Where to Stay in Montreal

If you are planning a trip to Montreal for the first time you will need to know where the best area to stay is.

Choosing the right area for a stay in Montreal is not easy, because the city is large and there are many neighborhoods. Each has its own characteristics and according to your needs you will have to decide which is the most suitable for you.

In this guide I have decided to clarify the various areas to help you find the right neighborhood to sleep in Montreal.

Where to Stay In Montreal

Montreal is the second largest city in Canada, but fortunately the main attractions are located in a small area and it is easy to get between the various points of interest by public transport or on foot.

Stay in a central area it is the best choice for visiting the city in comfort and optimizing travel.

You will just have to decide which neighborhood is best suited to your preferences, if you want a historic area, a modern neighborhood, or prefer alternative or trendy areas.

So let's see the main areas where to stay in Montreal and we discover the characteristics and atmosphere of each neighborhood.

Old Town

For a comfortable and relaxing stay, the best area to stay in Montreal is the Old Town (Vieux Montreal), a very characteristic area perfect for visiting the most famous attractions, such as the Notre Dame Basilica, the Old Port, Champs de Mars, the Town Hall etc.

Where to Stay in Montreal

The oldest district of the city is now the perfect base for a stay in Montreal, full of restaurants and shops and perfect for those who love walking in a pedestrian area with a quiet and romantic atmosphere.

The nerve center of the old town is Jacques-Cartier Square, with street artists, locals and an area that is always very lively.

From the Old Town you can easily reach other districts and various points of interest, both on foot and by public transport. The area is in fact well connected and there are several metro stops.


The Downtown (Center-Ville) is the typical financial district dominated by imposing skyscrapers, perfect for business trips but also for a stay to discover Montreal.

The location is in fact central and convenient for visiting any point of the city. The Old Town is also nearby and can be reached with a few minutes' walk.

The Downtown is full of restaurants, shopping malls, designer shops and is ideal for shopping lovers. In fact, the district is crossed by the fashion street par excellence: Sainte-Catherine Street, a long avenue with a double face, elegant and luxurious to the west, artistic and youthful to the east.

Especially in winter the center of Montreal is an excellent choice, in fact you can move around thanks to the underground passages of the Underground City, connected to many hotels and shopping centers in the area.

Spectacles district

Adjacent to the Center-Ville is the Spectacles district, the main cultural area of ​​the city, where most of the museums and art galleries are concentrated and often organize festivals and events.

The symbol of the area is the Museum of Contemporary Art, located in the beautiful Place des Arts, the central heart of the artistic district and a reference point for concerts and fashion shows.

The location is perfect, practically in the center, between Downtown and The Village and a 10 minute walk from the Old Town.

The Village

Where to Stay in Montreal

The Village is the neighborhood that hosts the largest gay community in Montreal, among the most important in North America. A lively and fun neighborhood with numerous clubs, restaurants, bars and art exhibitions mostly concentrated in the aforementioned Rue Sainte-Catherine.

The Village is located and east of the Entertainment District, close to major attractions and well connected to the rest of the city. If you want to experience a cosmopolitan and animated atmosphere, The Village is the one for you.

The Village is particularly recommended for a stay in Montreal during the summer when it is pleasant to stroll through its main street, always lively and decorated with colorful balloons.

Once the area was degraded and infamous, today, even if frequented by homeless people and beggars, it is a completely redeveloped and safe neighborhood.

Latin Quarter

Just north of The Village is the Latin Quarter, the nightlife area of ​​Montreal, particularly popular with young people and students, full of restaurants of all kinds and clubs.

The nerve center of the neighborhood is Rue Saint Denis, the liveliest avenue, to be visited at any time of day or night.

Where to Stay in Montreal

The location is great, central and convenient for visiting the city.

Plateau Mont-Royal

Plateu Mont Royal is a residential neighborhood in Montreal that lies east of Mount Royal Park and adjacent to Downtown. It is one of the nicest areas in Montreal, with small colorful buildings, trendy bars, cafes and great restaurants.

It is less touristy than the other districts we have talked about, ideal for those looking for a more authentic stay in a quiet and relaxing environment, where you can take pleasant walks.

The Plateu Mont Royal district also includes the Mile End district, the most elegant, bohemian and trendy area of ​​the city.

As a location it is slightly more decentralized but still good for visiting the city by public transport but also on foot.


In this guide we have seen which are the best areas to stay in Montreal. In any case, as I have already told you, the main points of interest are concentrated in an area that is not too large. For this reason, staying in a central district, you will have no problems visiting the city, moving on foot or by public transport.

Where to Stay in Montreal

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