Honeymoon in Polynesia

    Honeymoon in Polynesia Honeymoon in Polynesia
    Polynesia, Tahiti

    The dream in the drawer of many future spouses is to spend the honeymoon in Polynesia.
    Turquoise sea, crystal clear waters, colorful fish, white beaches and islets that sprout everywhere, palm trees and fantastic climate, but above all great "relaxation", how can we not wish for all this, at least once in a lifetime?

    Travel is expensive, of course. But what better time than your honeymoon to go there. There will be other travel opportunities after the wedding, but often having many days to spare is always a bit complicated. Taking advantage of the honeymoon instead will allow you to spend at least 15 days in the places you have always seen in the best glossy travel magazines.

    French Polynesia it is one of the most romantic destinations for a honeymoon. The rhythms slow down, comfort is the order of the day, in sandals or barefoot, in a tank top or sarong, you will find yourself in the ideal condition to regenerate your spirit and your body. For those who are afraid of being bored, it should not forget that Polynesia is a large group of islands. In fact, it is usual to move from one island to another by boat or with simple internal flights, to enjoy all the naturalistic varieties. From the most mountainous islands ideal for exploring the very rich vegetation and breeding plants of vanilla, hibiscus and ylang-ylang. Or in the lower, practically flat islands, where you can spend time on long walks on the white sand and then stop for a dip in the most crystalline colored waters you have ever seen. The world you will find underwater, with a simple mask and snorkel, it is unmatched anywhere in the world. Colorful fish, corals of the most varied colors, manta rays, turtles and, with a little luck, with a look, perhaps, from a distance catch the dive of a pair of dolphins beyond the coral reef.

    Honeymoon in Polynesia
    Polynesia, Bora Bora

    The climate you will find in French Polynesia on the whole it is mild, caressed by the trade winds, the breeze is present especially in the evening. There rainy season from November to April it brings strong winds and abundant rainfall to the islands. The air temperature is maintained all year round at around 28 ° -30 ° C in the maximum values, at 20 ° -24 ° C the minimum, while the water temperature is warm and constant, ranging from 26 ° to 28 ° ° C from one season to another. The Southern islands further south have a cooler climate, windier than the other islands and rainier even during the dry season from May to October.

    Il journey to reach French Polynesia is very long, with several stopovers before arriving at your destination. Usually you fly to the United States with a stopover typically on the west coast. L'arrival is expected in Papeete, the capital, located on the island of Tahiti more or less after 24 hours of flight. From there you can reach the islands with internal flights that can last from 15 to 90 minutes.
    Do not worry you will not regret the fatigue of the journey because what you will find on your arrival will make you forget the long hours of flying. The colors will fill your sight and your body will immediately adapt to the local rhythms. This is how your sweet honeymoon will begin.

    The islands of French Polynesia are divided into five groups, the Austral Islands, the Society Islands, the Tuamotu Islands, the Gambier Islands and the Marquesas Islands.

    Between the possible excursions we mention some. From trekking in the middle of the vegetation in the highest peaks of the islands of the Society Archipelago, at horseback riding present in all the islands. You can devote yourself to sport fishing on the high seas, or surfing or golf on the island of Tahiti, le scuba diving in the lagoon of Moorea, or al snorkeling possible everywhere, especially not to be missed Laguna Blu a Rangiroa (natural aquarium rich in corals and colorful fish), beyond the lagoon you will also find an expanse of pink sands. The visit of the factories of Manihi black pearls, typical of French Polynesia. Very famous especially in recent years cruises between the Polynesian islands. You can rent a boat and venture out on your own, or rely on already organized cruises. Absolutely not to be missed Matira beach in Bora Bora, one of the most beautiful white sand beaches in the world, the tour of the lagoon in a pirogue, the Hakaui waterfall in Nuku Hiva.

    Honeymoon in Polynesia

    During your honeymoon you will also try the Polynesian gastronomy, rich in fish dishes, especially tuna, even raw, with coconut milk used in many recipes, chicken and pork are also common, naturally various vegetables and lots of tropical fruit.

    Do you still have some doubts whether to spend your honeymoon in Polynesia?

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