Where to Go on Vacation in March: the Best Destinations

March is a great month to enjoy a vacation and stock up on the first warm rays of sunshine, but not all destinations are suitable.

To make the most of it and avoid surprises due to bad weather, we suggest some of the best destinations and places to visit at this time of year.

In Europe

The cold is still present in Central Europe, rain alternates with sunny periods. Early spring can be a good time to visit countries towardssouthern Europe, especially the coasts bordering the Mediterranean Sea.

Fortunately, it is not necessary to fly far, March is a perfect month for a pleasant vacation on the islands. Isole Canarie. If you visit the islands of Lanzarote, Tenerife, Gran Canaria or Fuerteventura you can find temperatures of 20-25 ° C.

Barcelona in Spain could be another ideal choice during this period. Those who love city life and museums can fully enjoy spring in Firenze or in the shady streets of Seville.

Other suitable places are the islands of Crete and Cyprus, southern Turkey (Antalya and Alanya) and southern Portugal. If you want to take advantage of the last snows of winter, you can still ski the Alps and Appennines, i.e. get a tan in the snow, warmed by the warm March sun.

We also offer you acheaper alternative where to go in March. You could make ita trip to madrid, which from spring begins to show all the beauty of itself. infact, the weather is already pleasant in Madrid in March. You can immerse yourself in the visit of theParco del Retiro, thePrado Museum,Plaza Mayor andPlaza de Cibeles, theChurch of San Antonio, but also themarket El Rastro. Madrid is not just a visit, in fact you cantaste the tapasand the tasty Spanish cuisine. The gastronomy of the city is one of the strong points, as in all of Spain. And then, in front of a glass of wine and delicacies never tasted, you will spend wonderful evenings.

Where to Go on Vacation in March: the Best Destinations

Madrid, architecture

Look at the temperatures and climate you can find in Madrid.

In Asia

In Asia, the summer monsoon season has not yet begun, so it is the right time to visit India or trekking in Nepal, where the weather is usually sunny. A site visit could also be considered. Sri Lanka or Vietnam.

In fact, you can go as far as Japan, where the almond blossom period begins. This charming country is worth a visit not only for its food but also for the dazzling cities, its ancient culture, magnificent mountains and beaches.

March is also the ideal month to visit Borneo, widely known for its orangutans, white sand beaches and fascinating indigenous culture. A night ascent of Mount Kinabalu is not to be missed, plus it is the best time of the year for turtle sightings.

Another suitable destination for this month is Thailand. The climate in this country changes according to the area chosen, but in general it is good, with sunshine and pleasant temperatures, rains are rare.

In Africa

In Africa, it is the right time to visit southernEgypt, where temperatures are good and the strong heat is not likely to ruin the vacation. North Africa is still a bit cold at night, be prepared and make sure your hotel has heating, which is not always present.

Senegal, Ivory Coast and Cameroon have very pleasant temperatures during this period. Excellent destinations are also South Africa and Kenya, ideal for a safari. It is not a good time to visit Namibia and Botswana, where it could rain, but it is perfect for bird watching.

In the United States

In the United States, it is high season for Florida, where the weather is warm and dry. Of course, this means that it is also a very popular place at this time and very busy for both its beaches and its parks.

Now is also the perfect time to visit Cuba, theCaribbean and French West Indies, where you can enjoy a nice swim in a warm sea. In Argentina, Patagonia enjoys a very pleasant climate but beware of strong winds at high altitude.

Where to Go on Vacation in March: the Best Destinations

Cuba, beach

One of the destinations you can reachwith a trip abroad to the discovery of a country rich in history, which commonly begins with the Spanish conquest of Christopher Columbus and continues with the succession of American domination and the ongoing struggle for independence of its people, guided by the love of their country and undisputed tenacity, isCuba!

Destination with a unique charm, with an attractive atmosphere, with people full of rhythm and vivacity. Cuba has many surprises in store for you. In your tour, besides the beaches and the Caribbean Sea, you should not missa visit to Havana: the largest city in the Caribbean. Its neighborhoods are rich in culture and art,Old Havana in particular, is characterized by Spanish colonial style buildings and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will continue toTrinidad where colonial architecture is best preserved, especially in its historic center, with sugar cane and tobacco cultivation around the city. Then you will cross theSierra Maestra in southeastern Cuba to reach Santiago de Cuba, the most populous city in the country, famous for its historic fortress in the Castillo de San Pedro de la Roca. It is said that here lives the musical soul of Cuba, home of several Cuban music festivals.

Interestingcuba tour, for all tastes, you can find them on Havanatur website, we have found some very different ones for youon this page.

Where to Go on Vacation in March: the Best Destinations

Cuban car

Finally, it is possible to dive or just relax in the Maldives where it is still dry season and temperatures fluctuate between 25-30 ° C!

Where to Go on Vacation in March: the Best Destinations
Sharm el Sheikh beach, Egypt - Photo by Istock
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