Where to go on New Year's Eve? Near and far destinations

Where to go on New Year's Eve? Near and far destinations

The New Year 2019 is now upon us and the historical moment in which we are living is not among the best. It seems difficult to choose a destination or even decide to travel, but the desire to "move" and "discover" must not die.

"Slowly those who do not travel die ..." wrote Pablo Neruda, and that is why we must continue to know the world and the peoples who inhabit it. Those peoples who, seen from afar, perhaps sitting on a star in some galaxy lost in space, are simply "all the same".

And so, one of the destinations you can reach at the end of the year for a holiday in the warmth and in a quiet place, where the happiness of living is the order of the day, it is Costa Rica. Where the “Pura Vida” will infect even the most incurable of skeptics with optimism. Better to stop on the Pacific coast to the west for the drier climate. And then you will discover blue waters, silvery beaches enriched by palm trees caressed by the continuous sea breezes.

Less than six hours of flight, for a holiday full of sun and fun and with an ideal destination for a short trip in "hit and run" style for the New Year alone, there is Dubai. With its skyscrapers, golden beaches, desert and wonderful attractions inside the luxurious shopping malls, you can indulge yourself with a ski descent on the snow-covered slope inside the Mall of Emirates, or with a dive under the waters of the gigantic Dubai Aquarium, where a glass tunnel will take you to the depths of the seas, reproduced on the ground floor of the Dubai Mall.

We then offer you acheaper and closer alternative where to go for New Year's Eve. Could you do a trip to Finland, where living the Christmas period is a unique experience.

Then you can stay in the Igloos under a curtain of stars, visit the village of Santa Claus, go on a safari in the snowy woods with dog sleds, spend the afternoons in the sauna, hunt the Northern Lights or try a reindeer excursion.

Plan your holiday on your own:

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If that's not enough for you and you want more ideas on where to go on New Year's Eve go to the December list of countries ranked in order of judgment, from five to one star, based on climatic conditions.

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