A honeymoon in the Coral Sea

    A honeymoon in the Coral Sea

    A honeymoon in the Coral Sea

    Located east of Australia, the Coral Sea it bathes the north-eastern coasts of Queensland and the southern ones of Papua-New Guinea. Among the areas in the world richest in corals, it is in this sea that extends for over two thousand kilometers Great Barrier Reef of Australia. Made up of billions of small living organisms, which form as many corals in a single underwater structure rich in biodiversity and ecosystems. A real attraction for diving enthusiasts who can find here the most varied marine specimens, from very small to enormous features, such as sharks.
    The waters of the Coral Sea attract not only experienced divers but also tourists who are passionate about simple snorkeling.

    A honeymoon in the Coral Sea
    Australia, Great Barrier Reef

    First, for a honeymoon in the Coral Sea the ideal time to leave is between July and October. In fact, during their spring temperatures are acceptable for a beach holiday, and the rains are less present than the rest of the year, since they are concentrated mainly in the summer period from November to April. In the Cairns area, for example, temperatures are high all year round, from 26 ° C in June to 32 ° C in December on average during the day. The waters of the Coral Sea near the coast are warm all year round with temperatures ranging from 24 ° C in July to 29 ° C in January. Going south, the latter decrease significantly but the rains are less abundant, so it is possible to reach the areas around Brisbane even from May to July, until October.

    After deciding the time of your honeymoon, you can focus on what to do. Here we list some alternatives:

    Go along the Thorsborne Trail, crossing a true tropical paradise, among rainforests, Melaleuca marshes, pristine white beaches you will meet colorful birds, turtles, dolphins. Reservations are required for entry to Hinchinbrook Island, a national park of great importance and a destination for many tourists.

    You cannot miss to visit the Great Barrier Reef, World Heritage Site. For experienced divers there are Heron Island e Lizard Island, true paradises. From the Whitsunday Islands you can reach the wonderful Heart Reef, from Cairns or Port Douglas you can discover Green Island e Fitzroy Island, other wonderful oases. Every day a different islet, every day a unique adventure.

    A honeymoon in the Coral Sea
    Australia, Queensland, Whitsunday


    And why not opt ​​for a romantic cruise on the hunt for the 74 isole Whitsunday immersed in the Great Barrier and Coral Sea? Tranquility, peace and unspoiled nature reign on all the islands, you can go sailing or fly over the sea with small planes, snorkel and dive in numerous bays. Bush, white sand, blue waters and multicolored corals will characterize the environment around the numerous high-level structures. With a simple mask and snorkel you can explore the island's colorful coral reef Magnetic Island.

    You can visit the Coral Sea aboard a catamaran, from Cairns to the exclusive Paradise Reef, where you can dive or snorkel among colorful turtles and fish or take a tour on a glass bottom boat to admire the lively underwater life.

    Sports enthusiasts can practice water sports at Hamilton treating yourself to a honeymoon in luxurious Hayman or relaxing on the white sand beaches a Whitehaven Beach nella Whitsunday Island.

    The Coral Sea, a honeymoon in the name of the sea and the curious underwater world that lives in it!

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