Where to Stay in Tel Aviv, the Best Neighborhoods to Stay

This article is intended to be a practical guide on where to sleep in Tel Aviv, providing a clear view of the best areas to stay, depending on what you are looking for.

Where to Stay in Tel Aviv, the Best Neighborhoods to Stay

Meanwhile, keep in mind that Tel Aviv is a small city, founded just outside the confines of the ancient port city of Jaffa, and most of the hotels are located in an area that can be easily crossed with a short 30-minute bike ride.

This is to say that almost all hotels are located close to various points of interest for this reason I have chosen to divide the neighborhoods not only by geographical area, but also according to the needs and pleasures of each one.

Every area of ​​Tel Aviv indeed has different characteristics, its advantages and disadvantages and this guide aims to make the choice a little easier for you.

Where to sleep in Tel Aviv: Best areas

If you don't want to read this whole guide (if not, go on reading), I have been toAbraham Hostel Tel Aviv, which thanks to the friendly staff and the great location close to many shops and bars is in my opinion one of the better choices!

Where to Stay in Tel Aviv, the Best Neighborhoods to Stay

1 - Tayelet (seafront): ideal for those who love the beach

Ideal for families (kids love it) Tayelet is the Tel Aviv promenade that stretches for about 5 km between the city's port and Jaffa, the old city.

Also ideal for those who love sports or for those who love to wake up looking at the sea, Tayelet is full of high and mid-range hotels as it is geared towards tourists.


Tayelet is the best area to sleep in Tel Aviv if the number one priority is the beach, or (in the case of large hotels) for those who want a hotel with all the comforts.

In addition to large 4 or 5 star hotels such as Isrotel Tower Hotel, Marriott Renaissance or Carlton Tel Aviv Hotel, in Tayelet there are a large number of small but nice 3-star hotels such as the Gilgal, Pods and Leonardo Art and a couple of boutique hotels.

Noteworthy and of particular attention is the Brown Beach Hotel a light and airy boutique hotel with the retro feel and feel of a luxury summer house (with jacuzzis!).

Where to Stay in Tel Aviv, the Best Neighborhoods to Stay

2 - Neve Tzedek - Where to sleep in Tel Aviv for those visiting the city for the first time

Between the eclectic-style buildings and the “bauhaus” buildings, the district of Neve tzedek, first abandoned and then returned to prominence, is one of the neighborhoods where artists moved in the 80s and is located just outside Jaffa. It is the ideal area for those visiting Tel Aviv for the first time.

Neve Tzedek is a quiet suburb whose historic charm is enhanced by colorful houses and skyscrapers in the distance where you can't help but be drawn to the pretty and quaint boutiques selling traditional goods and local art galleries.

Here you will also find some points of interest in Tel Aviv: the dance center Suzanne Dellal, Museo Nachum Gutman and Rokach House where you can learn about the history of the neighborhood, once an enclave of the Jewish population.


Neve Tzedek is very nice to stay at, there are Boutique hotels to fall in love with, but the other side of the coin is that, as an area, it's quite expensive.

One of the most beautiful and particular is undoubtedly theHotel Nordoy, a boutique hotel with incredibly friendly staff and super stylish interiors: the Nordoy it is the perfect hotel for a sunset drink on the panoramic terrace or to discover the cafes and bistros in the surrounding area.

If you look for a cheaper choice, you are young and you like cheerful places, take a look at Roger’s House Hostel Tel Aviv, a new and lively hostel with a large common area for socializing with other guests. Bars and clubs are close by and the beach is easily reached on foot.

3 - Florentin - the best area for backpackers and alternatives

The area of Florentine It is by far the best area to stay in Tel Aviv if you want to escape the tourists and discover an artsy and hipster neighborhood full of quirky cafes, restaurants and Street Art.

Florentin was an industrialized area, where in the early 90s artists and creatives began to occupy the abandoned buildings, giving them youth and liveliness and transforming it into an alternative and bohemian area.

Easily accessible by public transport the neighborhood offers a wide choice of budget accommodation and hostels, you can experience both traditional and international street food and don't miss a visit to the market Shuk Levinsky which is full of gastronomic delicacies at affordable prices.

The lively young Florentin was formerly known as a ruined area; nowadays it hosts the alternative side of Tel Aviv.

Those who love the alternative side of the cities, away from the tourist attractions will find something for their teeth when staying in Florentin. Art, in particular, has become the main scene in the area and street art lovers will find the perfect place to sleep here.

Florentin is also a perfect place for those looking for nightlife! No wonder: Tel Aviv is one of the best cities in the world to celebrate ...

A tip: take part in a street art tour to admire works like the “27 Club” (a representation of artists including Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse) e “The Peace Kids” in which Israelis and Palestinians hold hands.


By all accounts (and who am I to disprove them?) And still with fantastic reviews on Booking.com the best hotel and the Florentin House.

