Where to sleep in Sofia: best areas and hotels where to stay

Are you planning or planning a trip or vacation to Sofia, and you want gods advice on the best areas to sleep in the Bulgarian capital? In this complete guide you will find all the information to stay in the best areas, with also advice on the best accommodation and hotels.

Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria as well the largest city in the country, with about 1 million inhabitants. In recent years, it is one of the European capitals that is experiencing one of the greatest tourist growth ever. Also the Spaniards are increasingly attracted to this historic city of Eastern Europe.

The reasons for this are many: they are found direct flights from many airports, and many of them are low cost flights; also accommodation and tourist services are very cheap, allowing you to spend a short or long vacation without spending a lot; and especially the city is very nice to visit, an excellent destination for those looking for a quiet and interesting holiday.

Today Sofia is one dynamic European capital, characterized by one unique combination of European and Communist style architecture, from splendid gardens and parks, and from marvelous monuments and beautiful Orthodox churches. Furthermore, it is one of the few European capitals to have a good one ski resort within walking distance.

Best neighborhoods and areas to sleep

The city has 24 neighborhoods, but there are only a few good areas to sleep in. The best areas to stay in Sofia are the Old Town, Vitosha Boulevard, the area of ​​the Cathedral of St. Alexander Nevsky and around the NDK, the Palace of Culture.

Le cheaper areas to sleep in Sofia are Studentski Grad and the area near the airport. Since Sofia is not an expensive destination like other European capitals, it is advisable to stay in these last 2 areas only for very specific reasons or for those who have to stay for a long time.

Historic center: the best area to sleep

Also known as Centrum, the Old Town area is the best to stay in Sofia. You will find many of the main sights and attractions to see in the Bulgarian capital, such as the numerous churches and museums, and they are all within easy walking distance.

The city center includes the area that protected the ancient walls and the area occupied by the Serdika fortress, the ancient Roman city, which later became Sofia. Staying here allows you to have a few steps many bars, restaurants and shops, in addition to one lively nightlife.

The area is well connected by public transport both at the airport and other areas of the city. Also, in the area they are located many accommodations and of all types, from cheap hostels and bed & breakfasts, to large hotels and luxury hotels, even the latter a certainly not high rates.

The best hotels in the historical center of Sofia

Central Hotel Sofia

Rila Hotel Sofia

Hotel Central Point - cheap hotel in an excellent location

Rosslyn Thracia Hotel Sofia

Grand Hotel Sofia - one of the most luxurious hotels in Sofia

Find accommodation or a hotel in the center of Sofia

Vitosha Boulevard: for families with children

Boulevard Vitosha is the main shopping and walking street by Sofia. The street is full of bars, restaurants, and clubs and discos for night entertainment. It is a zone very busy both day and night.

In addition to being one of the most touristic areas of the Bulgarian capital, it is also one of the best areas to stay, offering an infinite number of accommodations, from cheap ones such as hostels and bed & breakfasts, to higher category ones, up to luxury hotels.

The area is well connected by metro and public transport at the airport and other areas of the city. If you want to use public transport little, and if you are a family with children, this is the best choice where to sleep in Sofia. But in general it is a good choice for everyone, also and especially for young people looking for nightlife.

The best hotels near Vitosha Boulevard

Hotel & Restaurant The House - economic solution

Rosslyn Central Park Hotel Sofia 

Les Fleurs Boutique Hotel 

Find accommodation or hotels near Vitosha Boulevard

NDK area: for business trips

The NDK area, that is around the National Palace of Culture, is located south of the center of Sofia and is one of the most modern areas. In addition to being there some important attractions, there are most of the offices of the city, shops and big shopping centers.

It is definitely an area to stay for those traveling to and coming to Sofia for business purposes. Most of the hotel facilities are 4 and 5 star hotels. Despite being luxury hotels, the rates for a double room per night are between 70-90 euros.

The best hotels near the National Palace of Culture

Rosslyn Central Park Hotel Sofia 

Hilton Sofia

Hotel Downtown 

Find accommodation or a hotel in the center of Sofia

Oborishte: a good alternative

Oborishte is one of the best areas to sleep in Sofia. In this district is the main attraction of the city, the St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. But not only that, there are many other interesting buildings and monuments.

This area is located quite near the historic center, within walking distance, while the famous Boulevard Vitosha boulevard is a little further away. The area is not served by the metro but only by buses, however they are located many lodgings and hotels, and of all categories, from budget hotels to luxury hotels.

The best accommodation in the Oborishte area

Family Hotel Madrid 

Nice Place Guest House Oborishte

Find accommodation or hotels in the Oborishte area

Lozenets: for those looking for peace

Lozenets was considered one of the most beautiful and quietest areas where to stay in Sofia. AND one of the trendiest neighborhoods and one of the most expensive areas of the city. However, sleeping here allows you to easily reach the historic center on foot, or comfortably by metro to move quickly to other areas of the city.

The best accommodation in Lozenets

Hemus Hotel Sofia 

Best Western Lozenetz Hotel 

Silver Hotel 

Hotel Marinela Sofia 

Find accommodation or hotels in the Lozenets area

Studentski Grad: for young people and students

Student City è l 'university area of ​​the city, so it's a good place to stay for young people and for those looking for parties and fun. However, it is located about 7 km from the center, so whenever you want to reach the center you will need to take public transport

Being a university area, they are present in the area many cheap bars and restaurants. Also accommodation rates are the cheapest of the city, but since even in the center you can find cheap accommodation or hotels, it is advisable to stay here only if you are looking for a youthful environment where to party.

The best budget accommodation in Studentski Grad

Hostel 29

Blue Label Apart House

Find accommodation or hotels in the Studentski Grad area

Sofia Airport: for flight needs

If you have a flight with a long stopover, or a flight with departure early in the morning or arriving late in the evening, it might be convenient to sleep near the airport. Sofia Airport is the most important in the country, with various hotel structures in the surrounding area. Moreover, even if it is 10 km from the center, it can be easily reached by underground line 1.

The best hotels near Sofia Airport

Ibis Sofia Airport Hotel – Park & Fly

Best Western Premier Sofia Airport Hotel

ATM Center Hotel with free airport shuttle

Find accommodation or hotels near the airport

Vitosha District: for skiing and nature

Vitosha District is located at the foot of the mountain of the same name, symbol of Sofia. Staying in this neighborhood is one of the best choices for lovers of nature, hiking and winter sports, like skiing.

Staying here allows you to make beautiful walking in nature or trekking in summer, and in winter to easily reach the ski lifts on the mountain. There Vitosha ski resort it offers 29 kilometers of slopes of various levels and is one of the best destinations in Europe for those looking for a low-cost holiday on the snow.

The best hotels in Vitosha District

Tsarsko Selo Spa Hotel with free access to SPA

Darling Hotel - economic solution

All Seasons Residence Hotel - 5-star luxury hotel with excellent value for money

Resort Hotel - economic solution

SPA Hotel Dragalevtsi - a great choice for couples

Find accommodation or hotels in Vitosha District


Where to sleep in Sofia: best areas and hotels where to stay
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia, Bulgaria - Photo from Istock
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