The world seen through a bird's eyes: the extraordinary video

    The world seen through a bird's eyes: the extraordinary videoThe film will take you flying over the tropical landscape of the island of Aruba through the eyes of a troupial, an endemic bird

    Video di: Aruba Tourism Authority / Boardwalk Boutique Hotel Aruba

    Our world is full of wonders and uncontaminated earthly paradises. Among these is the spectacular and evocative island of Aruba, renamed, not surprisingly, the pearl of the Southern Caribbean. With an average temperature of 28 degrees all year round, a turquoise sea and wonderful wide white sand beaches, the The island is one of the favorite destinations of travellers.

    And it is enough to look at the photographs of this uncontaminated territory to understand the reasons that lead people from all over the world to choose it as holiday destination, for honeymoons and for experiences of pure relaxation in contact with nature.

    However, there is a side of Aruba that perhaps you don't know, or rather, a perspective of it. And it is that of the vision of the tropical landscape of the island with the eyes of one of its inhabitants. Taking us to discover this territory is a trupial, one of the most characteristic and colorful songbirds of Aruba.

    A journey that we can all take, even sitting from the sofa at home, thanks to an unpublished and exciting video, which you find at the beginning of our article, and which will give you the feeling of find yourself flying together with the animal.

    The idea of ​​making this film, and allowing anyone in the world to observe the island from another perspective, came from the Aruba Tourism Authority in collaboration with the Boardwalk Boutique Hotel in Aruba, one of the most sustainable hotels in the island.

    The goal is to let know e celebrate the local flora and fauna through a video made with an FPV drone that takes the viewer to fly above the lush former coconut plantation of the Boardwalk Boutique Hotel in Aruba according to the perspective from above of the endemic bird. In the video, the lush garden of the Boutique Hotel appears, one of the best preserved oases in Aruba which allows you to explore and learn about different varieties of endemic plants.

    Gliding over this terrain, spectators will be able to admire native trees, unique plants, 30 different types of palm trees and tropical fruit trees, including mango, banana and coconut, it will really feel like flying. Start the video and make yourself comfortable: let's go!

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