What to Do in Toronto: The Must-See Attractions

If you are trying to understand what to do in Toronto, this guide is for you!

Toronto is a great metropolis that offers many attractions, starting from the unmistakable symbol of the city, the imposing CN Tower to the natural oasis of the Toronto Islands, passing through the Distillery District, the Hockey Hall of Fame, the Toronto Sign and much more. .

Let's go to the discovery of what are the unmissable stops during a stay in Toronto, all located in the center or quickly reachable by subway.

I wanted to list 17 things to see in Toronto and I have included a special bonus at the end of the article, even if it is not in the city but it is a tour to do absolutely. Maybe you already know what I'm talking about!

17 Must-See Attractions in Toronto

CN Tower

What to Do in Toronto: The Must-See Attractions

The Canadian National Tower or more commonly called CN Tower it is certainly the most important attraction in Toronto. With a 360 ° view over the city and a height of 553 meters, it offers a truly incredible view.

The first vantage point, the Lookout Level, is 346 meters high, here you can admire Toronto from every angle and take fun photos on the glass floors of the Glass Floor.

For a supplement of around € 10 you can reach the 447 meters of the SkyPod, one of the highest observation platforms in the world.

On the other hand, those looking for strong emotions can try l’Edge Walk, a one-of-a-kind experience, a walk on the outer rim that surrounds the Main Pod of the CN Tower 356 meters above the ground and without railings.

There is also a revolving restaurant, the 360 ​​Restaurant, which rotates 360 degrees every hour.

To avoid the queue at the entrance, I recommend buying tickets online by choosing the day and time or going early in the morning. Or you can buy tours online which include the CN Tower and other attractions.

Nathan Phillips Square: Toronto lettering

What to Do in Toronto: The Must-See Attractions

Nathan Philips Square, located in the center is the symbolic square of the city, with the iconic Toronto sign and the old and new City Hall. In front of the “Toronto Sign” in the center of the square there is a fountain which in reality turns into a skating rink.

Nathan Philips Square is the perfect place to take unforgettable souvenir photos, to immediately post on social media. The only drawback is that they will all find out where you are!


The Waterfront is a walkway along Lake Ontario, with many clubs, restaurants and shops and with an exceptional view of the Toronto skyline. Perfect for a pleasant escape from the chaos of the center and for a relaxing moment away from the traffic. There are also benches and games for the little ones.

Toronto island 

What to Do in Toronto: The Must-See Attractions

The Toronto Islands, together with the CN Tower are the most beautiful attraction in the city, absolutely unmissable.

These are small islets of Lake Ontario reachable from Toronto in about 15 minutes by ferry, starting from Terminal Jack Layton, located along the Waterfront.

The Toronto Island park is an immense green oasis with walking paths, picnic areas and beaches. It's amazing how close to a chaotic city like Toronto there is this great nature reserve.

What to Do in Toronto: The Must-See Attractions

It is also possible to buy sightseeing tours and cruises to admire the islands and the skyline of Toronto.

Distillery District

What to Do in Toronto: The Must-See Attractions

What was once an old whiskey distillery is now a completely redeveloped area and one of the most famous things to see in Toronto.

Now there are shops, restaurants, cafes and art galleries

The Distillery District is located east of Toronto, not in a very central position, but it can be reached by a pleasant walk of about 40 minutes from the center or by public transport.

To learn more about the history of the old factory you can participate in walking tour of the Distillery District.

Lawrence Market

St. Lawrence Market was voted the best market in the world by National Geographic and is one of the largest ever.

The market includes 3 main buildings: The South Market, the North Market and the St. Lawrence Hall.

The North Market is mainly reserved for farmers on Saturdays and Sundays is dedicated to antiques.

The South Market, the generally most visited one, specializes in fresh produce, meat, fish, cheeses, fruit and vegetables and hosts numerous restaurants.

St Lawrence Hall offers a particular location for events and weddings.

St. James Cathedral

What to Do in Toronto: The Must-See Attractions

Located in the center, the Anglican Cathedral of Saint James is a wonderful work of neo-Gothic architecture, home to the oldest congregation in the city

Gooderham Building

What to Do in Toronto: The Must-See Attractions

An obligatory stop when visiting Toronto, the Gooderham Building is a particular building with a triangular shape and a brick red color. Also known as the Toronto Flatiron because it resembles the famous Flatiron Building in New York.

