Where to Stay in Toronto

Toronto is a must-see destination on a tour of Eastern Canada. A city that has a lot to offer, being the largest in the country. Precisely because of its vast extension it is important to choose carefully where to stay in Toronto, especially if it's your first time visiting the city.

Toronto is the most multicultural metropolis in the world, is the most popular destination for tourists visiting Canada and is considered one of the 5 most liveable cities in the world.

The problem is that choosing where to sleep in Toronto is not easy, there are so many areas and the prices are high.

Thanks to this guide, however, I will help you find the ideal solution for any need: to see the major attractions, to go out in the evening, for a family vacation, if you travel by car, if you have a limited budget, in short, for every need there is it's a perfect area!

Where to Stay in Toronto

Where to Stay in Toronto

To explore the city and its main points of interest in a practical way, the best area to stay in Toronto is definitely downtown, or Downtown. Staying overnight in the heart of Toronto you will not need a car (indeed it is better not to have seen the very high costs of parking) you can visit the many attractions by moving on foot or by public transport. You will also appreciate the city even at night among the lights of the imposing skyscrapers.

Where to Stay in Toronto

The center, however, is very extensive and there are many areas that are part of the Downtown, so let's see all these areas and some valid alternatives to better visit the city and optimize the budget and travel.

Downtown Toronto

Where to Stay in Toronto

Downtown is a large area where most of the things to see are concentrated and therefore it reveals itself the ideal area to sleep in Toronto for all those who visit the city for the first time.

Staying in the Downtown you will be spoiled for choice among the many things to do: CN Tower, Hockey Hall of Fame, Eaton Centre, Distillery District, il Path, Toronto Island, Water Front and much more. In addition you will find many places to eat for every taste.


The Downtown Yonge is a very central area that develops around Yonge Dundas Square, the lively square is full of illuminated billboards that many have compared to Times Square, even if the comparison seems very risky to me.

Choosing a hotel in the Yonge-Dundas area means staying in a convenient location close to many attractions. Right next to the square stands the famous Eaton Center shopping mall and can be reached within a few minutes' walk Nathan Philips Square where the iconic Toronto sign and the City Hall are located.

Entertainment District

Where to Stay in Toronto

Known as the entertainment district, the Entertainment District is a downtown area full of restaurants, bars, shops and theaters.

If you want to stay in a central area and close to various points of interest, the Entertainment District is the right choice. Here is the symbol of the city la CN Tower, the tower that dominates the skyline with its 553 m high.

Right next to the tower you will find the Rogers Center the sports arena that hosts the Toronto Blue Jays baseball games, an unmissable stop for all sports lovers, but not only.

The Waterfront

The Toronto Waterfront is a very nice lakefront area, where you can stroll among restaurants, pubs, clubs and shops. From here you will also have the privilege of admiring the impressive skyline of the city with the CN Tower towering above all the skyscrapers. The area is always very busy especially during the weekend. This is where the ferry terminal for visiting the Toronto Islands is located.

As for its position, the Waterfront is one of the most strategic areas, an enviable location and with all the best attractions reachable with a pleasant walk.

Where to Stay in Toronto

Chinatown-Queen West

Chinatown is a lively downtown neighborhood ideal for those looking for a well-located property at moderate prices. It is an area that is worth a visit in any case and is close to other very characteristic areas such as Kensington Market and Queen West.

Where to Stay in Toronto

Chinatown is located around Spadina Avenue, north of Queen street and just above the Fascion District.

And if you have a sweet tooth for oriental food, don't miss the tasty traditional Chinese dishes.


Yorkville is the quintessential shopping area. In the 60s it was a hippy neighborhood frequented by street performers and musicians, today it is an elegant place with luxury shops and jewelers.

There are also several art galleries and a wide choice of trendy restaurants and clubs.

Yorkville is the perfect area if you love high end shopping and if you are passionate about art. Among the attractions not to be missed there is also the Royal Ontario Museum, a museum of culture and natural sciences.

The location is good even if it is a little off-center and further away from the heart of the city and its attractions, which can still be reached with a nice walk or thanks to public transport that excellently connects the neighborhood to the center.

Consider that the costs of accommodation are quite high because there are many luxury hotels, but there are also several high-level apartments or holiday homes at reasonable prices.

North York

North York is a Toronto neighborhood with a wide range of great value accommodation.

However, consider that it is located far from the center. It can be a good choice if you are driving, the center can be reached in about 25 minutes, traffic permitting. Some hotels offer free parking, while others have much cheaper rates than the Downtown hotels, which as I said are expensive. More inconvenient if you travel by public transport.

If you are visiting Toronto for the first time in my opinion it is better to spend a little more but to stay in the center, so you will optimize your time and you can enjoy the city and its attractions.


In this guide on the best areas to stay overnight in Toronto we have seen that staying in the center is the best choice especially for a first time in the city. In particular the area of Downtown Yonge it is very central and convenient for getting around on foot, but also the Entertainment District, the Waterfront, and Chinatown they are located in a great location.

A little further from the center but with an elegant and luxurious atmosphere is the shopping district Yorkville.

While an area outside the center that you can evaluate if you are on a budget or if you are driving it is North York, but consider the distance from the center.

Finally, if you really can't find a hotel in line with your budget, know that in Toronto there are many apartments of excellent quality at competitive prices.

In any case, if you still have doubts or would like some advice to find the best structure in Toronto, comment on the article or write me privately, I will be happy to help you.

Where to Stay in Toronto

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