the peripheral village of the same name.

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