Antalya, for a beach holiday on the south coast of Turkey

    Antalya, located on the Mediterranean coast in southwestern Turkey, is a well-known and well-equipped beach holiday resort on the Turquoise coast. The city has a population of over 1 million inhabitants and gives its name to one of the largest gulfs on the Turkish coast, the Gulf of Antalya.

    Antalya has a beautiful old town that is not to be missed. There are sandy beaches in both directions lined with hotels and hotels. The area east of the city center is where most of the 4-star luxury resorts are located. This area is also quite expensive.

    For those looking for a low cost holiday and cheap prices it is best to focus on the beach areas west of Antalya. Furthermore, to find the best rates as for any major tourist destination, it is necessary to book as soon as possible and avoid the high season periods.

    Of course Antalya is not technically in Europe, as it is in the Asian part of Turkey, but it is an increasingly popular destination in the European 'holiday in the sun' market.

    The British and Germans have been coming here for quite some time, and more recently there has been a large wave of Russians coming to stay in the new hotels and restaurants created especially for them.

    Antalya is the largest city on the Turkish Mediterranean coast, and is one of the major tourism and holiday centers on the Turkish Riviera. The tourism boom that began in the 1970s has transformed the city into an international resort.

    There are no direct flights, but with a stopover in Istanbul you can reach Antalya from almost any airport. There are also numerous cruise ships that make stops in the port of the Turkish city.

    Antalya, for a beach holiday on the south coast of Turkey
    Antalya Beach, Turkey - Photo from Istock
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