Where to sleep in Antalya: the best neighborhoods to stay

Tourist capital of the Turkish coast, Antalya is one of the most famous seaside resorts in the world with over 9 million visitors a year. Often referred to as the pearl of the Mediterranean, the city boasts stunning landscapes, beautiful beaches and centuries-old history. Have you decided to visit it too? Discover our guide to know in which area to sleep in Antalya.

In its 600 kilometers of stunning Mediterranean coastline, Antalya offers visitors a wide range of accommodation. Whether it's elegant, modern boutique hotels in the Old Town or five-star resorts along the coast, Antalya caters for all tastes.

Antalya is one of the best places in Turkey to go to the sea. From here you can easily reach some of the great ruins of the Lycian coast and within a short distance there are many charming villages and beach destinations. There are also buses that take you to the hot springs of Pamukkale and to other centers such as Fethiye, Bodrum, Mamaris and Selcuk.

Where to stay in Antalya

Kaleiçi: the old city

Where to sleep in Antalya: the best neighborhoods to stay
Kaleiçi, the old town of Antalya -

Kaleici, il Old Town of Antalya, is wonderfully preserved. It is undoubtedly the most visited and neighborhood one of the best places to sleep in Antalya. Loaded with Ottoman-era houses and ancient monuments, Kaleici is located within the old city walls, away from the noises of the modern part.

The narrow, labyrinth-like streets are lined with restaurants and numerous historical monuments such as the Broken Minaret (Kesik Minare), the Yivli Mosque, Hadrian's Gate or the Clock Tower. South of the district, the Botanical Garden - Karaalioglu Park - offers stunning views of the cliffs and mountains surrounding Antalya in the distance.

The historic center is a great choice to stay in Antalya because most of the city's accommodation offer can be found here and the main attractions of the old quarter are within easy walking distance. There are mainly small boutique hotels obtained from restored historic houses.

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Konyaalti: staying in Antalya on a budget

Where to sleep in Antalya: the best neighborhoods to stay
Antalya Beach -

Konyaalti Beach is one of the two main beaches in Antalya (the other being Lara Beach). It is located on the western side of the city a couple of kilometers from the center of Antalya. As such, it is one of the closest beaches to the city.

The beach stretches for about 7 km and is made up of a long stretch of pebbles and rough sand. If you want to spend the day there, you can rent a sun bed and umbrella for added comfort. They are available everywhere and are not that expensive.

Konyaalti Beach is famous for its clean waters and is a safe beach even for the little ones who can splash around in the water safely!

The center of Antalya is easily accessible from Konyaalti beach, either on foot or by taking the Nostalgi tram.

Most of Konyaalti beach is lined with a park, where it's nice to have a walk and a picnic. For the boys there is Aqualand, a water park with several pools, slides and a dolphin and seal show.

Konyaalti Beach is the ideal place to sleep in Antalya if you want a relaxing holiday.

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Belek: Antalya's best area for nightlife

With over 45 luxury hotels built on a 22km stretch of wide sandy beach, the resort town of Belek was created essentially for vacationers. Located a few kilometers east of the main city of Antalya it is nicknamed the capital of golf of Turkey.

Visitors receive royal treatment in Belek that it offers a wide range of recreational activities including tennis courts, health and fitness centers, swimming and sunbathing beaches, world class spas and golf courses.

Many of the resorts around here offer all-inclusive packages. There are also several bars and nightclubs open late in Belek, and it's a good place for those who want to party all night.

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Lara: where to sleep in Antalya for families

Where to sleep in Antalya: the best neighborhoods to stay
Antalya, Turkey - Photo from Istock

Lara Beach is located a few kilometers east of Antalya. It is one of the most famous beaches in the area and one of the most beautiful in all of Turkey. Families love it because the beach is made of golden sand and extends for 12 kilometers. And the waters are blue and transparent.

Just west of Lara, on the way to the center of Antalya, don't miss the spectacle created by the fiume Duden falling into the sea from a 40 meter high cliff. The best way to see the falls is to take a boat and get as close as possible.

The area around Lara beach is relatively close to Antalya airport and hosts several five star resort. Antalya and its historic center can be reached by bus or rental car. Lara is the place to stay for a truly relaxing holiday.

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Where to sleep in Antalya - surroundings

Where to sleep in Antalya: the best neighborhoods to stay
Antalya Castle -


Where to sleep in Antalya: the best neighborhoods to stay
Port of Kas city near Antalya in Turkey - Photo from Istock

Three hours west of Antalya is Kas, a small fishing town that boasts a world-class diving scene. The hotels located in its surroundings aim to satisfy travelers who want nothing more than to relax on its white sand beaches, sunbathe and swim in its crystal clear waters.

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The seaside town of Alanya is located two hours east of Antalya and is a popular tourist destination for both locals and foreigners due to its warm climate, soft sandy beaches, multiple water sports activities and lively scene. gastronomic.

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Located 43 kilometers from Antalya, the attractive town of Kemer lies on the outskirts of the Taurus Mountains. Surrounded by mountains and green forests, with its stunning coastline, Kemer is the perfect place to stay for a truly relaxing holiday. Nearby are the ruins of Phaselides, an ancient Greek and Roman city on the Lycian coast.

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Olympos Beach 

Olympos, now mainly a seaside resort, is an ancient city that was founded in the XNUMXst century AD, during the Greek domination. At the time, it was the largest city in the region and many remains from the period can still be seen today.

In addition to the ancient city of Olimpos, you can also visit Mount Chimera which shows an incredible natural phenomenon: the eternal fire. Here methane and other gases emerge from the rock and burn continuously.

Finally, Olympos has a beautiful pebble and sandy beach, where you can spend the day lazing in the sun.

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Where to sleep in Antalya: the best neighborhoods to stay
Antalya Beach, Turkey - Photo from Istock
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