After choosing your wedding dress, the honeymoon

After choosing your wedding dress, the honeymoon

Among priority of a bride, after deciding to marry the man of her life and defining the date of their marriage together with him, it is mainly the wedding dress.

Every woman has always dreamed of her wedding dress since she was a child.
That he imagined it white, in soft silk, to veil the shapes of her body, or champagne color, in lace, with an imperial style, or even colored, wide, full of diamonds and rhinestones, every woman's dream is to find the dress that maximizes her femininity and beauty.

The searches can be long and take you to several ateliers, but with a little luck you can find your wedding dress right away. It is certain that as soon as you have met thedress of your dreams will be love at first sight and you will understand that it is really him, the right one, the one you have dreamed of all your life. And the bulk of the wedding is done.

After the choice of the wedding dress, the time has also come for all future spouses decide where to spend the honeymoon. Without a honeymoon, marriage is not a marriage.

It doesn't matter if you decide to do it a short weekend in some European capital, or a two-week trip in one exotic destination like Polynesia, or a I travel with your little baby not very far from home.

The important thing is that after your wedding you can crown your new life together with a trip reserved only for the two of you.

Then a after the ceremony, you just have to retrieve your bags and leave for any destination...



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