Where to go in July? Between mountain and sea

    Where to go in July? Between mountain and sea Where to go in July? Between mountain and sea
    Austria, grazing cows

    One of the destinations you can reach a July with a journey immersed in nature, ideal for those looking for direct contact with vegetation and animals, it is a journey to discover the pastures, the Austrian peaks and its flavors, deeply breathing in the healthy and oxygen-rich air, which you can find only in the places richest in trees and farthest from the city, as in Austria.

    In Salzburg area, you will find a very tasty itinerary, the Salzburger Almenweg - the path of the malghe, where you can relax with easy walks among flowery meadows, waterfalls, pastures and old huts. Here you can also savor mountain delicacies, from cheeses to honey, crossing woods and grazing cows.

    In the Salzburg area there are approx 1800 active huts, of which 550 are classified as refuge, you will find the map of the huts to organize your regenerating walks, together with your partner or with the whole family, directly to this page. In this area the paths are ideal for those who love simple walks without too much slope.

    In the southernmost area of ​​Salzburg, you can delve into the Hohe Tauern National Park with 3400 kilometers of hiking trails for all types of needs, short walks or long trails, comfortable walks or challenging itineraries, you can find the best on this page of the official website.

    Could you do a journey to the marine beauties of Croatia, which with its 1777 kilometers of coastline and 1185 islands with as many 4058 kilometers of coastline, will guarantee you a holiday of sun and crystal clear sea, with pebble, gravel or sand beaches. All information on the beaches of Croatia can be found on the page of the official website.

    Croatia can also be reached by sea. In fact, many ferries depart from Ancona: for Zadar, Split and the island of Lesina, from Pescara: for Split and the island of Krk, from Bari: for Dubrovnik and Split, from Venice: for Lošinj, Pula, Porec, Rovinj and Portalbona.

    Where to go in July? Between mountain and sea
    Croatia, island of Cres

    Plan your July trip to the cool mountains of Austria or the warm azure waters of Croatia with our help.

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