Two trips to do in January

    Two trips to do in January Two trips to do in January

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    One of the destinations you can reach in January, savoring a bit of the sea and making some cultural visits, is undoubtedly the Thailandday to the discovery of Bangkok, Chiang Mai, the islands, the beaches, the crystal clear sea, the wild nature, the numerous temples.

    Upon your arrival in Bangkok you will be swallowed by the chaos of a city of a thousand shades, by the scent of spices and street food, by the colors of its indoor and floating markets that thrill with life and tradition. The mirrored facades of modern skyscrapers have invaded the city and contrast with one of Thailand's most enchanting buildings, the Grand Palace. The bright colors and bright yellow of gold cover the facades of the religious temples of Wat Phra Kaew, the temple of the Emerald Buddha. Nearby is the seductive Wat Pho an explosion of shapes and colors, with the gigantic reclining Buddha, home to the school of traditional medicine and Thai massage. January is also the ideal month to enjoy the wonderful beaches of the south, on the coast overlooking the Andaman Sea. Starting from Phuket, towards Krabi you can reach the famous Phi Phi islands, one of the most famous tourist destinations.

    If you are looking for more tranquility and wild natural beauty, go down to Satun, from where you can embark towards the group of islands off the coast, about an hour from the coast. Paradises of palm trees and white sand beaches will welcome you with open arms. A modest coral reef will allow you to spend endless hours in the warm waters of southern Thailand.

    If, on the other hand, you are looking for more nature and less sea, you have to head north to the lush and green region of Chiang Mai, full of temples surrounded by the greenery of the numerous national parks, from where you can leave for wild excursions to the jungles of the north to discover the villages of ancient Thai tribes.

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    We also offer you a cheaper alternative, you could do a trip to Berlin, fascinating even in winter, covered by a blanket of snow. you can admire the contrast of the buildings of West Berlin and East Berlin, visit the numerous museums, Checkpoint Charlie glass dome of the Reichstad.

    History and modernity are the perfect combination for this cosmopolitan city, which for too long has been divided into two entities that have had in common for almost thirty years only the high facade of a wall made of concrete and stone. Today Berlin is still linked to those years, you can breathe it in museums, commemorative monuments, memorials, and this can also be seen in the concrete buildings of East Berlin and in the large Soviet-style boulevards, while in the west tall buildings are continually born. modern glass cladding. The liveliness of the small clubs in the center of East Berlin are full of life and tradition and are perhaps more authentic, while in the West the modern clubs and large shopping centers intrigue the youngest with refinement and luxury. All this in recent years has been amalgamating and alternating, who knows if sooner or later they will merge into a single expression?

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    Two trips to do in January
    Germany, Brandenburg Gate

    If that's not enough for you and you want more ideas on where to go in January go all'cast of destinations broken down by ranking based on our climate rating - from five to one star.

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