Where to go to the sea in September

Are you perhaps thinking of go to the beach in September? Congratulations, excellent choice, in fact September is an ideal month to enjoy a beach holiday.

There are many destinations for a warm September holiday, and with several advantages: the beaches are not crowded, the prices are low and the temperatures are not excessively high.

The beauty is that there is something for everyone, for those who want to go to Italy, for those who want to explore Europe and for those who decide to face an intercontinental journey in the name of tropical beaches.

In this guide I have decided to collect some recommended destinations for all those who choose September for their summer holidays.

Sea in September

Before going to discover the perfect destinations for a beach holiday in September, let's try to figure out which area to prefer.

First let's say that in this period Europe is a very good choice, in particular the southern part where the sun and the heat are still a constant. Precisely for this September it reveals itself the right choice even for a few days' beach getaway.

Instead, the Caribbean should be avoided, the climate in September is hot and muggy, the rains abundant and there is a strong risk of hurricanes.

If you want an exotic escape you should go to other destinations, such as Africa, where you will find several alternatives. Southeast Asia is largely crossed by monsoons, but Indonesia is saved.

If you are looking for a distant destination, you could also consider Southern California, perfect in this period.

So let's see in detail the destinations I have selected, so as to choose the perfect one for your needs.


Sicily is always a great choice for a beach holiday. September is the ideal month, the days are sunny, the temperatures are high but not too high, its beautiful beaches are not as crowded as in August and the prices start to drop.

Where to go to the sea in September

In addition to relaxing on the beaches, I recommend visiting some of the beautiful islands of the archipelago and tour the island and its many historical and archaeological attractions.

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Where to go to the sea in September

Salento is one of the most beautiful places in the world, with a crystalline sea and beautiful beaches that are the envy of even the most distant tropical paradises. It is no coincidence that this area of ​​Puglia is known as the Maldives of Italy.

If you are looking for a seaside destination in September, nearby and with wonderful waters, Salento is the one for you; it will not be crowded and you can move easily by visiting the most beautiful beaches, the costs will be even lower and the climate is excellent.


Where to go to the sea in September

We leave our dear Italy and start exploring the neighboring lands. We start from Corsica, an island with unforgettable beaches.

The climate in September is still very pleasant, little rainfall, mild temperatures, both outside and on the water.

The economic aspect should not be underestimated, we are at the end of the high season, which means that the costs of housing are significantly lower than in July and August. In addition to this I add the favorable prices of the ferries.

Evenings may not be as lively as in the busiest season, but the restaurants and hotels are all open and if you are looking for a relaxing stay you will not be disappointed.

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In this guide on the best seaside destinations in September we couldn't not talk about Greece.

And in particular, among the many islands of the archipelago, one of the best in this period is certainly Rhodes, the perfect mix of sea, culture and evening life.

Where to go to the sea in September

September is a great time, the temperatures are pleasant throughout the month, the sea is warm and the beaches are uncrowded.

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Where to go to the sea in September

Remaining in Greece, another destination that I would like to recommend is Corfu, especially for those who decide to leave the first two weeks of the month, when the climate is still good to enjoy the sea and the cities.

Even if the tourist season is now at the end and the island is starting to empty, the restaurants and clubs of the main towns are still open until the end of the month. The wine festival in Kassiopi also takes place in September.

Visiting Corfu in September is ideal for those looking for a relaxing stay with an eye on their wallet.

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Where to go to the sea in September

Another great destination for a September holiday is Croatia, not far from Italy and with frequent connections.

In September in Croatia the costs are lowered and the tourists decrease, I would say the perfect match!

The climate is like in Italy, generally the temperatures are still good, warm but not muggy.

However, it should be emphasized that the climate is now increasingly unpredictable. Precisely for this reason I do not recommend the islands in September, it is better to choose the south of the Croatian coast, where there are still livable towns throughout the year.

Remember that Croatia offers much more besides its beaches and enchanting islands: medieval villages, cities of art, breathtaking landscapes and natural parks with lakes and waterfalls.

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Where to go to the sea in September

We leave Europe and reach Africa. The first destination that I recommend for a trip to the African continent in September is Morocco, a country very close to Italy and reachable in a few hours by flight, at extremely affordable prices.

In September, the weather is more pleasant and it is not too hot in August.

Morocco in September is ideal for those looking for a holiday that can combine the desire for sea, culture and exploration, without suffering from the suffocating heat.


Zanzibar it is a real paradise, famous for its white sand beaches and turquoise waters. An ideal destination for a beach holiday in September, the days in this period are usually sunny and the climate is dry and windy, some showers may happen but it is not the rainy season.

Where to go to the sea in September

In addition, in September there are very few algae, which are found more from December to March, when it is warmer.

Zanzibar is the ideal destination for a relaxing stay, but it also offers several attractions and many activities to do: tours among the islands of the archipelago, snorkeling with dolphins, excursions in the tropical forest, and the inevitable visit to Stone Town, are just some of the reasons to go to Zanzibar.

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Bali and the Gili Islands

Where to go to the sea in September

The time has come to offer you one of my favorite islands: Bali. I love Asia, I love Indonesia and I couldn't live without Bali.

While in much of South Asia the monsoon that brings rain and humidity is still active in September, Bali in this period enjoys an excellent climate, rainfall is still infrequent and temperatures high.

The island is certainly one of the most famous tourist destinations in Asia and around the world, a place full of attractions, beaches and breathtaking landscapes.

If you love the crystal clear sea, don't miss it the Gili archipelago, 3 islets about an hour and a half by ferry from Bali. The ideal place to relax on the beach and to discover the wonderful seabed rich in marine fauna.

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California (Los Angeles)

Where to go to the sea in September

Let's conclude this virtual journey through the 10 best seaside destinations in September with Southern California, and in particular Los Angeles. Mostly known for Hollywood and Universal Studios, but also for its dream beaches that we have all seen at least once in some famous television series.

The weather in September is warm, very pleasant during the day and the evenings are pleasantly cooler.

From here you can still set out to explore the best areas of California.


In this guide I wanted to list some tourist destinations indicated for a sea trip during the month of September. I suggest you also read the article where to go to the beach in Europe in October, where you can find other tips and other destinations that can also be good for September. You may have noticed that by now more and more people prefer this month to go on vacation, if you too are among them or have other destinations to suggest write them in the comments.

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