Varadero Cuba, Sun, Sea and Relax

Although the true lovers of Cuba claim that Varadero is not the authentic Cuba, the renowned seaside resort located in the province of Matanzas, remains one of Caribbean's most popular tourist destinations.

It is true, in Varadero you do not breathe the Cuban atmosphere and spirit as in theHavana of Santiago, but rest assured that you will find one of the most beautiful beaches you have ever seen.

The sea is truly fantastic, crystal clear water with turquoise shades and 20 km of fine white beach, the ideal place for those who love relaxation, sun and fun and for those who want to regenerate and disconnect from the hectic everyday life.

For the less lazy Varadero offers many water activities, surfing, canoeing, diving and much more as well as non-water sports, such as golf or tennis.

Please note that some flights arrive directly to Varadero (I flew from Brussels to Varadero) and for those who decide to take a tour of Cuba I recommend giving yourself at least 2 or 3 days of sea and relaxation before starting your itinerary.

For those who opt for a holiday package with fixed destination Varadero, remember that theHavana is only 140 km away, therefore the best for those who want to combine relaxation with the charm of the capital or other nearby attractions such as Santa Clara or Trinidad.

For nature lovers do not miss the excursions in Josone Retreat Park, a large green area with many varieties of tropical plants and many different species of birds.

Main beaches of Varadero:

Varadero Cuba, Sun, Sea and RelaxBeach of Varadero

Also known as Playa Azul is a unique place in the world with its endless kilometers of turquoise waters and white sand

Casas Particulares Playa Larga

It is located in Cárdenas bay, south of Varadero, is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the province of Matanzas with calm and shallow waters, ideal for bathing.

Camacho Beach

It is located in the north after Varadero near the Laguna de Paso Malo and the picturesque town of La Conchita, calm sea and transparent blue color, with white sand like in Varadero.

El Cayuelo Beach

It is a small beach of fine white sand located north of Playa del Muerto very popular with residents of the surrounding villages.

Varadero Evening Life

In addition to the long beaches and the beautiful sea, Varadero is also full of clubs, bars and discos where you can enjoy the evening life. Here is a list of the most famous:

La Comparsita

Located in the center of Varadero, it is an outdoor venue with live music, cost 10 cuc with Open Bar.

Calle 62

Another outdoor venue, unlike other clubs, you do not pay, since you dance in the street, it is ideal for those who love Caribbean dances, offering shows and live music every day.

Ecodisco Mediterraneo

Also located in the center of Varadero is another open-air club with a cost of 10 cuc for entry, in the late evening it turns into a disco.

The House of Music

It is the most famous club in Cuba, as it is found in all Cuban cities. In Varadero it is located in Calle 43, Avenida Playa, it is a very large venue spread over two floors, also equipped with a dance floor.

When to go to Varadero

The climate of Cuba is divided into two seasons, That dry which runs from November to April with average temperatures ranging from 18 ° C to 27 ° C e the humid one that runs from May to October, with average temperatures from 22 ° C to 32 ° C with abundant rainfall and risk of hurricanes.

The best period is the dry season but it must be said that during the wet season the rains are abundant but of short duration, it is therefore possible to enjoy a pleasant stay even in the months between May and October.

Varadero Cuba, Sun, Sea and Relax

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