With particular attention to comfort and good design, this hotel offers elegant and immaculate rooms at a good price and its atmosphere fits in very well with the hipster vibe of the surrounding area.

Where to Stay in Tel Aviv, the Best Neighborhoods to Stay

4 - Jaffa - Where to stay in Tel Aviv for Families

The ancient Jaffa is the original progenitor of Tel Aviv. This port city has been mentioned in ancient Egyptian letters dating back to 1440 BC, making this area the most historic part of the entire city.

Jaffa still today is a neighborhood full of history, traditions and thin and narrow streets among which to get lost wandering aimlessly, just to fully enjoy the unique atmosphere.

By the way, Jaffa is becoming a increasingly popular place to stay in for both visitors and locals.

Jaffa is located a short distance from the center and the beach and is particularly suitable for families: the abundance of restaurants and cafes make it a "small town" as if it were a village in itself, it is easy to get around and has all the necessary comforts. to those traveling with the little ones.

Bottom line: this is the best area to stay in Tel Aviv if you want to experience the historic feel of the city. Jaffa is the best place to enjoy small cafes mixed with flea market stalls, old buildings and beautiful sea views.

Among the things of greatest interest certainly the old Tel Aviv railway station should be mentioned, HaTachana, the beautiful Alhambra Cinema, an art deco masterpiece built in 1937 and the Al-Bahr MosqueBut not only.

Other points of particular interest are the church of San Pietro decorated, at historic home of Simon the Tanner and in the end how not to mention the lively flea market?


In recent years Jaffa has become home to an increasing number of boutique including the beautiful Market House and Margosa Hotel in the area of flea market.

The number of visitors staying in Jaffa has increased tremendously with the recent opening of a large luxury boutique hotel: the Setai Tel Aviv.

For those looking for cheaper accommodation (and for younger travelers)Old Jaffa Hostel undoubtedly represents the right choice:
For a slice of tradition and character, a hostel shabby-chic ideal for those looking for tradition and character.

With a excellent location in the center of Jaffa, close to the famous flea market, this hostel also boasts a large roof terrace and rooms are cozy and clean.

Where to Stay in Tel Aviv, the Best Neighborhoods to Stay

5 - Lev Ha'ir, the heart of Tel Aviv: ideal for nightlife

Lev Ha'ir literally means "heart of the city" in Hebrew. It is an area that borders Neve Tzedek, Florentin, Kerem Hateimanim, Sarona and the old north.

This area is one of the liveliest parts of Tel Aviv and includes theHabima (the national theater) e the white city, UNESCO World Heritage Site, a collection of over 4000 buildings built in the Bauhaus style, not to mention the countless bars and cafes.

The area became the cultural hub, culinary and nightlife of Tel Aviv in recent years. Trendy hotels have sprung up in renovated historic buildings and things to do in the neighborhood surely number 1 is emptying your wallet in the trendy boutiques of Sheinkin Street, admire the eclectic Pagoda House, take a break from shopping at the park Kiryat HaSefer and visit the Great Synagogue of Tel Aviv in the 20s.


If you are looking for a beautiful hostel in the center of the action, with neat rooms and friendly and helpful staff, you should check out the Little Tel-Aviv HostelThere is also a lovely garden to relax and chat with fellow travelers, and there are plenty of restaurants to choose from nearby.

For a touch of refinement, The Vera it goes above and beyond making guests feel comfortable and relaxed - there's even complimentary wine!

- furnishings are elegant and the rooms are large with private balconies and large bathrooms. This place is so perfect that you may not want to leave anymore!

6 - Kerem Hateimanim, the Yemeni neighborhood: for those who love to feel "local"

Anyone who loves authenticity and secret treasures should stay at Kerem HaTeimanim, the Yemeni neighborhood, a hidden corner of the city that remains rich in nostalgia and authenticity.

Built by Yemeni immigrants in the late XNUMXth century, it was the first part of Tel Aviv to be built outside of Yaffa.

Hard to believe in the hustle and bustle of Carmel market and crowded Allenby Street, lurks a piece of tranquility and calm: the delicately paved alleys, the buildings in their original form and the whole area have managed to escape the wave of modern development that has swept across Tel Aviv.

Kerem Hateimanim is the best area to stay in Tel Aviv if you want to sleep close to the beach while experiencing the authentic charm of the city. With busy markets and lots of shops, it is well connected by public transport and most tourist attractions are accessible on foot.


Hidden in Kerem there is one of the most new treasures of Tel Aviv, the Peer Boutique Hotel Tel Aviv, a quaint and well appointed boutique hotel that boasts by far the best accommodation in the area.

Each room has been individually designed with a unique touch. Remaining faithful toauthentic Kerem atmosphere, the hotel offers an intimate experience with just the right touch of class.

Do you have other tips on where to sleep in Tel Aviv? If so let me know in the comments!

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