The Gooderham Building is located between St. James Cathedral and St Lawrence Market, on the road leading to the Distillery District.

Eaton Center

The Eaton Center is the ideal place for shopping lovers, it is located in the center and it is a huge shopping center with over 300 shops located on 3 floors. There are also tons of restaurants and bars with lots of choices to eat.

Yonge Dundas Square

It is a famous square in Toronto full of illuminated signs and advertising signs reminiscent of the most famous and iconic Times Square in New York.

It is located near an entrance to the Eaton Center, if you are around here it is worth a visit.

Hockey Hall of Fame

The Hockey Hall of Fame, located in the heart of Front Street in the center, is a unique place of its kind, a museum that traces the history of Canadian hockey, considered the national sport.

It is therefore an unmissable visit for all sports fans and hockey fans in particular.

Rogers Center

What to Do in Toronto: The Must-See Attractions

Rogers Center is home to the Blue Jays, Toronto's baseball team. It is located next to the CN Tower in the heart of the city. If you are a sports lover do not miss a meeting of the Blue Jays. In any case it is a pleasant experience for everyone, a real party and a show that goes beyond the game.

Casa Loma

What to Do in Toronto: The Must-See Attractions

Casa Loma is a Victorian-style building built between 1911 and 1914 at the behest of the richest man in Canada at the beginning of the last century, Sir Henry Mill Pellatt. It is certainly one of the most beautiful attractions in Toronto, perfect for lovers of history and architecture and to discover how a very rich bourgeois family of the early 900s lived.

Casa Loma is about 4 km from the center and can be easily reached by Metro. The price is CAD $ 25 but admission is included with the Toronto City Pass.

Curiosity: Casa Loma was also the film set for the X-Man movie.

Royal Ontario Museum

What to Do in Toronto: The Must-See Attractions

The Royal Ontario Museum, known simply as ROM, is Canada's largest museum and one of the most important for natural sciences and culture.

The highlight is the section dedicated to fossils and dinosaurs.

Very beautiful and particular also the structure seen from the outside, a work of great architectural value and one more reason to visit the ROM.

Please note that on the 3rd Monday of each month, admission is free from 17:30 pm to 20:30 pm

Suggestion: you can buy the ticket online for priority entrance to the ROM.

Art Gallery of Ontario

What to Do in Toronto: The Must-See Attractions

Here, too, the marvelous architecture of the building stands out, designed by architect Frank Gehry, this alone is worth a visit. The building is spread over 5 different floors where the works of art divided by type and period are collected.

Every Wednesday from 18:00 to 19:00 admission is completely free.

Kensington market

Kensington Market is one of the most charming neighborhoods in Toronto. It is a characteristic and alternative area, with several restaurants, bars, shops and many murals.

A picturesque neighborhood that contrasts with Toronto's financial center dominated by towering skyscrapers.

Do not miss Garden Car, a real attraction that more than anything else embodies the true spirit of the neighborhood.

What to Do in Toronto: The Must-See Attractions


Adjacent to Kensington Market, around Spadina Street is Chinatown. As in any city in the world, Chinatown has its own charm and Toronto is no exception. You will find many shops and restaurants where you can enjoy typical oriental cuisine.

Niagara Falls

What to Do in Toronto: The Must-See Attractions

Finally, I conclude this list of things to see in Toronto, with a small bonus! Despite being more than 100km from the city, Niagara Falls is definitely worth a visit. You can visit them independently by car, bus or train. Or, as many do, you can take part in one-day organized tours.

See all organized tours from Toronto to Niagara Falls

Find a complete guide on Niagara Falls and where to stay in Niagara Falls.


We have just seen the 17 top attractions to see in Toronto. If you need advice on organizing your trip, comment on the article or write me privately, it will be a pleasure to help you. In the meantime, you can take a look at the article on where to stay in Toronto, in which I explain which are the most strategic areas of the city.

Video Attractions of Toronto

What to Do in Toronto: The Must-See Attractions

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